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REFRESH! There are 7959 unanswered questions (89.2399 answered)
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@Fmbalbuena we are discussing this post - it had originally included questions that made it sound like it wasn’t implemented as desired - see the revisen history for more context
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Two bits of code review. 1) look up C# auto-properties, they are much easier to use (and type) than old fashioned getters and setters (against a private backing field). 2) look up string.Join; it will give you a more efficient and easier to read implementation of AddCustomerText (just build an array on the fly out of firstName, lastNamelast Name, etc.) — Flydog57 55 secs ago
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Q: Overthinking a create or restore logic in laravel

JacquelineIn my app users can create and soft-delete gateways. I've written the logic in a transaction also locking a matching record (on website field) which was soft-deleted by the user because of race-condition. Read code for a better understanding. Already exists (soft-deleted) These gateways must be v...

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This kind of question is generally not on-topic on Stack Overflow and should instead be asked on codereview.stackexchange.combad_coder 52 secs ago
Could a moderator send this question to CodeReview.StackExchange.com? — user1717828 29 secs ago
@nuwe BTW, this question wasn't closed because it's bad, but because you'll get better responses and the attention that will help you over at Code Review. Let me know if you have any questions about this. — user1717828 12 secs ago
@user1717828 "question was[] closed [...] because you'll get better responses [...] over at Code Review" is not a valid reason to close a questions. To migrate questions the question must be off-topic on Stack Overflow first for one of the standard reasons. "Code Review exists" is not a standard reason. — Peilonrayz 14 secs ago
@Peilonrayz Yea, when I voted to close I was looking for the option to migrate. It gave me like five options (Stats, Meta, DB and a few others?) but no CodeReview. I clicked "Other" below thinking it would give me an additional popup when I clicked next but it just closed it. Oh well. I wish it gave all the options for SE sites to migrate to instead of just those five. — user1717828 5 secs ago
@user1717828 Code Review has held the stance; Stack Overflow should never have Code Review as a migration option, for a very long time now and is unlikely to change. Given how the migration system continues to trick people into thinking it's a standard close reason, it's not. — Peilonrayz 39 secs ago
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Q: Python - nested loop; Iterate through parameters elements with condition

nuweContext: My question (duplicated from this question on SO comes from needing to iterate different variables from np.arange arrays. The idea is to generate something like a "vector matrix" containing an element of each parameter "vector". For the sake of simplicity, if a,b,..., are a fixed number ...

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As for the CodeReview migration, simply because he asks for 'improvement' and 'simpler', does not mean it is as bad fit for SO. Questions about removing nested for loops get asked, and answered, every day. If there's a difference, CR is pickier about the code being complete and working, and the answers seem to be more details, with as much focus on style as speed. SO answers (at least mine for numpy) like concise questions which can focus on a particular "vectorization" method - reshape, transpose, broadcasting, indexing etc. — hpaulj 10 secs ago
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Welcome back to Stack Overflow. Please re-read How to Ask and note that you are expected to ask one question at a time. Additionally, questions about code style are mostly off-topic here, because we consider them too subjective. Consider codereview.stackexchange.com. — Karl Knechtel 51 secs ago
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Q: 2d Grid - Iterating by Rows / Cells - Take #2

Shigoto ShoujinPreface Following my first POC version posted here 2d Grid - Iterating by Rows / Cells Much understanding have been learned though definitely not painless time spent. A new version A new version is ready, with templates and an attempt at using reusable classes, Iterable and Iterator. It works as ...

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Q: React TypeScript SCSS Accordion failed job application

ecma ScriptI recently applied for a role and failed to get the role because my code for an accordion project did not meet their standard for mid level. No other feedback was provided. I am honestly devastated and would really appreciate if someone could do a quick scan through my code if anything stands out...

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possible answer invalidation by Semih Artan on question by Semih Artan: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/270677/revisions
Q: Day 3: Binary Diagnostic, part 1 (Advent of Code 2021)

SetrisSome notes that I thought would be worth mentioning up front: Advent of Code randomizes the input file for each user, with the input format being 1,000 12-digit binary numbers delimited by newlines. I've verified that my solution works by submitting the generated answer on the website. Here is ...

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Q: Is The Logic Of This Program Correct?

Jims-RcI need to write a program that calculates ingredients for a recipe. Here is the question: A cookie recipe calls for the following ingredients. 1. 1.5 cup of sugar 2. 1 cup of butter 3. 2.75 cup of flour The recipe produces 48 cookies with this amount of the ingredients. Write a program that asks...

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possible answer invalidation by nuwe on question by nuwe: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/270692/revisions
Q: Implementing iterator in C++

nowoxI am not familiar with iterators. I am confused with the traits approach and the traditional one. I don't know which one I should use in 2021. I wrote a minimal example that can iterate through prime numbers. My approach is naive, but the goal is to use an iterator that may skip values. #include <...

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This is not a question for Stack Overflow. It is way too broad and wouldn't help much people because it is your own code. You can check Code Review's help pages to check if it's on-topic there... — Tomerikoo 55 secs ago
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I am good at c++. Really? You are using VLA, which don't exist in C++. The indention is poor. Using final as an identifier, which is legal but confusing since it has a special meaning in C++. Poor variable names and too many arrays. Clearly, this code would benefit from a code review. — prapin 35 secs ago
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Q: Loop thru values stored in active choice reactive parameter and run shell script or command (jenkins, groovy)

Gunasekar DesaiyanI am new to groovy/jenkins. I am using active choices parameter (projects) and active choices reactive parameter (testcases). How can loop thru $testcases and execute shell scripts based of what is selected? pipeline { agent any stages { stage('Runing Test Cases') { steps { sc...

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Q: Reduce Optionals to throw an error once

karvaiI have the following response coming from a rest call and performing some logic based on what is returned. This is what I want. If the overall status code is NOT 200 OR If within the list of SimpleResponse, none of the SimpleResponse objects has a 200 httpCode, throw an error. Too much going on ...

Q: Simple Calculator Python

Kacper StrugałaHi I am new to python and I have written a simple calculator, I would like to ask if the code is written well or if anyone has any tips on how to write it better. def addidtion(): if choose == 1: print("Your result:", firstNum + secondNum) def subtraction(): if choose == 2: ...

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Q: Is it ok to use truthy / falsey values for logical conditions in python with lists and strings?

SawanFor the last few months, moving from a non-pythonic language, trying to ensure that we use best practices in Python. What is truthy and what is falsey for different data types is well known in Python, but is it advisable / considered good practice to use these values in logical conditions, for ex...

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Q: How to increase quantity without adding the same object again?

Tiger MateI am trying to build backend for my cart with node.I want to create API's for the cart that adds product and increase quantity if the product id is same but can't figure out how to do this. Thank you all in advance for helping me out. Here is my model: module.exports = (mongoose) => new mongoos...

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> Until you fix the title of the question, the question is off-topic. - @pacmaninbw today
No, against site policy and against site scope (off-topic) are not the same thing.
I'll admit I made this mistake a while ago - codereview.meta.stackexchange.com/q/9139
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Q: Find Most Occurring Word in a Sentence

ndogacHere is my C code for finding the most occurring word in a sentence: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> #include "ht.h" #define MAX_WORD_LEN 1024 /* * Caller must call free on returned string * */ char* find_most_occurring_word(const char* sentence) { if (!sent...


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