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If you current solution works, it's probably a better fit for Code Review. That being said, I'd personally avoid global functions and singletons like this model. What about using PreferenceKeys? — jnpdx 42 secs ago
Welcome to StackOverflow! If you're looking for general advice and critique for a working piece of code, you should consider posting to CodeReview.SE instead. — Brian 43 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by Shigoto Shoujin on question by Shigoto Shoujin: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/270693/revisions
possible answer invalidation by Shigoto Shoujin on question by Shigoto Shoujin: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/270693/revisions
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Beneath your previous question I posted a comment stackoverflow.com/questions/70147585/… where I proposed you to submit your code for review on the CodeReview forum. Had you done so, today's issue maybe would not have risen... Question: Does PCem emulator support an 160KB floppy in A: ? — Sep Roland 31 secs ago
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@Duga appears to be in response to message in answer by @TobySpeight - do you want to update your answer now that the functions have been added?
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Q: SIGABRT (signal SIGABRT) error while running malloc

hamzasiThe problem in the program occurs when malloc is run several times. I am getting the error: SIGABRT (signal SIGABRT). I've had a look at similar questions, but nothing has helped so far. The program is straightforward, so if you like you could just skip to the program below. I have also given an ...

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If code is already working maybeCode Review is more suitable? (read help center before asking) — user202729 12 secs ago
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The way to verify whether your program works is to test it with the kinds of inputs it expects, and confirm that it provides the correct output. Stack Overflow is not oriented towards code reviews or code testing. If it should reject certain types of input or have specific failure modes, then you should engineer scenarios to test those as well. — paddy 58 secs ago
:59800554 I'll update answer to match - thanks for the heads-up!
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Q: fixed pseudo-random binary sequence (prbs)

DrakonofOn recent comments based fixed modules for FPGAs for generating a pseudo-random bit sequence are presented. The first module generates a bit sequence. The third module speeds up the generation by transferring the bus to, for example, a multiplexer which is controlled by a faster device. Hence thi...

Q: Animate circle using Javascript and HTML5 Canvas

AmitAnimate circle using Javascript and HTML5 Canvas. The circle will be drawn at the center of the canvas. The initial radius will be 0 and will keep on increasing till 100 and then decrease till 0 and this cycle will keep repeating. animate_circle.html <!doctype html> <html> <head> <m...

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I would suggest you ask this on Code Review. — mkrieger1 15 secs ago
9:54 AM
Q: count number of rows given column names and values - pandas

cs0815I am currently switching for R to Python so please be patient with me. Is the following a good way to count the number of rows given column names and values? import pandas as pd df = pd.DataFrame([["1", "2"], ["2", "4"], ["1", "4"]], columns=['A', 'B']) cn1 = "A" cn2 = "B" cv1 = "1" cv2 = "2" n...

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This is called business rules and I believe that implementation is upon you. If you need a code review, feel free to use codereview.stackexchange.comDrag13 49 secs ago
no, i do not need code review :( — Denis Rybkin 10 secs ago
Q: task manager with dependencies (revisited)

phillbushThis is a new version of the todo(1) utility I published some time ago. Now I use julian days rather than time_t to hold time; and the topological sorting is necessary to compute task urgency. Most of the information is in code comments and the manual. Manual: TODO(1) General ...

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Q: Extracting data stored in a JsonDocument from an Excel file on sharepoint.com, retrieved using Microsoft Graph

BCdotWEBI retrieve data from an Excel file located on sharepoint.com using Microsoft.Graph like this: var workbookRange = await graphServiceClient .Sites[SiteId] .Drive .Items[ExcelFileId] .Workbook .Worksheets[WorksheetIdId] ...

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Q: Identify files with 5 or more HTTPS URLs

bluerayI am working on a script that recursively searches a directory to find files which matches a regex 5 or more times. Using the script I can search for files which look like https://github.com/nicolargo/glances/issues/1087 https://askubuntu.com/questions/758696/cannot-login-into-locked-ubuntu-14-04...

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I’m voting to close this question because it belongs on Code ReviewChrisMM 22 secs ago
1:42 PM
And what is the problem exactly? What's not working in the code you provided? If you simply want your code (which works fine) to be reviewed, I suggest moving this to Code Review. — Ghassen Louhaichi 21 secs ago
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You should ask this over at codereview.stackexchange.comOcaso Protal 7 secs ago
@Peilonrayz Thank you for the clarification.
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If you want to answer your own question, post an answer rather than an edit to the question (someone else might post an answer that you like more). If you're looking for codereview, there is a dedicated site at codereview.stackexchange.com — Caius Jard 25 secs ago
Q: How do you program object movement from a beginners perspective? [C++]

N. OpeI'm a complete beginner and started learning c++, solely for the fact that I used it a bit for some Arduino projects. Recently I started doing some visualization of very basic physics (like harmonic motion, trajectories e.t.c) with the SFML-library and got interested in simple games, and my quest...

Q: await for multiple timed blocking operations

morgwaiInspired by SO questions (1, 2) about joining multiple threads with timeout, I've created a small utility to await for any type of timed blocking operations (like Thread.join(timeout), ExecutorService.awaitTermination(timeout, unit) etc), adjusts timeout for each subsequent operation, behaves nic...

@CaptainObvious How to question, not enough code to review.
3:05 PM
@mkrieger1 , thanks. Asked in Code Review. — mrkgoh 50 secs ago
3:20 PM
Q: A Class that creates a unit of Stock or a collection of Stocks

mrkgohI have a dataclass of a single class object 'AStock' as such: @dataclass class AStock: code_: Union[str, int] force_update_: bool = False ticker_: str = field(init=False) symbol_: str = field(init=False) name_: str = field(init=False) sector_: str = field(init=False) ...

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It's unfortunate that your code reviewer or teacher has this policy. while True makes it clear that at least part of the loop must run at least once. if -- break makes it clear where the exiting condition arises. If you create a boolean variable to pass the exit decision back to the top, you obscure both of these things and make more spaghetti code. — luther 53 secs ago
Q: Checking if number is special by recursion

user252016method name: public static boolean isSpecial (int n) given a number method returns true if its special number. to tell if its special number lets say we have numbers from 1 to infinite, first step we remove every second number,from whats left we remove every third number,and continue example for...

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I've written a lot of answers on Code Review and have found Python's 'do while' loops to be a perfectly fine pattern. In many cases a do while loop really does make the code that bit easier to understand. That said, some advice I got when I was a student; if your teacher says something is unacceptable getting points is more important than being right. — Peilonrayz 27 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by ryyker on question by ryyker: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/162546/revisions
Your code could open pipes to stdin and stdout along with an output file to completely encapsulate this sequence of requirements. — ryyker 43 secs ago
6:15 PM
Q: Implementation of USE INDEX in Query with LEFT JOIN

Arcanis - The OmnipotentHello I have created a query to bring several records; In query it works correctly but it takes time to extract the data and I have decided to implement indexes, this is the query: SELECT * FROM Master_Producto LEFT JOIN( SELECT * FROM Producto_Estructura ) AS Producto_Estruct...

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@Duga I could be wrong, in which case @pacmaninbw or other SMEs can correct me, but OP only updated comment on usage example which seems okay
If your code generally works as specified, and you need to have it reviewed, try Code Review. — ryyker 43 secs ago
This would probably be better suited for codereview.stackexchange.comIlia just now
Sounds like you're looking for a Code Review. — Fred Larson just now
7:08 PM
lol, this was stupid, I'm using a MutationObserver and was adding items to the elements within the observer
I'm lucky my browser didn't crash :D
7:43 PM
So, it seems you have working code, yes?! If so, this should be re(asked) on codereview.stackexchange.com If not working, please edit your question and post what the code does and what it should do. At a glance certain functions reference the global mult_hnd. This [probably] shouldn't be a global for a reusable/reentrant set of functions, so it should be an arg. That is, the package should be able to handle an arbitrarily large number of simultaneous connections. — Craig Estey 45 secs ago
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Q: Basic 2d graph implementation

a aI am currently implementing a Graph Vizualizer app and the following code is my graph implementation. #ifndef B0E38FB6_3B78_458C_8285_D686328C0A91 #define B0E38FB6_3B78_458C_8285_D686328C0A91 #include <cstddef> #include <array> namespace AlgorithmVisualizer::Math { template <typename Type,...

8:19 PM
The question isn't really a valid question, insofar as it asks for a code review and doesn't describe a problem. — danh 12 secs ago
8:45 PM
Q: PHP Upload script security

user13477176I am creating a social network and part of the features allows people to upload a profile pic. I want to know how secure my code is. From start to finish. <form action="upload_profile_pic.php" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data"> </form> include 'includes/header.php'; if ($_SERVER['RE...

9:11 PM
This isn't really a practical problem suited to Stack Overflow. You just want to write better code. This might be better suited to Software Engineering or Code Review but you should read their help docs and tutorials to understand if it's on topic there or not. — mason 24 secs ago
9:37 PM
This seems like it might fit better on codereview.se, but they help more with making working code better. — Max 55 secs ago
@Max: This question would be off-topic on Code Review, because only working code is accepted for review on that site. — Andreas Wenzel just now
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Q: Referenceable<T>: A Java Generic Class Used for Creating Objects That can be Passed by Reference

Captain Hatteraspublic class Referenceable<T> { private T obj; private Referenceable(T t) { obj = t; } public static <U> Referenceable<U> ref(U u){ return new Referenceable<U>(u); } public T dereference() { return obj; } public T dereference(T newT) { // Sh...

Q: Radix Sort: A C++ version

Martin YorkJust realized I have never implemented Radix Sort (spurred about watching a YouTube video about it). So I though I would give it a go. Only have access to C++17 (so added some view objects (that I believe are available in C++20). Comment on anything appreciated. Suggestions on how I could remove ...

10:34 PM
Perhaps posting this questişon at codereview is more suitable. — Redu 16 secs ago
10:50 PM
Q: Group By Statuses using reduce

I'll-Be-BackI have been using reduce() method to group by Open and Closes statuses (Status_111, Status_222, etc) which then creates an array of which Ids (item.Id) it is associated with. Code is working and with an expected result, however, I feel like code could have been written better because as you can s...


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