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Q: PHP/MySQLi Registration form using procedural mySQLi (not object oriented)

sBucholtzI'm still relatively new to coding with PHP and mySQLi (also first post on codereview). I want to learn more but I'm really limited in resources. Most of my research went into W3Schools, PHP.net, and of course whatever I could find on stack overflow. Now I'm trying to learn with practical projec...

possible answer invalidation by Brother Wei on question by Brother Wei: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/226477/revisions
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4:27 AM
@VisualMelon :) I should have used italics or quotes or something to make this clear :p
4:46 AM
Here I want your valuable suggestion to improve the code - code reviewScary Wombat 35 secs ago
Q: SqlDataAdapter Fill DataTable Causes Memory Leak

SamI have a very strange problem where when I Fetch data from SQL DB through DataAdapter the memory in the application pool increases around 250k-300k. I tried explicitly disposing the Adapter, DataTable and all the connection objects and also tried explicitely calling Garbage collector. But No Luc...

5:34 AM
Q: Selenium - Java data driven Framework suggestion

Amirtaraj RDropdown Screenshot I have 3 dropdowns with multiple components in the UI. Have incorporated data driven java selenium framework, data is fetched from excel sheet: Excel sheet- where data is fetched This data I am taking in to main class: public class TC01_newDesign extends TestBase{ login o...

5:57 AM
@dyukha Code review is for working code, as the requirement is to parallelize, it ain't working. That said, I would have closed this as well because there is no code at all in the question (also at codereview) — JVApen 10 secs ago
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Q: Google pubsub client in golang

ChaitanyaI've been working on a google pubsub client library for golang. Fairly new to golang and my intention is to learn the language. Not really sure what are the best practices, aiming to learn them over a period of time. Let me get straight into what the library is trying to do, Create a topic. Cr...

Monking @Vogel
7:21 AM
@CaptainObvious That's quite well written for a new user.
Q: ASP.NET web API - System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: A task was canceled dilemma

FakeI have an asp.net web API. (net framework 4.6.1) I am calling a 3rd party rest API (Product) in one of my actions. In functional tests, everything works as expected, no problem. But when I do spike tests (let's say, 100 users, 10 seconds ramp-up time) I am getting System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCance...

7:43 AM
If the code works for you, please consider asking for improvements at Code Review. — Wiktor Stribiżew 52 secs ago
Q: Amcharts. “Catching” TypeError and showing empty chart when no json file is provided

IsonSummary I have a chart made with Amcharts that retrieve data from JSON file and visualize it. It works great when the file is provided, but if there's no file attached, the code - expectedly - throws the error. The problem What I want is to catch the "Cannot read property of undefined" error a...

8:26 AM
It seems you don't have issue, codereview.stackexchange.com is for code reviews :) — Darjan Bogdan 5 secs ago
Q: Computing the first n primes: an example from Clean Code revised for C++

SG_90I'm trying to improve on examples from Clean Code* while re-implementing them in C++. This time it's the Sieve of Eratosthenes prime-computing example from pp. 71-74. Below is the original adapted for C++, without improvements: .h class PrimeGenerator { public: PrimeGenerator() = default...

9:15 AM
@Vogel612 That is the plan. Still waiting on our COO to sign off on the test pack.
@DerKommissar Yeah. At least I get a bonus and valuable experience out of it I guess, but I really do not have the bandwith available.
My advice: stop worrying about whether your solution will be "best". Write something which works and refine it. Post your attempt to code review if you want. — Michael 5 secs ago
10:00 AM
No, there's no way you can prevent that but regular code reviews. — πάντα ῥεῖ 58 secs ago
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11:22 AM
@SimonForsberg Hey Simon, nice to see you too.
11:34 AM
@Kaz Definitely keeps you busy, though. ;)
We just hired two new people at that same client, so I've been busy training, doing acquisition stuff, and the regular workload for some time.
@DerKommissar Maybe, after 2 years, they'll finally hire me a permanent analyst (I'd prefer someone in the office rather than a permanent contractor from our Indian outsourcing partner, but I'll take whatever I can get)
My problem is that even with two new people, I'm still the only person I can trust to do things right.
Greetings, Programs.
Q: Find a specific cow in the image frame using Python

Gie GieI have problem about finding and cropping cow A in the image frame gathered from our CCTV camera because the barn contain many cows. Only top views of the specific cow should be recognized. We tried template matching, but I think it doesn't match in the requirement of the project. May someone sug...

12:01 PM
The code does not actually do much, it splits a string, all the other lines do basically nothing since you are not using the variables so it's impossible to know how this could be made clearer/shorter. Anyway use a loop to loop through the items, don't use indexes. What if there are only 19 items? Or more than 20? Also there is codereview.stackexchange.com which is more suited for this question. — Esko 58 secs ago
12:42 PM
@DerKommissar I know your pain. Hence the data file from hell for candidates to wrestle with.
At this point, I don't give a damn what someone says in an interview or on their CV, I want to see what they can actually do.
@Kaz Same. Fortunately the two folks we brought in are reasonably qualified, so I'm able to pass some minor stuff off to them
1:05 PM
Q: Converting this simple drawing app to functional programming

rafaelcastrocoutoI've written a simple app that draws with a kaleidoscope effect, now I want to make it as "functional" as possible, maybe using ramda or any other functional library. Could someone please write a "converted" code and explain the steps of it's development and what's the mindset that this process ...

SO is for when you're stuck and need help to solve a programming issue. "Which way is quickest" isn't really an issue until you have something that is too slow. IMHO, you should start by doing a bunch of research and attempts. If you're unable to create the array, come back, show us what you've tried and we can help. If you are able to create the array, go to Code Review and ask if there's a better (or "quicker") way. Currently, this question is actually more: "I want this. Gimme code". — Magnus Eriksson 1 min ago
It's always 3 steps, but there are ways to make the steps more efficient by using HashSets. Why not show how you're currently doing it. Note: since you're looking for a "better" way this might be a better question on codereview.stackexchange.comjuharr 56 secs ago
codereview.stackexchange.com is probably a better place for this sort of question — Sam Mason 40 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because codereview.stackexchange.com is probably a better place for this sort of question — Sam Mason 32 secs ago
1:22 PM
2:00 PM
Ok, thank your for patience and pedagogy. I will try on CodeReview. But during this time, I have written a BigDate class, using System.Numerics.BigInteger : This is working correctly. Best regards. — maiagarbot 40 secs ago
@RMunroe Too crowded as well.
@DerKommissar That's usually the problem with new people, yes. Train them half a year and see whether it's fixed.
2:37 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because the post belongs on Code Review. — suspectus 5 secs ago
Q: Creating a backup of a website directory inside the Web Application Root directory in *nix

JohnDoeaIn *nix (CentOS), I have a Web Application Root on which I have a website directory. I would like to make an immediate backup of that website's directory by using the zip utility. Although I already use set -x and zipping is verbose (I'm not usre if due to set -x or zip default behavior) the tra...

3:11 PM
@CaptainObvious What's the objection to this one? (OP is asking as well as I)
(I don't really understand the code or the question, so I can buy the downvote, but I think a comment from someone who knows any languages without a # in the name would be useful)
You would get a better response if you post on Code Review. StackOverflow is not the best forum for your post. See this for more details: stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-asksuspectus 39 secs ago
@VisualMelon I think I see the reasoning for the DV, though to me it's neither DV nor UV worthy.
Q: code to find first day of given year with respect to Gregorian Calendar

someoneI want to know is it safe or accurate if I use following method to find first day of given year, using GCC with Code block int determinedaycode(int year) { int daycode; int d1, d2, d3; d1 = (year - 1.)/ 4.0; d2 = (year - 1.)/ 100.; d3 = (year - 1.)/ 400.; daycode = (year + d1 - d2 + d...

3:42 PM
Q: Trying to write better code of numerical euler method beginner

mazzetaTotal new in here! I made an Euler method code, in which you can plot different parameters, and see how this affects the method. It works, but I have the sensation that it's horribly coded, and I want to learn a better way to do it. First of all, I did a for loop to know the size of the variabl...

Maybe you should try this sort of question on CodeReview — RiggsFolly 42 secs ago
@suspectus Considering this code was ripped from GitHub and is not written/maintained by OP (he has no clue how it works), it's absolutely off-topic for Code Review. — Mast 37 secs ago
3:59 PM
@CaptainObvious Another bad referral from SO.
Does anyone know if you can get a data dump of meta.CR posts + metadata? I want to build a graph of how everything links together, so mostly just want a list of all the https? links in a post.
@Peilonrayz @DerKommissar Obligatory ping
@Mast Ah shoot, I forgot they had a SEDE like site.
Yes, SESE I think.
something something Github
No longer collecting data though
Going to sunset it soon
4:05 PM
Vinder was doing a lot of meta-data things too, right? So may want to peruse that too just to be complete.
Yeah, that's sunset as well lol
Hmm, I'm not sure I can do what I want with it. May have to learn how to use regexes or some magic in SQL and use SEDE :/
You can use the API too
Is there an endpoint for posts?
I can see sites and stuff, but I think I may just be blind
4:14 PM
Ah, ok I think I may use StackAPI or something then. I forgot they expose an API too.
Q: LinkedList using Node Class in C++

Erdem TunaI implemented Linked List data structure in C++ for practice purpose. The LinkedList.h uses Node.h as nodes. Creates and insert nodes dynamically to the list. I included function descriptions as comments just above the functions. I would like to receive comments and suggestions regarding the cod...

Of course Stack Exchange doesn't one-box tweets anymore ffs
^^^ My favorite part of setting up a new Linux server is the "sudo" warning, it's so innocent.
4:37 PM
It seems that there were no posts flagged as low quality nor any late answers yesterday
Q: I wrote a Python script that helps people make better choices. Should I store the inputs in variables, lists or dictionaries?

Leo RapiniThis is a "Help me make a choice" script where the user can input two options and then, based on the (3) reasons why they are good options, and the reasons' weight the script will tell you which option you should choose. This is my first Python script based on an idea I had and I'd like to know ...

@CaptainObvious can you ask your python script?
5:00 PM
Thanks @Vogel612
Q: Custom function to code for matrix multiplication of two matrices

Naggaraju Yellala*Can somebody help in building custom function to code for matrix multiplication of two matrices. For example given two matrices A & B. Multiplication should be done only when there is (2,3),(3,2) but not (2,3),(2,3) right? should throw error if this kind of matrix is given. I have tried...

Q: Vectorization error in R while creating sparse matrix

user207017i am trying to vectorize this function in r to compute a sparse matrix but I have been faced with this error invalid 'type' (list) of argument, what am i doing wrong? P.S: I don't want to use forloop This is a dataset to test fam <- structure(list(ID = c(1L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 6L, 5L, 7L), dad = c(0L...

Q: Generate music notes by specified key and scale

dfhwzeAs a follow-up on isosceles' question, I have created a small API to generate the notes of a scale given the pitch class set and key note. Description A pitch class set describes a collection of pitch classes in steps relative to the reference note, which has pitch set class 0 and corre...

5:12 PM
@VisualMelon pleasure. After 20 comments the site automaticaly suggests (and allows "mortal users") to move to chat
@Vogel612 Are you suggesting mods are immortal?
diamonds are forever, soo ... yes?
They aren't useful as long as there's no person behind the account, though.
ahhh, you were asking about the meatbag piloting this diamond... well that's a bit of a different matter.
Did the ``` codeblock bug get fixed?
Ah no, not yet :/
5:19 PM
there was a bug around those?
Please check Which site? for general issues. You have no demonstrated problem; you seem to be asking for a design and code review. These are out of scope for Stack Overflow, but well within for CodeReview. — Prune 55 secs ago
Yeah, where it keeps the ``` in the code, whilst closing the codeblock
5:40 PM
Q: blocking requests within express

shorif2000Is this the correct way to prevent blocking requests in express. app.js app.use("/", indexRouter); app.use(function(req, res, next) { next(createError(404)); }); app.use(function(err, req, res, next) { res.locals.message = err.message; res.locals.error = req.app.get("env") === "developm...

If the code works, you might consider posting at Code Review. — Johnny Mopp 50 secs ago
6:01 PM
@dfhwze yes it does.
6:17 PM
@pacmaninbw It didn't show up in my re-open queue, I had to manually click that button below the question even though there was already 1 vote to reopen :s
Q: Docker-compose script for starting a gitlab-runner

user4757074Here is a docker-compose script that starts a gitlab test runner with a docker executor. After putting both files in the same directory and putting your token in the docker-compose script, you can use it with docker-compose up. Docker-compose script version: "3" services: docker: image: ...

6:37 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because Code Review is more appropriate. — hatchet 23 secs ago
Q: I have completed a beginner coding challenge, but I feel like my code is unnecessarily complicated

relativity_faceI am just starting to learn programming. I had already coded some functions and stuff in other languages, and whilst trying to complete this Python challenge https://i.imgur.com/v2uckYQ.png I switched over to Java. I initially wanted to start learning Python, but the company I just started an ...

6:58 PM
Q: Document distance in python

ReignI wrote a document distance code. It seems working but I couldnt be sure. (I tried for the small strings and it seems working) Also I am not sure that its fast enough for large texts. from math import sqrt from string import ascii_lowercase alphanumerics = ascii_lowercase + "0123456789" file1 ...

Q: C++ Programming

sam rockMy Question is listed below: Use C++ to implement: School Method for Integer Addition Must be Karatsuba Algorithm for Integer Multiplication Integer Division all codes should contain in one file Three functions must be contained!!!! Tips:This program takes one line as input. The input line...

Please specify your question. Is there anything you're having difficulty implementing? Or you just want others to see your code? The later one should probably go to codereview.stackexchange.comAmarth Gûl 56 secs ago
7:18 PM
Q: Class method to build SQL query

ChrisI have written the following php class method to traverse an array and build a query from the array. The data of this array looks like: 0 => [ 'key1' => 'value', 'key1' => 'value', 'key3 => 'value' ], 1 => [ 'key1' => 'value', 'key1' => 'value', 'key3 => 'value' ] The ...

@CaptainObvious It's Java, what did you think would happen?
@DerKommissar It's especially fun on systems you just set-up yourself.
Me just lectured myself not to interfere with my business and be careful with the system.
Yes I had a very stern talk with me, I was very understanding.
7:38 PM
Q: C++ program runs over and over and wont complete

Ty DorisSo my program should calculate the average, max, min and sum of data entered. it compiles runs and I can enter data no problem but it wont stop asking for data and wont give me my desired output. I can not find my error and help of any kind is appreciated. #include <iostream> using namespace std...

Welcome to stack overflow! While this is not explicitly off-topic, Stack overflow is generally for specific issues with non-working code. For working code that you want to improve, you might also try Code ReviewG. Anderson 16 secs ago
8:18 PM
@Taylor Yeah, after reading the spec you're right and I'll edit shortly. That said, given the requirements I'm a bit confused now given the state of the question which is hindering further development of this answer--are you looking for an alternative to what you have, or a code review addressing your existing solution? — Andrey Akhmetov 57 secs ago
Thanks for your answer :). I'm not looking for a code review actually. Just wondering if it's possible. I included the code to make the question more concrete. — Taylor 45 secs ago
@Duga Two fish are talking to each other when they hit a concrete wall. Says one to the other: "Dam"
~cues sad trombone sound
8:37 PM
@Mast Sounds like an updog.
8:54 PM
@DerKommissar Happy birthday!
Yeah, I'm a stalker. Was looking around on LinkedIn.
It popped something into my feed :D
Q: Zombie killers ranking

IEatBagelsCode Review has a Zombie Problem and, in comparison to The Walking Dead TV Show, our survival doesn't depend on killing them all day every day. As a potential solution, I though it would be interesting to setup a friendly zombie killing competition (this wasn't talked about in meta yet), but in ...

@DerKommissar You don't sound very happy :(
Quarter-century old now...
well, it's just a minor bit older than me, soo ...
9:07 PM
It just feels so old
That's 1300 weeks
I was told today that someone I know went to the same school as I did...
they were in fifth grade when I was in tenth.
That made me feel weirdly old
Had someone (22 yo) say "oh I was a freshman when you graduated" last week...that hurt.
it's so stupid, "you're going to be 30 soon" is jumping around in your head tauntingly
and you know that it's not that big of a deal, but it kinda eats at you anyways.
I keep recounting events through my life (as one does), I've had 7 people who graduated in my year at my school, or within 2 years before me at my school (125 people total there) die within the last 3 years...that's a lot...makes one think.
See I didn't keep track of the people that graduated with me...
9:10 PM
5% of my classmates have died within the last 3 years...
because I didn't get along with them even remotely well..
I didn't either but many of my friends tell me when these things happen.
but I'm pretty sure that a colleague of mine from vocational education recently crossed into the last quarter of his thirties
"So-and-so died." "Damn...I went to his sister's funeral my freshman year of high school."
@DerKommissar I was on a school out of town. Not much friend overlap, for better or worse
9:13 PM
@Vogel612 I lived in the country, whole county had 1500 people...
(A county is like 22mi by 22mi here, so 1200km^2ish?)
that's like... larger than Germany on a whole?!
owait... nvm I messed up the squaring
35km by 35km lol
@DerKommissar That's IMO a shockingly large amount :O
9:14 PM
I'm pretty sure that'd be four or five distrcits around here
@Peilonrayz Innit? For only being "graduated" for 9 years.
@Vogel612 Yeah, that's why I put the scale lol
considering that my "suburb" (part of town) is about 5-7sqmi and about 10k people live there....
Saying "county" doesn't mean much, but once you realize that in my area that's 20mi+ by 20mi+, now it's pretty big.
@Vogel612 Yeah, 3 counties east of me that is the case.
I keep finding gray hairs on my head too...making me feel much older.
ah, those I haven't found yet
I have a Maybe<GreyHair>
It's on my wrist, of all places. I can't tell if it's white or blonde.
9:17 PM
I have a lot of salt in this pepper.
But, it be like that sometimes.
Check out code review, it's targeted towards optimization problems like this — C.Nivs 30 secs ago
@Vogel612 Lucker, my first was when I was 15 :(
well, it's going to come and some people like grey hair
I'm looking older than I am without it, but that won't be the case for much longer.
@Vogel612 I don't worry about it--it's out of my control.
I just want a consistent color
None of this mix-and-match crap.
Just, like, commit...you know?
9:21 PM
Hahaha, that's too true
@DerKommissar You could pretend you got a grab bag :)
I hate grab bags
I just want one uniform color
Or mostly uniform
You'll be there in 5-10 years, I'd guess. The more you fret about it, the faster it'll go.
Although it might make it seem longer...
Maybe. My mom grayed before 30, my dad grayed in his 50's, I'm guessing I'll be somewhere in-between.
Anyway, good luck with it :)
9:24 PM
Aug 8 '18 at 15:56, by 202_accepted
@Vogel612 They make alcohol for that.
Alternately, you could shave it all off.
That's what most of the guys at my work did because of that (and balding) :)
And I just shave it anyway, because I'm cheap and lazy.
So we all fit in :)
Thought about it
I'd look dumb without hair though
Some people can pull it off
I am not those people.
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ What an intelligent person
Oh wait, that's me
10:15 PM
Q: Golang - Goroutines: Validating transactions with different providers

Jose AntonioI am learning Go although my relevant work experience is with Java. The project is here but I am going to copy the relevant code here. Project I am developing a simple project to validate transactions from different suppliers (Itunes, Google, Stripe, etc) using goroutines. ITransaction.go Con...

10:35 PM
Q: Most idiomatic way of declaring a deck in Rust

DavicheteI'm new at Rust and I'm trying to implement a cards' deck on Rust, I'm trying to use most idiomatic code I can, but since I'm new at this language, I'd like to hear advice from more experienced programmers. There's my code. (P.D: Thanks in advance! :>) use std::fmt; use rand::seq::SliceRandom; ...

11:03 PM
11:38 PM
If there's a Stack Exchange site that's appropriate at all, I'd say codereview.stackexchange.com would work. Note that they expect you to have a complete, working example, and you still may or may not be able to get the kind of detailed overview of options that you might be hoping for. It's worth keeping in mind that just because you have a question, doesn't mean that there is in fact an appropriate Internet forum, never mind Stack Exchange site, where the question is on-topic. — Peter Duniho 31 secs ago
11:53 PM
Q: MongoDB BulkWrite - create or update a sub document within an array

Matt CarlottaI have a series of Events (roughly 10-20 events that will be dynamically created per month): Event Model: import { Schema, model } from "mongoose"; const eventSchema = new Schema({ callTimes: { type: Array, of: Date, required: true }, eventDate: { type: Date, required: true }, employeeR...


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