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@Duga You're going in the wrong direction.
@Peilonrayz Don't forget the moon is made of green cheese.
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ So that's what that symbol is.
hehe another mystery solved!
@pacmaninbw Coulda sworn it was Wensleydale ;)
Ah well good gniknom youse
12:09 AM
@Peilonrayz @SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Vogel612 closed the memset question.
And another helpful flag.
Sleep well.
goto is that screwdriver in your toolbox with the really weirdly-shaped head. It should only come out of the box when you have the really weirdly-shaped screw. And even the it may be easier to find a way to use a regular screw. In the real world of programming, it's often harder to get a goto through a code review, even when it's used perfectly and you can prove it, than it is to deal with the clunkier alternative. For one thing, someone will try to replace the goto and totally <expletive deleted> things up sooner or later. — user4581301 1 min ago
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Please repeat on topic and how to ask from the intro tour. You seem to be asking for an open-ended code review and a tutorial on kwargs, either of which is off topic. — Prune 38 secs ago
Would this question be better suited for Code Review Stack Exchange? — Ole V.V. 44 secs ago
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Hi, for suggestions of code quality I'd recommend to ask at [codereview site](codereview.stackexchange.com) instead. SO is meant for fixing errors in your code rather than improving a working code. — yedpodtrzitko 50 secs ago
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Q: My variable is not updating correctly

Mann Mandef updateDecisionScreen(): print (OpponentHealth) DecisionScreen = (''' Your opponent currently has {} HP; You have {} HP; It is your turn. [1][Melee Attack] <-000::000-> [2][Block With Sword] [3][Ranged Attack] <-000::000-> [4][Gain Distance] [5][Try to Escape] <-000::000-> [6...

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Q: Which is better practice for this if else statement?

anonymousSimple question for which is a better way to use if-else statements. A = int(input("Enter an integer(1~30): ")) if A % 6 == 0: print("A is even") print("A is even and a multiple of 6 (6, 12, 18, 24, 30).") elif A % 10 == 0: print("A is even") print("A is even and a multiple of...

Q: String Mutator performance

IzukaiI've made a very basic wrapper over a String that offers mutability in place (context: mono/XNA, budget is about 11ms per frame, -1B allocations requirement). Before that I've used a wrapper over StringBuilder that essentially would do the same - get raw value of the string it operates on. public...

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Q: Resizing a hashtable map

Tarik AmiriI am trying to get my resize() to work. I am using an AutoGrader and it keeps saying I have a NullPointerException and I can't figure out why. public void resize() { OldTable = HashTable; oldCapacity = capacity; capacity = oldCapacity*2; HashTable = new HashNode[capacity]; for...

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Wrong place buddy. If it's working correctly and you are trying to make it work better then go to Code Review if it is broken and needs fixing then come here. — The Grand J 10 secs ago
@Peilonrayz Should've phrased that better, but I was in a bit of a hurry. What I meant to ask was the purpose of the code. It's a bit snippety after all.
@pacmaninbw Moderator votes are not super close-votes. Why would you want to get a moderator involved?
@pacmaninbw Depending how/which you count, I got that too. Don't worry about it.
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@Peilonrayz FYI, this (10k+) would work in C++, not in C.
C has no vectors and no real classes (you hack hack something together but it won't be pretty).
It's a really terrible language for voxels in this day and age.
Structs, bitshifting and masking are probably the way to go.
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You might want to consider posting your request at the sister site, codereview.stackexchange.com where you'll get recommendations on optimization and structure on already working code. — magnus 5 secs ago
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Q: Simplifying code block

xybrekWhat's the most simplified (shortest form) way to write this code block: @Override public boolean updateApplication(String appId, Map<String, Comparable> comparableMap) throws RemoteException { final boolean[] result = {false}; String id = Try.of(() -> getApplicationByAppId(appId).getId()...

Q: Supplying parameterless callback to function expecting void * param

robsnI have to register different callback functions to a scheduler. The callback signature defines a void * parameter. Some callbacks don't use a parameter. This works, but is it clean? I expected at least an incompatible pointer type warning for the missing cast on the parameterless call which I act...

Actually this should have been on CodeReview. Any data errors or error tracebacks and you should post here. — quamrana 18 secs ago
This question may be better suited for codereview.stackexchange.comjeroenh 57 secs ago
Does it work for you? Maybe it's better to post on Code Review. In any case I would prefer using Beautiful Soup instead of regex to retrieve the text of title tag. — buran 45 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by greybeard on question by anonymous: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/249714/revisions
9:16 AM
10 hours ago, by pacmaninbw
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ @Peilonrayz I'm going to start calling the asker of questions like this the memset bandit.
I'm sure you figured it out after posting the message, but just in case you didn't. ^
@Mast wtf are "disputed" flags?! Is that like you can dispute them or a mod has?
Q: How to speed up drawing process of output from .tflite model

SkypeDoggI have piece of code where I draw output from model pixel by pixel: fun draw( canvas: Canvas) { val rotated = sensorOrientation % 180 == 90 var rotatedW = frameWidth; var rotatedH = frameHeight; if(rotated) { rotatedW = frameHeight ...

Q: rename .html file from <title> tag with python

Mohammad Sadra SharifzadehI have many html files saved to my computer.they have same tags like this: Rpi-Cam-Web-Interface- Page 2 - forum and the page number changes I want to rename file to page number I use this code: import re import os pattern=re.compile('<title>RPi Cam Web Interface - Page \d*') for i in os.listdir...

@Peilonrayz If it has only been a couple of questions so far... Just close it if it's not suitable.
@Mast I don't see how it wouldn't work. At it's very core it's just n arrays stored in a struct with a function that you always pass that "class struct" to, like self in Python. You then index these arrays with mem-whatever and build the desired struct as the return.
@Peilonrayz Whoever reviewed them was with more than 1 and they didn't agree.
Say a VLQ that has 1 saying Deletion and another Looks OK. IIUC.
@Peilonrayz Well, yes, it's absolutely possible to do in C. It's just a pain and it won't be with vectors and classes. That's what I'm saying.
Everything can be done in C.
If you have enough patience.
@Mast Yeah I wouldn't flag situations like this like ever, not my cuppa tea
@Mast Oh, interesting. Thanks for the info
9:31 AM
On SO there's another category:
@Mast So you're saying you can make it work in C. Just the exact types you'd use aren't what I said. Gotcha
Well, aged away they call it.
@Peilonrayz Yup.
Again, everything can be done in C.
Where in Python there should be preferably only 1 way to do something, in C there are tens to thousands and half of them are undefined behaviour.
I figured that out roughly a few months after encountering Python for the first time and I've discovered most C I wrote was so awful I better not use it again.
@Mast Oh yeah I forgot about that one, I kinda know about it, but not really.
@Mast So they both have there should be one and only one way to do it ;)
I should probably never play with C, if I can get dodgy behaviour in Python I can only imagine the terrors I'd set of with C...
This might be more suitable for codereview stackexchange. Personally I don't care, as long as the same style is used across the codebase. — domen 39 secs ago
10:37 AM
Q: Is my implementation of a C++ setTimeout thread correct?

PixelJust revisiting C++ in over a decade and freshly new to thread programming today. I wanted to implement a setTimeout thread similar to the JavaScript function of the same name. I have two concerns: Am I using threads and condition_variable correctly? In the example on this page I see use of an a...

this question is more suitable on this site: codereview.stackexchange.comArgee 51 secs ago
11:02 AM
Q: To construct a pyramid with uses of alphabets. Would you propose any better solution?

Ashiful Islam PrinceExpected Input: Enter the number of rows: 5 Expected Output: A A B A A B C B A A B C D C B A A B C D E D C B A I have solved this problem in this way-> //Write a program to build a pyramid with uses of alphabets #include <stdio.h> int main(void){ //Put variables here int sp...

11:18 AM
I suggest posting this to codereview.stackexchange.com ; there are several things that could be improved. For example, you use a boolean variable state as the condition for your while loop, but then you never change the value of state, and end up having to break out of the loop with break. You also have a variable called restart which looks like it wants to be the loop condition, but it is not. The continue statement is not doing anything here, as it is at the end of the loop body, and loops always continue by default. — Stef 23 secs ago
Q: How can i make genrating my json file faster

Chams AgouniI Have a folder contains some of my downloaded courses with this Structure: ├── _course ├── _section ├── content i want to genrate a json file with structure of : [ { 'id': '$courseid', 'name' : '$coursename' 'sections' : [ { '...

11:46 AM
@Mast Because I recognize this user as a repeat offender who does something like this every time. The user was baiting us. Check all the comments.
This question appears to be off-topic because it is a code review request. This might be better suited to the Code Review Stack Exchange site. Before posting there be sure to read their FAQ to ensure that your question meets their guidelines. — John Conde 53 secs ago
@pacmaninbw Ok
12:42 PM
Q: Finding unique keys

Victor AdeyemoI made the following snippet. It finds unique keys based on their values. For all keys \$s\$ that are contained in another key \$D\$ with the same value, key \$s\$ is discarded and key \$D\$ is returned. newdict = {} for key1, value1 in mydict.items(): for key2, value2 in mydict.items(): i...

Q: Interview Coding Test: Transaction Processing: Find Duplicates

SamFastI had given a coding test for a job which failed. It had two problems and one of them is shared in this question along with my solution and other I already posted at this link. Problem: Find duplicate transactions. Description: Usually, due to any technical mistake, a single transaction is record...

If your code works and you just want someone to look over it, you should post it over at Code Review instead. — Magnus Eriksson 27 secs ago
1:07 PM
Q: made a time converter in c++ which can convert second,minutes and hours is there any efficient way for this

Rajati have made this time convertor this is my first project i am new to c++ and programming can you tell me if there is any way to write this code to be more efficient or this is code is ok. thanks for answering. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { long double value; i...

Q: How to make more performable the following function in JS

Igor MytyukI have a function which from an array of days return the array of days with it's date like from array of ['Sun', 'Mon', 'Tue', 'Wed' ] my function returns the days from today if there are some past days i switch the date to next week so the array will become ['Wed 23', 'Sun 27', 'Mon 28', 'Tue 2...

Teresa Dietrich on September 23, 2020
A seasoned director shares her process for selecting who to hire, and offers insight on how developers can position themselves for success.
1:28 PM
@CaptainObvious Currently unclear, at least to me what the poster is looking for.
1:53 PM
Nice, I'm building a keyword extractor. And simply comparing my Pareto distribution to Wikipedia's has given me a nice amount of them. :D I'm getting some false positives like "youre" cause I'm striping apostrophes but didn't think it'd work so well
2:13 PM
You are not showing enough to go on.. What is $Time_Array and what are the $hour objects in there? What is $Array_combined? I think this question is more suited for Code ReviewTheo 39 secs ago
go to code review stackexchnage — Eugen Sunic 57 secs ago
Q: A prime number checker (Multi numbers).py

LyZeN77so obviously this SIMPLE code checks if the number is prime or not. I need to make it more advanced, easier to use, fewer lines or any improvement. while True: lista = [] try: num = int(input("Enter the amount of numbers: ")) for i in range(0, num): value = int...

Q: Is it possible to use recursion to solve the following problem? I am using while and for loops right now

Divyanshu SiwachWrite a function make_human_move(current_player, board), which does the following: Print out the player's shape (e.g. if the player shape is 'X', the function prints "X's move"). Asks the human player for his/her move. The message asked is "Enter row and column [0 - 2]: ". A move consists of two...

I have submitted the code on codereview.stackexchange.com. Yeah, I know there was no need to use state, I could have just used True, I forgot to edit that before submitting the question. The restart variable is used to reach the continue statement, the first break statement is used to break out of the for loop so continue is not a part of the for loop but is a part of the while loop, we could have avoided using is by using if not restart: and then using board[int(input_list[0])][int(input_list[1])] = current_player and then break. — Divyanshu Siwach 19 secs ago
2:48 PM
Q: Multiple audio player - arrow keys & space

martinhoI am creating a Vue component of an audio player. And I am having some difficulties in finding the ideal way to get the arrow keys and space to work. I have found a solution, however I think it is not the best, nor the most effective. I've added a listener to the DOM in the component, but the pro...

3:07 PM
3:38 PM
Q: Is possible to get rid of group by loop for each owner

user584018I have a list of objects of class NameOwnersBasedOnRule with properties Name, Rule and Owner: var nameOwnersBasedOnRule = new List<NameOwnersBasedOnRule> { new NameOwnersBasedOnRule { Name = "Name1", Rule = "Rule1", Owner = "Owner1"}, new NameOwnersBasedOnRule { Name = "Name1"...

3:57 PM
@JagdishIdhate when suggesting users post on CR it would be great if there was also a suggestion like "Please read the relevant help center pages like 'What topics can I ask about here?' and 'How do I ask a good question?". In the current form such a post may be closed as off-topic because 1. The OP isn't certain it works to the best of his/her knowledge and there isn't enough code for a review.... — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 56 secs ago
Greetings, Programs.
@Donald.McLean Did you see there was a brief discussion about moon states yesterday?
Q: binary data shell echo generator

hanshenriki need to... generate a linux shell command that prints binary data to stdout (which will then be piped to something's stdin, in this case it's actually curl), the easy way to do it would be to just generate commands like echo base64 | base64 -d , but most often the data will be near-ascii (in fa...

Q: Producer/Consumer class problem - Synchronization

SamIn the following code, After printing the very first print statement ("Adding: This"), the program stops proceeding. After some tries and errors, I was able to debug it by switching lines 75 & 76 (first & second lines of the run method of Consumer class. In other words: moving the synchronized bl...

I mostly only do SE while I'm working, as a low priority background task.
4:08 PM
I had never heard of a cheese moon, but it sounds like a super-natural entity.
4:23 PM
This suits codereview.stackexchange.com better. — JCWasmx86 43 secs ago
This question suits codereview.stackexchange.com more — JCWasmx86 40 secs ago
4:53 PM
You probably want to ask this on Code Review instead. — Blastfurnace 55 secs ago
5:07 PM
I've flagged this question for migration to CR per Migration of code questions from Stack Overflow to Code Review. Could you please edit to add sample input and ouput, as well as a little more description of how the function is used? — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 28 secs ago
5:18 PM
S.O. is here to help solve problems, not code review. There is a separate site for that. — Taplar just now
5:43 PM
Q: function to check if word matches search word

DCRI have the following which works but was wondering if there's a better way. Better meaning more efficient and or more compact. The function checks a trie to see if the word is in the trie. bool check(const char *word) { int nodeIdx = hash(word); if (nodeIdx < 0)return false; ...

Q: How to get all values with the same key in a nested dictionary in Python?

nanjunI have a nested dictionary mydict = {'Item1': {'name': 'pen', 'price': 2}, 'Item2': {'name': 'apple', 'price': 0.69}}. How do I get all the values of the same key? For example, I want to get a list [2, 0.69] corresponding to the key 'price'. What is the best way to do that without using a loop?

"The Moon is made of green cheese" is a statement referring to a fanciful belief that the Moon is composed of cheese. In its original formulation as a proverb and metaphor for credulity with roots in fable, this refers to the perception of a simpleton who sees a reflection of the Moon in water and mistakes it for a round cheese wheel. It is widespread as a folkloric motif among many of the world's cultures, and the notion has also found its way into children's folklore and modern popular culture. The phrase "green cheese" in the common version of this proverb (sometimes "cream cheese" is used)...
BaseController is not relevant for the question. It only handles the context and the unitofwork which has nothing to do with "cleaner way to achieve what this piece of code does with benefits if possible". — peljoe 13 hours ago
We said we wanted to see it.
1 more VTC.
@Mast ty
6:08 PM
Q: Creating a filtered list by comparing one list to another other list - Python

HellyeahI have a list and I need to get certain elements out of it. The way I did it was to the list compare to a second list and then append to a third list. Here is my code: l1 = ["0 = 0","1 = 1","2 = 2", "And", "Something", "Wicked", "This", "Way", "Comes", f"zero.0 = 0", f"one.0 = 1", f"...

Q: Searching and parsing text from a file

R.TI'm a student working as a research assistant and wrote this script to automate density functional theory HPC tasks with SLURM. When a calculation is complete the script checks the contents of a log file for the total force, and if it's above the desired threshold it generates a new input file, f...

6:33 PM
Q: Modify parameter data before creating an instance of a class in PHP

Miguel StevensI have an abstract Badge class, every class extending this class should always correctly set the incoming name (string) and achievedAt (date) fields. There might be other classes that extend the Badge class, which will get passed different types of values in their constructor (see examples below)...

6:58 PM
Q: LeetCode 863: All Nodes Distance K in Binary Tree

EmmaI'm posting two similar solutions for LeetCode's "All Nodes Distance K in Binary Tree". If you'd like to review, please do so. Thank you! Problem We are given a binary tree (with root node root), a target node, and an integer value K. Return a list of the values of all nodes that have a distance...

Q: Should a repository class that performs an insert receive a domain entity or array?

Miguel StevensI'm wondering if it's a good idea for my Repository class to be aware of the domain entity that represents the data it's about to insert Example of a Repository class that knows about a Domain Entity <?php namespace App\Domain\Badge; use Doctrine\DBAL\Connection; class BadgeRepository { pr...

Q: Double validation - but only show second validation after 1st one is complete in Javascript

LV98Currently trying to learn to add in some validations, but only run 2nd validation after the 1st one is fully done and has no errors. Just want to hear reviews regarding my current logic in my data validation. 1st Validation checks for empty fields 2nd Validation (only to work after 1st validatio...

@CaptainObvious MRC, missing declarations and code that builds global array.
I voted to close this as Needs more focus since it is beyond the scope of this site; Additionally, it has been cross-posted to CRSᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 59 secs ago
7:14 PM
also if the code works okay and all you need is optimization/review, I think it is better to post it over CodeReview StackExchange instead — Tibebes. M 32 secs ago
@Duga @SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ It is off-topic here as well.
@pacmaninbw true
@Blastfurnace It's getting closed there, thank you for increasing the workload on all those involved by making a wrongful redirection. Please see A guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users before doing it again. — Mast 13 secs ago
Too much?
@pacmaninbw Is it also broken? "I notice that the second function is actually not going to work"
7:20 PM
@Peilonrayz Unclear if the first solution is broken, that fact that the declarations are missing makes it impossible to tell what might go wrong in either case.
Q: Bootstrap container layout system bug

l6lsAs is known, the .container- class in Bootstrap 4.x.x and 5-alpha has an bug in intermediate classes. To give a little more detail, The container class of Bootstrap 5 .container, .container-fluid, .container-sm, .container-md, .container-lg, .container-xl, .container-xxl { width: 100%; paddin...

Q: 10 Kinds of People

Martin YorkFollow up to this question: 10 Kinds of People Open Kattis Problem Time Limit Exceeded C++ Solves the puzzle linked in that question. I use Dijkstra algorithm to find items. The only twist is that each time I do a search I save the boundary list of the search in a Zone. On a subsequent search if ...

@pacmaninbw Ugh, it's so complicated. >:( I may not be able to close this one with y'all because I don't understand C and I don't understand why it's MRC.
@Peilonrayz First nodeArray is a global array of something, but it isn't clear what that something is. Possibly it is an array of pointers but that isn't clear. In the first version of the function check searchNode is assigned a value from nodeArray and at the end of the function the memory assigned to searchNode is deleted, however, there is nothing that invalidates that node in nodeArray.
This means that invalid memory ca be accessed somewhere else in the program by accessing nodeArray.
Without the declarations of nodeArray and searchNode this code is completely meaningless.
Both variables are global variables that are not declared within the scope of the function.
This code is dangerous, it could very easily break the program anywhere.
@Peilonrayz Look at the @vnp comment as well.
7:44 PM
@pacmaninbw I already read that.
@DerKommissar Nice to see you around.
So in short, nodeArray is an unknown type and searchNode is not deassigned data.

I don't understand why you need to know the type. I may have missed it but I don't see where you said why you need this. Why do you need this?
I don't understand the comment about invalid memory is that because of searchNode not being deleted?
The memory is being deleted, but there are still pointers to it in the nodeArray that are not being set to NULL.
Ok I think I get that.
@CaptainObvious Do we rate CSS code here?
Wow, I've been the only person doing reviews in first posts for the last 8 hours.
8:02 PM
@pacmaninbw I don't know of any metas about it. I'd just leave it we don't really have a close reason for it either.
@Peilonrayz It's C, not Python. Types are hugely important.
@pacmaninbw We don't rate code, but we can review it.
Heck, we do pure HTML.
@Mast Thank you.
@Mast Well I don't know why so I'm not going to VTC. And given you legit say "Types are hugely important" in Python I really don't see it.
@Peilonrayz Python does duck-typing. C is really picky, will accept a lot of things it really shouldn't and minor details will screw you over royally.
That's one of the reasons me and pacman expect more details in questions overall. We're used to getting bit by very minor-looking details.
@Mast You are given a protocol / interface with the code. Can you give an example of the "minor details will screw you over royally"? I don't see why if you follow the same protocol you'll get snake-bit
8:08 PM
@Peilonrayz That's ok, there are a lot of Python questions I don't vote on for the same reason.
@Peilonrayz You can't optimize a C interface without knowing what it's interfacing against. Decoupling is not something C is known for, it wasn't invented yet.
You've not explained why.
@Peilonrayz Among other things the size of a struct really matters for alignment reasons, and you can't know the size of the struct without seeing the declaration. The alignment can corrupt other data in the function or even on the stack.
It's hard to explain why if you haven't ran into some really stupid cases of undefined behaviour yourself. There are also a lot of optimization benefits that are only possible if the sizes and types are just right.
In Python, you trust the interpreter and the interpreter is pretty smart.
In C, you can't trust anything, the compiler is stupid, the linker is stupid and they all want to kill you.
Yet they won't mention it while they do.
I used to have to warn the other people using the computer I was on before trying to debug pointer code because it could reboot the system (SUN OS 1.2).
8:14 PM
Q: How can I speed up my calculations with loops? Python

PythonistI wrote this code. But it works very slowly. I'm figuring out how many times I have to run the case generator to find numbers less than or equal to inv, in this case six. I count the number of attempts until a digit <= 6 is generated. I find inv equal to 1 and repeat the loop. Until inv is 0. I w...

I killed my OS once because an address was off by a zero.
@pacmaninbw Wouldn't you know the size if the OP already did that? Wouldn't you be not working against the given interface (from the code)
Just because the interface appears to work, doesn't mean it should even work.
@Peilonrayz Not necessarily, that's what we are trying to tell you.
There are a lot of posts on SO about people looking for explanations on behaviour where they're basically told "Well, you got away with UB up till now, but your code really wasn't supposed to work without also ding this, this and this."
All environments are all slightly different from each other...
8:16 PM
@Mast Ok, that makes much more sense.
In C you can cast a pointer to any type you want to, it is very dangerous.
Yeah if the interface is actually UB then I can understand why my POV of "it's just an interface" wouldn't work.
Yeah, there is no contract programming in C, it was invented later for more OO type languages.
What do you mean by "contract programming".
What you call an "interface" or an API.
There is a contract implied in that.
8:22 PM
Models and Viewers were still a dream when C came around.
Keep in mind, C was basically a somewhat platform-agnostic version of assembler languages with support for relatively high-level functions.
Nothing more.
So true.
It was very good at what it did, at the time, but it's ancient compared to Python.
Yes, but Python is written in it generally.
8:24 PM
There are still a couple of areas where C is relevant, but in Desktop programming? It's often not even close to the best language for the job.
Low-level things, kernels, microcontrollers, that's where C can still shine.
@pacmaninbw I don't see how they're related.
Linux Kernals.
Monking @Vogel
@Mast at one point I had asked tried to get it ready for migration (via mod intervention) and asked the OP to provide sample input/output but obviously that effort failed and the OP just cross-posted it...
the OP had been editing the post to include some more information, albeit not enough for review context
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Migrations are always messy.
8:34 PM
yeah... the OP has even posted on CR before... I thought about comparing that post with one of the CR posts by that OP
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Yeah, a comment about nodeArray being global doesn't really cut it.
@Mast remonking, in fact :)
9:04 PM
@Vogel612 Possibly, you're not talking as much as you used to :-)
yea, I'm usually preoccupied these days and you folks are doing great work :)
Is the thesis-business almost finished, physical copies and all?
You said you were going to hand it all in roughly 6 weeks ago, but I don't think we ever heard the conclusion.
Think this (and down) is the last we heard:
Aug 14 at 12:24, by Vogel612
Okay, presentation is done, I might actually be free from this for now
I can imagine lining up a masters is a bit of a challenge.
@Mast I actually only need to hand in my acceptance papers for the masters degree
I don't have a full grade for the thesis, but I know I passed
@Vogel612 Congratulations :-)
thanks :)
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10:34 PM
@RMunroe busted!
Q: Chaos with Newton’s method

Khashayar BaghizadehThe following is the program 3.2.6. from the book Computer Science An Interdisciplinary Approach by Sedgewick & Wayne: // This data type is the basis for writing Java programs that manipulate complex numbers. public class Complex { private final double re; private final double im; ...

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11:59 PM
Q: Scraper for basketball rosters

nouseI am very new to Python and I am trying to learn through personnal projects and today I needed to collect a lot of baksetball player names and decided this was a good time to learn and practice. The script is able to pull out all of the players names, height, nationality and DOB but I need to ent...


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