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Q: C text word-wrapping

lincolnI'm writing a program that has the possibility of outputting a large amount of text on a single logical line to the console. In that scenario, I would like to wrap the text at word ends so that words are not split on the end of the line: i.e., the string lorem ipsum dolor sit amet should print: l...

12:55 AM
Some of this code doesn't compile; but if you fix that, the question might be a better fit for codereview.stackexchange.com. — jaco0646 20 secs ago
1:20 AM
Q: Applying functions to decorated objects

h1h1I have an interface Animal with a class that implements it, Cat. public interface Animal { public int price(); public Breed.BreedType breedType(); } public class Cat implements Animal { private int price; private Breed.BreedType breedType; public Cat(int price) { th...

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5:32 AM
Q: Server-side processing data table best and secure code using ajax

user9437856I am using PHP and Server-side processing data tables. I have more than 30k records on my table and I have to display the records on my page when reload so I used the below code. Is this code is the best and secure? Please help me out with this. HTML <table id="projectList" class="table table-str...

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7:26 AM
Please repeat on topic and how to ask from the intro tour. You seem to be looking for a code review for a problem you haven't characterized -- either of which suggests that Stack Overflow is not the right place for your issue. — Prune 42 secs ago
7:38 AM
Q: Cyclic Permutations Problem **Fixed**

halcyon44I have come across a problem on cyclic permutations. It is about swapping numbers around. It starts out with input N < 100,000 which makes the first N natural numbers as orders: 1 2 3 ... N-1 N Then we get the next input K < 200,000 as the period Next N input lines are the swaps: For example, the...

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10:09 AM
Q: SwiftUI custom ScrollView with snap interval

Roman MahotskyiDue that fact that SwiftUI has poor ScrollView customization and doesn't support snap interval from the box I decided to implement my custom component to support such behaviour. Example Here my code I know, there are many hard coded values that should be replaced with dynamically calculated val...

10:34 AM
Q: Basic process management in Windows kernel

StudI'm in the process of learning Windows kernel programming and I'm focusing on writting clean C code that handles and propagates errors correctly. The following piece of code is quite simple, but I'd like to have feedbacks on it before I apply this interface and coding style to the rest of the cod...

Q: Simple runtime profiler for executable files

Jack AvanteI'm sure there are several profilers written in C++ on here already, though with this one the goals are quite different. I attempted to make it as robust as possible, or 'fool-proof' if you will so that it is nearly impossible to crash via an unhandled exception or undefined behaviour. It support...

10:49 AM
This type of question,is not for Stack Overflow, but for Code Review: codereview.stackexchange.comLoukasPap 13 secs ago
11:24 AM
Q: Alternative std::function implementation for lambdas

CyrusI was trying to implement a faster, alternative implementation of std::function. I came up with the code below: template <typename R, typename ...Args> struct Function { template <typename Lambda> Function2(Lambda f) { static auto function = f; func = + [] (Args... args) -> R { ...

11:45 AM
Is the code correct (i.e. producing the desired results)? If so, this question should be moved to codereview.SE (which a moderator can do). — outis 54 secs ago
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Welcome aboard. And congratulations on a good question (upvote). It is perfectly fine on this site, but you might also want to be aware of our Code Review site. Post here if the code does not work, post there if it works, but you want critique and advice on improving it. Happy coding :-) — Mawg says reinstate Monica 59 secs ago
Q: University Grading System (OOP)

George Austin BradleyI've been furthering my development and understanding in OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and would appreciate feedback on this new console program I've created. The main aspects I would like to know is have I made good use of OOP, can I improve upon techniques demonstrated in this program? Have...

2:35 PM
If all you are looking for is an opinion of your approach it seems more inline with Code Review. Code Review Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for peer programmer code reviews. Stackoverflow is more on-topic for questions about problems and algorithms. — lorem ipsum 40 secs ago
Hi @aleneum, thanks for the comprehensive answer. I had considered using conditions (hadn't spotted the unless which is also useful) though I was concerned that it is difficult to make sure all triggers from a state were 'protected'. I guess we will need to cover this in code review. — S1MP50N 48 secs ago
3:26 PM
Welcome to SO. Questions about making code better are more in the scope of Code Review. — niamulbengali 38 secs ago
3:58 PM
If the code is working but you're only looking for improvement, this question belongs in codeReview, not StackOverflow — Jeremy Thille 25 secs ago
Q: Merge Two Paragraphs with Removing Overlapped Duplicated Lines in C#

JimmyHuI am trying to make a paragraph merger that takes multiple paragraphs and output a concatenated result with removing the duplicated overlapped lines due to redundancy. Each input paragraph is with the follows specifications. The leading/trailing spaces in each line have been removed. No empty l...

4:13 PM
This looks like it belongs on Code Review instead of Stack Overflow. However, in order to be on-topic over there, you should describe in detail what the code is doing and the goals of the review should be. — Jörg W Mittag 6 secs ago
This looks like it belongs on Code Review instead of Stack Overflow. However, in order to be on-topic over there, you should describe in detail what the code is doing and the goals of the review should be. — Jörg W Mittag 1 min ago
4:35 PM
Code Review would probably be a better place for this question. — Barmar 25 secs ago
@Barmar I'm not sure the folks in Code Review would thank you for such a recommendation. — Adrian Mole 38 secs ago
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5:37 PM
This sort of opinion-based question is off topic for stack overflow. It might be on topic for Software Engineering or Code Review but check their help centers first. — dbc just now
Q: Spawning random small cubes in a big invisible cube using Unity C#

AaySquareMy goal was to create a big invisible cube and inside that spawn small random cubes. These small cubes would have: A random position within the big cube. A random colour. A random size. A random lifetime. A higher chance to spawn with offset of 0 on y-axis than any other offset. Ability to rotat...

5:56 PM
Q: I don't understand the negative feedback on this question

Francisco NúñezI don't understand the negative feedback on this question: Error handler library Need Refactory? Can anyone help me improve the post, without going out of context?

6:27 PM
Read the range into a vba array; process each array element; write the array back to the worksheet. See Vba arrays and worksheet ranges. If that doesn't help, post your code on the Code Review site for assistance. — Ron Rosenfeld 42 secs ago
6:44 PM
Your Job #1 is to explain the problem you are trying to solve. "the Minesweeper game" is inadequate. At minimum please provide a link to a precise statement of the rules of that game. As Jörg suggested, you should move your question to Code Revew (which provides advice on improving working code, as opposed to SO's main reason for being: fixing broken code). To do so, flag your question for moderator attention, requesting that it be moved to Code Review. Alternatively, you can delete the question and re-post at Code Review. — Cary Swoveland 40 secs ago
if you code is working fine and you want to make it better, then its better to ask this on code review codereview.stackexchange.compython_user 24 secs ago
7:14 PM
Why do I always see so much toxicity associated with PHP posts?
This might be a better fit for codereview.stackexchange.com, if it works as is. — deceze ♦ 9 secs ago
7:34 PM
You can try asking your questions on code review stack exchange: codereview.stackexchange.comDavid Brossard 11 secs ago
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8:44 PM
Q: Code structure for tree representation with multiple types (classes) of nodes and circular dependencies

s-m-eI am developing a piece of code around a tree structure. The tree can do a few things - one of them being its ability to serialize & de-serialize its data. There are multiple different types of nodes, e.g. NodeA and NodeB, each represented by a class. Different types of nodes may have significant...

9:05 PM
possible answer invalidation by Cyrus on question by Cyrus: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/255176/revisions
10:01 PM
Q: how to fix clazy non-pod-global-static

simplenameI have a lot of warnings for non-pod-global-statics in my code. I understand why this slows down code, but what is the best way to avoid them? For instance, in this simple header file: module1.hpp #include <string> #include <vector> const std::vector<std::string> namesVec = {"name1", "name2", "n...

10:50 PM
possible answer invalidation by X3Golden on question by X3Golden: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/255021/revisions
11:12 PM
I have an answer for you if you move your question to Code Review. I don't want to post it here as I think it's likely your question will be closed as being "off-topic" because you have presented working code. — Cary Swoveland 33 secs ago
Q: Substring search in Java

a pI am trying to make an algorithm that will find the index of a given substring (which I have labeled pattern) in a given String (which I have labeled text). This method can be compared to String.indexOf(String str). In addition to general feedback, I'm curious what the time complexity of my metho...


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