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RELOAD! There are 7025 unanswered questions (89.7375% answered)
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Q: Hide link formatting Firefox extension

fabrizzio_gzI'm building a Mozilla Firefox extension to hide link's formatting and show them as regular text. It consists of a script that runs on web-pages (content.js) that's activated by clicking on the extension (handled with background.js). On activation, a CSS rule is injected to hide link's formatting...

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4:30 AM
@Mast There's an actual entry for something called "Cheese Moon" which is apparently something in an online game (though I missed that part earlier).
5:09 AM
@Vogel612 congrats
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Q: Python molar mass calculator

Tornado547I created this code that takes a molecular formula, eg CH3COOH and calculates its molar mass. #! /usr/bin/env python3 element_weights = { 'H': 1.00794, 'He': 4.002602, 'Li': 6.941, 'Be': 9.012182, # ... 'Lv': 293.0, 'Ts': 294.0, 'Og': 294.0, } def tokenize(string)...

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@RMunroe Haha, I'd never thought about that.
Plenty of message boards haven't survived that long though.
I’m voting to close this question because it fits much more codereview.stackexchange.com than StackOverflow. — sophros 26 secs ago
10:04 AM
posted on September 24, 2020 by CommitStrip

10:39 AM
Q: mongodb RESTfull api in python using fastapi and mongoengine

amos-baronSo I wrote a a RESTfull api for a mongodb with python3.7, fastapi and mongoengine and id love to get feedback on how I should make my code more readable, clean, and dry. basically there are 4 main routes : Route to get all objects from a collection. Route to get one object from a collection by ...

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11:42 AM
@Vogel612 Could you make this go away?
We've had spam from them in the past and they turned network-wide. Might as well clean them up from CR at least.
12:18 PM
Q: Instanciation logic within a specific object vs factory object

MigMaxI want to program file lines transformation in a game initialization context and i am asking about best OOP practice. I have a MockConfigFile that implements a ConfigFile interface : public class MockConfigFile : ConfigFile { private readonly IEnumerable<string> _content; public static M...

1:07 PM
Q: JavaScript implementation of Symbol Table (Dictionary)

Steven AguilarI'm currently going over Robert Sedgewick Algorithms book. Here I'm implementing a Symbol Table using a Linked List. The Sequential Search Symbol table is implemented in JavaScript. The book mentiones that this Abstract Data Structure is not a good solution when dealing with big amounts of data. ...

1:57 PM
Q: Extract a files in directory from war archive using ansible unarchive

user215359I'd like to extract two files in directory from war. the two files )application.properties and logback.xml) are exists in this path /WEB-INF/classes/ For ansible I've tried: - name: create application.propreties in /tmp unarchive: src: "/opt/application/../tomcat/00/webapps/application.war"...

2:22 PM
Q: Async tcp socket client: send multiple requests with one connection

H.EbrI'm new to socket programming and c++. I have a the following method that sends an array to server and receives sum of the array, I tried to make it async. std::future<void> AsyncClient::ReqSum(const std::vector<double>& numbers) { return std::async( std::launch::async, [&, nu...

2:37 PM
@CommitStrip why though?
@Mast sorry I just went to bed after Heslacher started his (their?) workday so I didn't get around to it until just now
Q: Decrease the amount of for loops in API response GO

MichaelFor an API I have defined a "Client" struct which contains all the fields the client has in the database. When a GET request is made with the client ID the whole struct is returned with all available data. The request can be customized with a querystring "fields" which allow the user to return sp...

@Vogel612 a simple his ;-)
yea that's what I recalled, but I think it was only inferred 😀 Thanks for clarifying
2:56 PM
@Vogel612 No problem, thanks.
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it's better to post in Code Reviewburan 37 secs ago
Nice, see an answer that says "this is not so much a review" at +2...
4:50 PM
Q: Compile a string into a callable object in C++: a simple JIT based on system, dlopen and dlsym

DarioPToday I discovered that it is possible to dynamically load code at runtime via dlopen and dlsym (and similar utilities on Windows as well). So the obvious next step was to call the compiler through system to build a piece of code into a shared object, which is then loaded to obtain a function poi...

5:15 PM
Q: slab malloc/free implementation

0xDEADC0DEI'm trying to implment memory allocator guided by this tutorial. I used a mix of Next-fit search and Segregated-list search. There are multiple slabs of different sizes (a slab is contagious blocks of memory of the same size, plus a header). If a slab ran out of free blocks, it allocates a new sl...

@Peilonrayz Great comment - I should use phrases like that more often!
> Your time would be better served if you edit your answer rather than talk to me.
s/phrases/language|rhetoric ?
5:32 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Thanks. :) And the answer's deleted with a real nice edit 🤦
For a minute I was thinking the "Insight Enforcement Board" was a CR thing...
I was thinking of the Floating Point Police™
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Wow, I didn't know of that meme XD
I didn't know about some of the deleted memes until now... perhaps the last time I looked at page 2 I was under 10k in rep
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Wat
5:39 PM
That's new.
Some users can be a bit argumentative.
That's not new.
Just fix the bloody mistake and get on with it.
when I see the word wat I picture the meme photos of giant rubber ducks
Ah, yes, it has been posted here many times.
@Mast lol
I mean, I screw up on a daily basis. I try to fix most of it the same day.
I’m voting to close this question because this is more suitable to codereview.stackexchange.comSayandip Dutta 27 secs ago
I think time.sleep(max(0, 10 - time_to_load)) is fine, except that it takes people a second to figure it out. If you need to go through a code review, an if may raise fewer eyebrows. — tdelaney 55 secs ago
@SayandipDutta In the current form this post would likely be closed as off-topic on CR as there is little indication of what the code does. Please don't use the existence of the Code Review site as a reason to close a question. Evaluate the request and use a reason like needs focus, primarily opinion-based, etc. Please see Does being on-topic at another Stack Exchange site automatically make a question off-topic for Stack Overflow?Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 14 secs ago
5:53 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ mumble mumble... snark does score social points with the in-group but it's really not a good tool to get people to do what you want em to do ...
especially not if those people do not consider themselves as the in-group (yet)
good point
Staying friendly gets tedious when you deal with too much crap for too long, but it's a very good point.
It's one of those things that I tend to screw up every once in a while.
and that's why it's called "emotional labor" :)
For some reason, in my head that term is associated with women giving birth.
@Vogel612 Can you give me an auto comment for when someone responds?
6:06 PM
I think I usually argue with the ephemerality of comments, though it's rare enough I haven't set up any kind of template yet. Something along the lines of:
"Yes, exactly something like this. Note that comments can be deleted at any time. Maybe you want to [edit] your answer to include this?"
I don't think that resolves the issue you have with my comment.
6:36 PM
I thought so. StackOverflow is primarily for people who have specific programming questions or (especially) problems with code. While you might get some people to answer your question, it will likely get closed as opinion-based and you'd probably be better off asking this question on Code Review. — Abion47 37 secs ago
6:54 PM
Q: Weigh scale winform with serial communication

user3665624I am a newb armed with copy paste trying to get data from an old Avery-Weightronix 7820 weigh scale. I have it hooked up via an RJ-232 cable and have managed to get responses from the scale. I followed this tutorial https://www.studentcompanion.co.za/creating-a-serial-port-interface-with-c/ to ge...

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8:08 PM
Q: Tree design in db with same child twice and value store

SumeetI have a non-cyclic tree like the below sample representation. It has nodes and edges connecting them. The tree has the possibility of the same node connected multiple times to one parent. Like in the below diagram two A1 is connected to N4. If the connection repeats it has different associations...

Q: Divide and Conquer Password Bruteforcer

SamAkoMy program brute-forces a password. The password is a string composed of a key and a four digit numeric code. The key is known so we are basically brute-forcing between 0000 through to 9999 An example password is: UoMYTrfrBFHyQXmg6gzctqAwOmw1IohZ 4143 I updated that script I wrote to take advanta...

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9:37 PM
This question is more suitable over: CodeReview StackExchangeTibebes. M 31 secs ago
@Tibebes.M when suggesting users post on CR it would be great if there was also a suggestion like "Please read the relevant help center pages like 'What topics can I ask about here?' and 'How do I ask a good question?". In the current form the code above would likely be closed as off-topic because it is missing context about what the code does. — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 12 secs ago
Q: How to optimize time/memory of the next the next nodejs code

juaninfDear members of support, Could you help me to optimize the next code, please? I need an advice to improve time/memory consumption. The next code basically is a NODEJS script that runs inside a lambda function. Do you have that is there any statements I need to change? const AWS = require('aws-sdk...

Q: Ansible to automate dev environment setup

CoupcoupThis is allow-up to Bash script to automate dev environment setup. In that question I'd thrown together a (sloppy) shell script to automatically setup my development environment. One of the answers suggested using Ansible and after a bit of reading realized it would help me with some configuratio...

10:37 PM
I’m voting to close this question because general code optimization is off-topic for SO; if you have specific bottlenecks you want to address, that would be on-topic, but "please help me improve my code" is not (see Code Review on SE ) ... — Ben Bolker 5 secs ago
11:01 PM
Q: Abstraction to make URLs (many different schemes) act like Paths on disk

charmoniumQThe config file for my project takes many files and directories. It would be convenient if these files and directories could reference git repositories, zip archives, possibly over https. This function converts those URLs to paths on the disk, so the rest of the project still only deals with Path...

11:51 PM
Q: I have a serious problem with the new Input System

AliI'm making a 2D platformer game with Unity. I'm new to the new Input System and I'm using PlayerInput component and Invoke Unity Events behavior. I downloaded a player controller code from GitHub to use it as a guide and I copied and pasted the code into my actual player controller. but I found t...


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