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RELOAD! There are 6099 unanswered questions (89.8715% answered)
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Welcome to SO! Please take the tour and read How to Ask! If you want to improve code, SO is wrong place and you should go to [codereview]. This question will be moved there! — ComputerVersteher 56 secs ago
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Q: How to skip blank columns in copy paste function?

otnaisenadI am incredibly new to VBA and have inefficiently coded a macro to save a lot of tedious effort but would like to make it more efficient. The code copies and pastes a range of cells to another sheet, re-calculates, copies the solution and pastes it. It then repeats this for the next column over (...

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Seems like you copied the question to CodeReview yourself ! Avoid that, and wait for moderator decision, because my advice for move may be wrong. But at least link the questions as they are connected. — ComputerVersteher 46 secs ago
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@pacmaninbw Nowadays they call everything an intelligence...
I feel like I missed a definition change somewhere.
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Q: using if else vs helper function

Jhon DI’ve two type of working code, 1. use defaults 2. use from config Following is two different implementation (which doing exactly the same) which works! which is cleaner to use it golang and why? first option : package main import ( "fmt" "strings" ) func main() { fmt.Prin...

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@Mast You didn't miss a definition change, people that don't know what AI is will use the wrong terminology. This was obviously a beginner.
@pacmaninbw Plenty of books seem to do it wrong too, so it must be the uneducated educating the uneducated.
@Zeta Figured it out by the way.
Where Regelaars is the tab where all the hardcoded data is now hiding.
Currently looks like this, but it's going to need more data eventually.
Type	Power	Manufacturer	Part	Size
Freq	1,1	X              FC-101P1K1	A2
Freq	1,5	X              FC-102P1K5	A2
Slightly anonimized.
Oh, and it's an array function, so don't forget to Ctrl+Shift+Enter instead of just Enter when done inserting.
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Q: Combining two queries in one

Gene Adrian San LuisWhat I want is getting all names (first, middle, last) of the users along with each of their total hours of work which will be calculated by the SQL statement: CAST(SUM(timediff(dateTimeOut,dateTimeIn) as time). I was able to achieve this with two queries, but somehow, I feel that this is ineffi...

I think this would be a better fit on Code Review. — phg 17 secs ago
@Mast "In the country of the blind the one eyed man is king."
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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs to codereview.stackexchange.comToto 50 secs ago
Q: Rotate matrix clockWise and counter clockWise

Giladthis code is a mix of the same question one time rotating to the right and one time to the left. I tried to simplify the code since I struggle with all of the indexing here. https://leetcode.com/problems/rotate-image/ https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/rotate-matrix-90-degree-without-using-extra-spa...

Q: Feedback on my implementation of the Jacobi Symbol

3nondaturI am new to C programming and wrote the following algorithm for the calculation of the Jacobi Symbol. Though there are some faster versions of this algorithm available I am only looking for some feedback on my coding style. I should mention that I was taught to ONLY USE ONE return statement in fu...

12:35 PM
Q: First attempt at making linkedlist in c

swingBorisI started learning c and wanted to challenge myself by making a linked list. I am stil new to the concept of pointers and pointers to pointers, so there might be something in my code that I could have done differently, but hey, I'm still learning. I would like to hear any advice or tips so I can ...

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Q: github page/ DHH Score Challenge in ruby

PraneethaI wrote the following code which when executed prints the score of https://github.com/dhh. require 'typhoeus' require 'json' class DHHScoreChallenge def getData req = Typhoeus.get("https://api.github.com/users/dhh/events/public") body = req.body json_body = JSON.par...

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possible answer invalidation by Gene Adrian San Luis on question by Gene Adrian San Luis: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/222392/revisions
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@Duga Image to text conversion.
As I mentioned in my other post you helped me with yesterday, I'm pretty new to angular and after a quick code review this morning with a fresh mind, I realize where I'm going wrong. I'm referencing different instances of my file component that I initialized in code. What you helped me do yesterday was to reinitialize them in HTML with the directive. So this leads to a totally new, but still on topic question. Is there a way to reference the collection of file component instances that is spun up from the *ngFor inside the HTML piece of the file upload component from its code file? — Blair Holmes 10 secs ago
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Sounds like a question that fits better on Code Review. — Chipster 37 secs ago
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Q: How is it possible to make the method faster?

Aleksey TimoshchenkoI am new in C++. I have already made all kinds of optimization that I know... But it is still not enough... I have this method: void FrameManager::LoadFrameData(char const *filename, const uint i_subIndex) { std::array<float, 3> IGNORE{}; high_resolution_clock::time_point t1 = high_resolution...

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Q: Spiral printing elements of a matrix

SuryaAs I'm learning elixir, I wrote some code for printing elements in the spiral of a matrix(2D array). I was wondering if there is any room for improvements with regards to its performance or refactoring of any kind. defmodule MatrixSpiralPrint do @moduledoc """ Solution to Spiral print of e...

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Q: Approaches to conditional logic

darcherI've generally used if..return methods to apply conditional logic and only really use the try..catch method when I need to handle exceptions. But lately I've found myself starting to use try..catch as a means to apply conditional logic in lieu of if..else and am wondering if this is generally fro...

Q: Can you help me with the bugs in my python3 game?

Robert D.So I tried to make a game where the computer chooses a random 4 digit number out of 10 given numbers. The computer then compares the guess of the user with the random chosen code, and will give feedback accordingly: G = correct digit that is correctly placed C = correct digit, but incorrectly p...

@CaptainObvious @dfhwze What was this missing, code or description?
3:35 PM
@Peilonrayz It had no description whatsoever.
@dfhwze Your first comment only talked about code, and is a C&P of the incorrect close reason if it lacks description.
Q: "unclear what you're asking" vs "Lacks concrete context"

t3chb0tAren't these two close reasons too similar? Since the Lacks concrete context exists I cannot remember using the unclear what you're asking anymore. unclear what you're asking Please clarify your specific problem or add additional details to highlight exactly what you need. As it's currentl...

If your code is working then you should post this code at Code ReviewJoakim Danielson 16 secs ago
@Peilonrayz @Peilonrayz I cannot see my comment, but I believe I copied the content of "Lacks concrete context". Am I correct?
@dfhwze You are correct. But it's the wrong reason - LCC is only about code. As my link above says.
@Peilonrayz Ok it makes sense now. I'll keep that in mind.
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If the code works, you should ask on CodeReview — roganjosh 59 secs ago
Q: What is the maximum that Player 1 can win?

User_TargaryenThis is a question that I encountered in one of the competitive coding tests. The question goes as follows: A 2-player game is being played. There is a single pile of stones. Every stone has an amount (positive) written on top of it. At every turn, a player can take the top 1 or 2 or 3 stones...

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Hi @iizxh66 If you'r looking for code review, you should post it to the codereview.stackexchange.com site instead. Hello and welcome to StackOverflow. Please take some time to read the help page, especially the sections named How to Ask. You might also want to learn about minimal reproducible example. — Oddmar Dam 12 secs ago
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@OddmarDam This could probably make a good Code Review question. However the advice of making a minimal reproducible example doesn't apply their. — Peilonrayz 17 secs ago
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Q: How i can make this code block Sign Up Serialization more simple?

PrefixEtI do a small project using the Django-rest-framework. Prompt the best practice style code below, which will make it more simple. class LoginSerializer(serializers.Serializer): phone = serializers.CharField() password = serializers.CharField() def validate(self, data): phone ...

5:35 PM
Q: Compact command line argument parser

766F6964So, I decided to write my own little command line argument parser for various other projects I work on. I am aware that there are many good command line parser libraries, but I did wrote my own anyway (practice & implementation specific reasons). The parser works fine, but I have a feeling that...

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possible answer invalidation by Morwenn on question by Morwenn: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/212693/revisions
@Duga Looks fine
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"Are constructors that take classes okay?" Absolutely, yes."Is this a bad application architecture?" We have no idea, you haven't given enough information. If there is no specific problem, though, then you'd probably be better off asking over at CodeReview. — Idle_Mind 27 secs ago
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Q: Optimizing the speed of the code using C++ instead of Python

ReignI wrote a code in the python and its like this import math import time from itertools import compress def prime_number(n): ''' Prime numbers up to n''' sieve = bytearray([True]) * (n//2+1) for i in range(1,int(n**0.5)//2+1): if sieve[i]: sieve[2*i*(i+1)::2*i+1] ...

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We got a duplicate from stack overflow: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/222422/…
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I'm going for Code review so, thank you ^^ — Soon Banned 49 secs ago
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Q: Looking for how I can add detection for my ConnectFour game in order to win

Flare 2001Hi im building a Connectfour game in java and everything works pretty smoothely but I have no idea how to add a way for the game to detect when someone wins after they connect 4 in a row. import java.util.Scanner; public class C4 { private static char board[][]; private static final int...

9:49 PM
@SoonBanned This question looks like it could be on-topic on Code Review - there is a Time Limit Exceeded tag there. You should follow the guidance in this post if you post there. Your question would look like a SO C&P, and people would moan at you to fix that. — Peilonrayz 32 secs ago
10:14 PM
Q: Can you make this go faster?

Soon BannedI'm working my python skills on exercices and my code take more than 1 second in some tests so I don't know what to change to make it work. The exercice is that first input is the number of altitudes, second is the number of turn and there is n input of altitudes then. The purpose is to determine...

10:34 PM
Q: Console Snake Game

All KnowerI am beginning to learn rust and I created this snake game for practice. I am looking for some feedback on my code. main.rs extern crate rand; extern crate crossterm; mod canvas; mod snake; use std::{thread, time}; use rand::Rng; use crossterm::{cursor, terminal, input, ClearType, RawScreen, ...

11:14 PM
Q: Database Structure

David WhiteTo keep in practice with good techniques of java programming, I've decided to write a database. All it does it store employees, allows users that are logged in to get/set employees, and has a login mechanism that prevents any methods from being used if you are not logged in. I'm looking for feedb...


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