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I believe that the question belongs here: codereview.stackexchange.comdyukha 57 secs ago
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@Vogel612 So I'm doing some JavaFX...
...and it's going relatively well.
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Feel free to look at my code here codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/221191. It’s not too difficult to implement the accepted answer to get a really nice way of making the hangman game. — Andrew Allen 58 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by John Paul Coder on question by John Paul Coder: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/226383/revisions
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@Duga rolled back by dfh
Q: PHP display Error Wanings Yellow @ bottom of Page with PHP_EOL

Ryan StoneI initially started searching for a php script which would output php errors, to the javascript console. As the Default behavious is just to spit them out anywhere and displace everything else. Although that was not successful, this is the code I have put together so far, can anyone please revie...

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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this belongs to codereview.stackexchange.comChris 29 secs ago
This would be better posted on a code review page — Stultuske 36 secs ago
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Q: Plus One LinkedList

user2761431 Given a non-empty array of digits representing a non-negative integer, plus one to the integer. The digits are stored such that the most significant digit is at the head of the list, and each element in the array contain a single digit. You may assume the integer does not conta...

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Q: What are the options in java to split string and remove not needed chars?

lczapskiI have to pars strings as one below: String input = "{\"1\",\"2\",\"3\"}"; As an output I want to have an array of string with only numbers, something like that: String[] output = new String[]{"1","2","3"}; My current working solution is: String[] output = input.replaceAll("\\{|\\}|\"", ""...

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Q: Get key and its value from a string "Key:Value;Key:Value;Key:Value" in C++

Brother WeiI provide a method as follow, How about your ideas? Would you share your ideas with me? Would you give me some recommendations in my code? live demo on coliru #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <vector> #include <map> using namespace std; The function spli...

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This can actually be a good, interesting question if you where not looking for an off-site resource - as Jon wrote, this is off-topic to stackoverflow, and anyway, that's what search engines are for. If you want to ask for ways to improve your current implementation - if it's working as expected, than post a question on CodeReview. If it has specific bugs, ask for help with these bugs here. — Zohar Peled 47 secs ago
Just a suggestion: Post this to codereview.stackexchange.com. Apart from the issue you're having, there are a bunch of things to fix and/or improve. Consider for example using zero, a negative number or nothing at all as input for the size in the constructor. Think about what it causes there and also what it causes to happen inside the destructor. — Ulrich Eckhardt 10 secs ago
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If I were you I would post this at codereview.stackexchange.comMark_Ed 52 secs ago
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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because questions about how to improve working code belong on codereview.stackexchange.comQuentin 25 secs ago
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@Quentin Please don't close questions because of the existence of another site that may be able to answer the posted question. Given that you have pretty much no rep on Code Review, I don't think you're an authority on what is or is not on-topic there. Please don't close questions on Stack Overflow because you think, but don't know, it's on-topic for another site. — Peilonrayz 14 secs ago
Q: Shorten a list and if statement

TheGinxx009I have 2 List Namely _expectedNeeds and unexpectedNeeds now my code is like this if (parameter == "Education") { _expectedNeeds[0].SelectionCounter = 1; _expectedNeeds[0].IsSelectedSelection = true; } ...

Q: Javascript calculation function

IsabellaI use this function to to do some calculations based on 4 select inputs and one number input, I dont have experience in Js, I did some research in w3schools then I ended up with the function bellow. The Js function is working exactly as I want, but I feel it is not the perfect syntax and it could...

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Pretty sure there's nothing for Jenkins itself, but what you probably want to do is have N-eyes on the code, not the Jenkins job. Consider code review/pull request with required reviewers. Alternatively, you could have a pipeline with manual approvals steps. — Ian W 44 secs ago
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I've posted an answer to this meta, please check:
Q: "Please refactor my code" requests

Toby SpeightWe have a consensus view that questions asking for re-writes of code are off-topic, but we still get a lot of these. Some examples: Making this Pygame code object-oriented Refactor Linq Expression Simple code refactoring in javascript Others can be easily found, e.g. with a search. Could we...

@t3chb0t disagrees with me it seems, but what else is new?
@SimonForsberg haha, is it my fault that your point of view is always the wrong one?
if it makes you happy then I agree with you that I disagree with your answer
@t3chb0t always and wrong are very strong words. Be careful with those.
sure, because your warning means anything to me...
@SimonForsberg Ah, the answer I was hoping to see!
@t3chb0t Are you mocking me?
10:58 AM
why do you want to know?
@t3chb0t Because you seem disrespectful. All I did was point out that we disagreed, and I'm suggesting something to you, and then it feels like you do not listen to me and therefore do not respect me.
@SimonForsberg and would you say this , but what else is new? was respectful? you started this and now you're complaining about not being respected. you're also saying that I always do something so don't teach me about strong words when you yourself are using them towards me.
Q: Determine many kinds of values

user204879I'm having a function that get a token and validate it with JwtSecurityTokenHandler I am exctracting the values like: var jwtToken = tokenHandler.ReadToken(decryptTokenString) as JwtSecurityToken; var ifExpiredToken = jwtToken.Claims.First(claim => claim.Type == "expiredDate").Value...

@t3chb0t That wasn't meant to be disrespectful, that was just as a sign that this is not the first time we've disagreed. If you considered it disrespectful, I apologize.
@SimonForsberg Agreed. Like all things: they're situational.
Shoot, we even allow broken code in very limited circumstances.
11:19 AM
soo ... I've just woken up and I'm not in the mood for crap like this...
@SimonForsberg you didn't do anything wrong in this exchange
@t3chb0t get your agressive combativeness under control, please
@SimonForsberg are you saying it is wrong to disagree with you? at least you won't wonder next time.
@Vogel612 whatever
no, not whatever.
I'm saying that your current behaviour is skirting the lines of acceptable conduct. You're making bad blood where there was none.
you're free to disagree with people, but you do it with a modicum of respect and assuming they also respect your opinion unless proven otherwise. Have I made myself clear?
@DerKommissar define "relatively"?
have you gotten to dealing with the mess that is Observables in Java yet?
Well, I'm not dead yet, and my software works. ;)
"native" event support makes C# a million times more relaxed around observing stuff
I haven't used observable yet, so I'll cross that bridge when I come to it lol
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possible answer invalidation by dfhwze on question by TheGinxx009: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/226481/revisions
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If you want your code to be reviewed, you should include it in your post and post on the Code Review Stack Exchange site — Benoît 37 secs ago
12:37 PM
"Is there a free library/class working with big dates" - You're asking us to help you find a code library - which is not a bad question but it is off-topic to stackoverflow. Asking how to do a specific task is on-topic. Asking for debugging help is also on-topic. Asking for improvements of a working code is more suited to CodeReview. — Zohar Peled 50 secs ago
@bballdave025 Access specifiers are not a security feature. In a professional environment you have code review, and the team can decide when they really want to touch what was private. The advantage of not using some obfuscation technique is that third party users don't need to modify upstream code. — Marcin 11 secs ago
Q: Correct, Conveniente and Performant Thread-safe Number Generator

TrauerI need to generate a lot of pseudo-random numbers in my software. I'm trying to create a elegant (syntax-wise) and performant class that would allow me to generate such numbers and perform other random-related stuff (like shuffling an array). I decided to "cache" a generator for each thread and e...

I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs to Code Review. — desertnaut 1 min ago
You are better off on code review stackexchange with this question - SO is for issues, not code optimization. That said, getRange() and getValue() are I/O methods and thus the slowest, therefore you need to avoid putting them into loops. Batch getters like getValues() will allow you to work on an Array of values directly (as you need to check CellValue) and save you a bunch of runtime — Oleg Valter 9 secs ago
1:06 PM
Q: NRPE script for monitoring cpu usage

David MoslerThis script uses information from /proc/stat for counting current cpu usage. More precisely, it counts with these lines: user nice system idle iowait irq softirq steal guest guest_nice cpu 19955147 137056 4371909 2272109978 319877 0 141535 0 0 0 cpu0 10069...

It's very important when asking a question here that it be answerable. For this question to be answerable we would need more than a vague explanation of your code. The code itself would be best. Since it sounds like your code is working, albeit slowly, this may be a better question to take over to codereview.stackexchange.comJNevill 27 secs ago
1:26 PM
Q: Taking out number of subarrays from an array which contains all the distinct elements of that array

Swarnim KhoslaI am a beginner in C. My teacher gave me a homework problem in which a user would provide an array with its size. What we have to do is:- 1) Take out all the distinct elements from that array. 2) Compare all the subarrays which are possible in the main array with the "distinct array"....

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This appears to be full, working code that is looking to be optimized; it should be moved to code review. — Cyril 34 secs ago
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sigh Despite my best efforts, my boss has found another company he wants to buy. There goes another 3 months of my life.
did you interview any folks for that data analyst position yet?
maybe you can offload some work to the new hire
Is edit #5 here enough for this question to be reopened? codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/225700/revisions @pacmaninbw @crap-the-other-close-voters-are-not-here-in-chat
Hi @Kaz, good to see you
2:25 PM
Q: Number Guessing Game in Java

Dexter ThornThis is my implementation of the famous Number Guessing Game. It is not object oriented, but the goal was to create a simple to read, procedural program. Have I accomplished this goal? import java.util.Random; import java.util.Scanner; class Main { private static int lowerRange = 1; private...

2:45 PM
Q: Spring restful Api

Jahongir  SabirovI was working on REST API in spring.The format which I'm getting in request is xml. Long time I consider how to get request from class Object(for xml) or from String. When I wanted to generate class object it was complicated to name field exactly as xml's tag name. To avoid from this I made reque...

@Kaz One of my clients just did that again.
Meg Risdal on August 20, 2019

Delivering improved, private feedback to post authors

Not putting users who curate content on the spot

Giving actionable, understandable information for the vast majority of public viewers

Better distinguishing the “Answer” and “Comment” actions (due to a high volume of helpful “Not an answer” flags indicating problems with the interface).

Ways to reduce the number of unhelpful comments that are likely to get removed in the first place.

Upfront guidance for first-time question-askers

Setting expectations for what happens after asking a question …

3:05 PM
Q: 1D peak algorithm ( correct implamentation)

Reignarray_values = [[0], [0,0], [1,2], [3,1,2], [1,2,3], [4,6,2,1], [8,9,0,2,1]] def peakfinder(array): if len(array) == 0: print("You entered an empty error !!") raise ValueError if len(array) == 1: return array[0] if len(array) == 2: return max(array) ...

3:21 PM
@Feeds IMO the best blog post for a while, not sure I agree with the entire direction they're going but looks like SO's getting some nice stuff.
Q: JS deep merging object, removing empty keys

YconI've written a helper for combining objects (deep merge). It works, and is flexible to add options (like uniq and replace). Replace should replaces the any matching properties on the object (but spread in any existing properties). The code below works, but I believe it could be optimized parti...

3:46 PM
@GiacomoAlzetta, I don't agree with you that the line length limit is "bogus". Did you actually read PEP-8? They provide good reasons to obey this rule, which are still valid in 2019. For exampe: "Limiting the required editor window width makes it possible to have several files open side-by-side, and works well when using code review tools that present the two versions in adjacent columns." I do agree with you that a 2-line if is fine. Trying to put everything on one line is bogus, IMHO ;-) — wovano 35 secs ago
4:25 PM
Q: Inserting elements of linked list from console

PeterFor my assignment, I have to do this: Write a program that implements a singly linked list which elements have one integer and contains next functions: Element *delete_values(Element *head, int value) deletes every element from the list that has that value Element *delete_position(Element *hea...

4:44 PM
Q: Duplicate File Finder in python

bluedragonI just started learning python yesterday, I have prior experience of C++. So I think I am able to get most of it pretty fast. I wrote a duplicate file finder for testing and practicing. Can you guys look on this and give me some opinion if I am doing this right. import argparse import os import ...

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@t3chb0t Cool down. Now.
I will not accept such in The 2nd.
@Mast Please don't start this up again.
I'm not starting anything up. I'm stepping in as Room Owner telling to cease and desist. Don't worry @Peilonrayz
Q: Firebase web phone number auth not working

Osuji KingsleyI went through the guide on Easily add sign-in to your Web app with FirebaseUI and i have this as my code for some reason nothing seems to happen. When i refresh the page, i am hoping to see the ui but just the markup shows up. <script src="https://www.gstatic.com/firebasejs/6.4.0/firebase-app.js"

Q: F# XML Generation in .NET Core: XmlSerializer or XmlProvider

Ehouarn PerretI am working on SEPA XML generator in F#. I developed two solutions that are roughly equivalent, one relies on the XmlSerializer while the other relies on XmlProvider, I am wondering what is the most idiomatic one? Using the XmlSerializer: module SepaConversion.SepaXmlA open System open Syste...

Q: Format and return a string from a function in C

Sedmaister Write a function that will format a string and return it A fixed length of string is malloc-ed. snprintf is used to format the string and then the buffer is returned. const char *format_string(void) { char *buf = malloc(128); snprintf(buf, 128, "%s/%d/%s/path", "here", 69, "is the")...

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Everything seems chill
Anyway, isn't it a bit distracting that feeds are posted as messages? But who am I to say otherwise.
@M.A.R. Some think so. You can always mute the user, though.
But when you can change the default . . .
Yeah :(
Although, the ticker gets annoying too.
@23fc9a62-56de-47fb-97b4-737890 Sure, but it's probably be more interesting if new meta posts, bountied posts or HNQ posts are posted as messages instead
Especially considering it's easily achievable with /newest
@M.A.R. Nah, if anything it makes keeping the site clean easier.
When I got little to do in the morning (happens less and less often), I can scroll back and see what was new last night. Chronologically.
5:20 PM
You could also end up questioning why it would be necessary in the first place, if folks don't spend too much time in chat for it to be distracting from the main thing
@Mast But /newest can achieve that too, no?
@M.A.R. Actually, it's not too much.
If there's a lot of talk, it's rare enough to see new posts.
Now you can see in one glance whether it's a lot or not, if anything else happened, if anyone responded to anything yet, etc.
If there's only a little bit of talk in spurts, it's not interrupting anything.
5:21 PM
I mean, I also chat in M&TV and they get fewer questions but when it interrupts discussion it's hella annoying, and they don't listen to me obviously. Either way, it's your chat, you're free to do as you please
@23fc9a62-56de-47fb-97b4-737890 Even if there's a lot of talk, the messages are batched anyway.
@M.A.R. Thank you. What brings you to our chat anyway?
Don't think I've seen you around much, unless you recently changed names.
The flag, I just came to see if a bomb needed defusing
Ah, right. Thanks again then.
\o Night
@M.A.R. G'night, feel free to come back any time, with or without code.
5:51 PM
If you have a working code and look for suggestions for improvement, I suggest you to repost your question to: codereview.stackexchange.com . — Xiaoy312 13 secs ago
6:04 PM
Q: A Simplistic Finite State Machine Table Generator

Francis CuglerI have designed a compile time Finite State Machine generator. I have chosen to use some of the features of C++17 such as parameter pack expansion, fold expressions and lambdas to keep the complexity of this class structure and its hierarchy as simple and readable as possible. It is currently i...

Q: CSRF script in Php

Ryan StoneA short script to Make a CSRF token to be used in my html elements such as scripts, iframes & svgs. <?php session_start(); if (NULL || empty($_SESSION['csrf_token'])){ // Cross Site Request Forgery ::(Token.). $_SESSION['csrf_token'] = bin2...

6:44 PM
Q: What pattern can I use to write CRUD functionality?

GefestI am writing a console application. CRUD functionality.I would like to try to apply the pattern. Is it possible to apply a "state" pattern? In the AddCustomer () method at the end, the call to the InputMenu () method, I do not think that this is correct. I would like to remake the "InputMenu", is...

Q: OrdinalIgnoreCase helper

Dmitry NoginCould be useful? OrdinalIgnoreCase s1 = "a"; OrdinalIgnoreCase s2 = "A"; Assert.AreEqual(s1, s2); Where: public class OrdinalIgnoreCase : IEquatable<OrdinalIgnoreCase> { public static StringComparer Comparer { get; } = StringComparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase; public static implicit operator...

7:23 PM
Q: C# Console Application better or more efficient way to validate inputs

doctorWeirdI have this code that asks the user for inputs and validates the inputs if they are Integers(no other inputs are allowed). I'd like to ask for some help in terms of elegance of the code or performance, or just the overall code. Also, I have found myself repeating this lines of code Console.W...

@CaptainObvious This feels very generic...
The problem is that the person can't see how to make it generic (I'm not wholly convinced they wrote the code, TBH)
8:03 PM
Q: Treeview (react.js)

NestorToday after watching a getting started course about React I tried to code my very first React component, a treeview as title says. It does work, but as a newbie I know there are many improvement that can be done. It receive a data array like the one below: [{ descp: 'UNE', url: '/tree/...

Q: Adding more functionality to tkinter for projects (Revised)

hunter.loganAfter taking advice from Reinderien, I have completely rewritten the code for my Window() subclass. Features: settings-file interaction for persistent application settings fullscreen functionality using F11, can be persistent or defaulted removes the need for multiple root.configure() statemen...

May I suggest you post this code on Code Review as that site deals with improving working code. — Theo 41 secs ago
@VisualMelon then it's a good thing I didn't give any big spoiler to make it generic :p
8:27 PM
8:42 PM
Q: how to reduce number of maps and filter

shorif2000i have the following json object const file = [ { "seatNumber": "1A", "price": "£19.99", "available": true, "disabilityAccessible": true }, { "seatNumber": "2A", "price": "£19.99", "available": false, "disabilityAccessible": false }, { "seatNumbe...

9:14 PM
If you have working code and looking for improvements to it, then CodeReview SE might be better place. — Yksisarvinen 53 secs ago
If your code works correctly but needs improvement, then codereview.stackexchange.com is a better place to ask such questions. — R Sahu 28 secs ago
9:53 PM
@dfhwze Oh, now I understand your reply! I was referring to the fact that he is generally widely recognise on SE - since he is the only person to have ever had more rep than Jon Skeet - and so usually people refer to him by name. I thought perhaps you hadn't heard of him!
Q: Prometheus exporter for custom scripts (Golang)

Felipe SilveiraThis is my first project using Go to study, I've built a simple utility to export output of commands or other scripts in the Prometheus metrics format. The utility basically get's the output of a command or from a script and stores it into a map, which I'll later use to re-format the output to t...

Q: LeetCode: Pascal's Triangle C#

Giladhttps://leetcode.com/explore/interview/card/top-interview-questions-easy/99/others/601/ In Pascal's triangle, each number is the sum of the two numbers directly above it. Example: Input: 5 Output: [ [1], [1,1], [1,2,1], [1,3,3,1], [1,4,6,4,1] ] Please review for performance....

10:39 PM
@LeoRapini Try creating an account on codereview.stackexchange.com and asking there. Just make sure to review their guidelines carefully and you'll have an excellent experience there. — JL2210 47 secs ago
11:01 PM
Q: Container of data structure: a better solution to an interview task

QwertypalA shipping company has a warehouse of Containers. Basically, a Container is a data structure with the following fields: price commercial campaign id a list of possible shipment countries (empty list allows all counties) internal id The task is to implement a function taking the following para...

@Duga wow that is quite the claim...
11:14 PM
I believe this question would be more suitable at Code Reviewvictortv 31 secs ago
How does your existing code look like? If it is working but you are looking into improving it, Code Review stack exchange may be a better place to ask. — Selcuk 44 secs ago

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