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Q: Hangman, Python 3. How to print the blanks before a incorrect answer?

Anthony AnzaloneI need this to print the "_" before you guess a letter, currently it doesn't show until after the first guess Not really sure how I am supposed to do this. import random import string def print_guesses(guess_list, correct_answer): print_string = "" guess_list = guess_list.upper() ...

Q: Hack video game (xbox one)

user155327Hi can somebody please give me a format of how to hack into a game and give certain units somebody's paying me to hack their account.

@CaptainObvious HAMMERTIME!
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Q: linear search on array

anitstudentSo I've recently used this block of code where I check an array for the correct answer that was received from the browser and sent to the mobile device/application. It's a quiz app. private void setCorrectAnswer() { //iterates till it finds the string that is equal to qAnswer(Correct Answer)...

@Mast let me get out my parachute pants!
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"And to sneak in a third question, is this design even best practice?" This question is off topic for Stackoverflow. Question should be asked on codereview.stackexchange.com .. But Singleton database class should be a much better design because you reuse the class and so you reuse the MySQL connection. — Raymond Nijland 5 secs ago
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