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linq doesn't do it either
static IEnumerable<TResult> SelectIterator<TSource, TResult>(IEnumerable<TSource> source, Func<TSource, int, TResult> selector) {
    int index = -1;
    foreach (TSource element in source) {
        checked { index++; }
        yield return selector(element, index);
Yes it does.
But doesn't LINQ optimize multiple actions into a single need to create a new list? You create a new list at every action
@skiwi No, I only create one for each method call, and add items to it.
@t3chb0t Yep, that yield keyword does it.
@Hosch250 LINQ would start to out-perform yours pretty quickly
6:01 PM
Working code in need of review should be posted at Code ReviewJohnny Mopp 51 secs ago
Simply due to the fact that your extensions create a new List every single time
@Hosch250 Yes, but cannot LINQ make sure that as least new Lists are created as possible? Copying items over is a performance hit
whereas LINQ only does it once upon enumeration
@DanPantry Same for mine. Mine isn't lazy like Linq.
@Hosch250 did you test it? I think we'll only know if @EBrown runs a few benchmarks :)
6:02 PM
@Hosch250 That was my point. LINQ is lazily evaluated, so if you used .Where().Select on yours it would (probably) be slower than it would be if you used LINQ
it's not lazy, yield return makes it lazy
(Which would remove any benefit not using the yield state machine would have)
@DanPantry Slower for the first call, but faster in the long run.
It is basically an abstraction so I don't have to write that for loop every time I want to select items from a list.
@Hosch250 Hmm, I might be conflating memory consumption with performance here, but yours would definitely consume more memory eventually, and the effect would be exacerbated on larger lists
@Hosch250 how big are your lists?
6:04 PM
@t3chb0t Probably no more than 10-20 items.
ok, then you can never even measure it
But I do the same thing in RD's parser over several hundred items, and it sped it up by almost half.
I had hoped you'll say 20mln or so
@DanPantry But memory gets pretty close to equaling performance in something running in a VM...
Linq (and the yield keyword) is more expensive than you realize.
6:05 PM
possible answer invalidation by Kittoes0124 on question by Kittoes0124: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/151167/revisions
There is a reason you don't use it in compilers/parsers, and other performance-critical places.
I've never had any issues with link and if I have, I run a profiler and optimize the critical part
@Hosch250 That's because compilers always lag behind in features because they have been developed using older versions of the language
@Hosch250 Sure, it is, but you will consume more memory on larger lists using your approach
because compilers need to run fast, no body will ever notice if a collection of 20 items has been enumerated in 20microseconds or 22microseconds
6:06 PM
However, in a compiler, I'd agree that yeah, memory isn't really an issue
posted on December 29, 2016 by CommitStrip

If you're so worried about performance then ignore any type of LINQ functionality and just write down your full loop
@t3chb0t This is being used in the Roslyn compiler.
It is being triggered by an event, or something similar, whenever a certain node type is compiled.
@skiwi That's it. I abstracted my loop to make my code a little cleaner, so it looks like Linq, but acts like a normal loop.
@Hosch250 But it doesn't, because you're allocating a new list multiple times (assuming you use Where and Select on the same target), you should only create a new list once if you're so worried about performance
Oh, these aren't meant to be used chained.
6:09 PM
@Hosch250 you should name it StatelessSelect or FastSelect or SelectToList
Whatever you are doing I would make it very clear that it is not a LINQ extension method
If I need to use them chained, I'll make a SelectWhere.
Cus it looks like one
it won't be possible to use the other extension because this will have precedence, unless it's desired
6:10 PM
@Hosch250 Well, okay then, that's a major thing actually
@Hosch250 do you happen to have a link to this roslyn select? I look at github and could not find it
@DanPantry Can you imagine the result from a terrorist attack crashing this thing?
@t3chb0t That's because I haven't committed it yet.
@Hosch250 The media would be... droning on.... about it for weeks
@Hosch250 so you're contributing this to roslyn?
6:14 PM
It's currently in VSD's extensions, although I'll probably take it out.
No, VSD ties into Roslyn's API, but the recommendations are to make it as fast as possible.
The ones in Roslyn aren't allowed to use Linq.
They can't control third-party ones, but we are following their recommendations as close as possible.
ok, now I get it
@DanPantry That makes me think about one of those new Battlefield 1 maps
It's one where you need to shoot down a Blimp/Zeppelin
@Hosch250 Do you have any info on the implementation of LINQ? can't seem to find it. I'm interested in learning as to why LINQ is so bad. My understanding based on preliminary googling is that it makes a LOT of heap allocations.
(Thanks, Rust, for helping me understand the difference :D)
@DanPantry It uses the yield keyword and lazily returns items. Jon Skeet has quite a large section on how it works in C# In Depth.
Basically, it builds a state machine and only returns items when they are asked for.
I'm guessing that's a book?
6:21 PM
What's wrong with lazy?
I can only see the state machine allocating more memory mostly
That creates a lot of overhead.
it has to all be stored on the heap as well, @skiwi
inline twiddling can all be done on a stack for one
The specific note about LINQ in Roslyn is that it cannot be used in hot paths
It's not "You can't use at all", but "don't use this in things that run often" to avoid lots of heap allocations, which can trigger a large GC collection = DOOOOOOM
(or at least heavily degraded performance)
6:23 PM
@Hosch250 I'ma benchmark the snot out of this when I take the dog to go potty.
That seems to be a good explanation.
That's my understanding
@EBrown That would be nice.
I like the DOOOOOOOOM explanation more
this one sounds resonable too stackoverflow.com/a/22894932/235671
6:24 PM
LINQ composes well and reads nicer than for loops (some stuff you can do with LINQ is seriously hairy code in normal C#) but that's about the only benefit it has going for it
Well, that and the lazy evaluation
Lazy evaluation makes up for most of the performance loss in most cases
Except when you don't actually need the lazy evaluation :P
It's about 2.5 times slower than a normal loop, according to that guy.
@Hosch250 No way
I told you that we cut the parse time by almost half by simply killing the Linq in RD.
6:26 PM
Though, again, if you're doing a single loop, it's cheaper.
Java 8 Streams aren't even that bad as far as I'm aware
If you're doing multiple transformations over a query, and you want it to be lazily evaluated, LINQ comes out on top
I would assume
It doesn't just do the looping. It would have come well before C# 3 if that was the only thing involved.
but it would still be faster to use a regular for loop with multiple transformations if you don't need lazily evaluation
And I won't believe C# LINQ is worse than Java 8 Streams as they are essentially the same concept
@skiwi It also does stuff with the types, and stuff.
Write everything in Rust. Problem solved. /s
@DanPantry I support this opinion.
Wait, the reflection-like stuff might have been the dynamic stuff that came in C# 4. I do remember that it does stuff to figure out the types, and stuff too.
@DanPantry We must go deeper. Assembly.
6:29 PM
Meh, just read C# In Depth. He'll explain it.
Where I'm going we don't need no books :o
I'm probably doing a ton of things wrong here, but it works and is maintainable: pastebin.com/ptS9Y7wg
@Hosch250 I also support this opinion.
@skiwi You might be surprised about that last point.
@Hosch250 I'm about to start benchmarking.
Any predictions on yours vs. builtin LINQ?
@skiwi not bad, but what's up with all the casting?
6:33 PM
@Hosch250 I can maintain it :P
@RubberDuck WPF doesn't do generics, mostly, except when it does
Ahhhh yeah.... WPF needs updated. It predates generics and that's unfortunate.
UWP is slightly better about it, but MS reused a lot of WPF, so.....
I'm not sure if UWP was a serious attempt? Because it cannot interact with the core of the OS
@RubberDuck eh? generics was .NET 2.0, while WPF was .NET 3.0
@Hosch250 @t3chb0t Benchmarking.
I have three comparisons: Where, Select, and Where.Select.
And there are three methods in each: a baseline (a regular loop programmed to do that operation), the method from @Hosch250, and the LINQ method.
So, in about 2 minutes we'll see.
Mine will be slower than an inline loop because of the member invocation.
6:44 PM
@skiwi you've got to remember that UWP was designed to deploy to any of Microsoft's operating systems.
I moved mine to be inline, anyway.
When it was first designed, they had a different OS for mobile.
The mission is to take 1,000,000 integers (0 to 999,999) and then for just filtering return the integers that are even, and for the select return double each integer.
@DanLyons my bad. In that case, screw microsoft. Jerks.
               Method |       Mean |    StdDev |    Gen 0 |    Gen 1 |    Gen 2 | Allocated |
--------------------- |----------- |---------- |--------- |--------- |--------- |---------- |
       BaselineFilter |  4.9656 ms | 0.0262 ms | 798.9583 | 783.3333 | 783.3333 |    4.2 MB |
           HoschWhere |  9.9907 ms | 0.0452 ms | 583.3333 | 583.3333 | 583.3333 |    4.2 MB |
      LinqWhereToList |  9.3006 ms | 0.0402 ms | 566.6667 | 566.6667 | 566.6667 |    4.2 MB |
       BaselineSelect |  7.5805 ms | 0.0654 ms | 218.7500 | 218.7500 | 218.7500 |   8.39 MB |
@Hosch250 Only your .Select alternative is faster than the LINQ one.
6:45 PM
@RubberDuck They fixed that though, not sure whether you see that in the development but the deployment goes more universal now.
@RubberDuck Well yeah, but other frameworks do that too and then allow OS-specific code
@skiwi MS allows that too. They just expect you to design your code base properly for it.
Which is probably a mistake.....
@EBrown Careful you might hit branch prediction there, it might matter, but it might also not
@RubberDuck You mean that I can interact with the Win32 API on Windows (10) in UWP code?
@skiwi I'm almost certain you can, but you have to inject the behavior and code to an interface.
@skiwi If that's the case then it should have a different result if I use a random list of 1,000,000 integers, which I have just done.
6:49 PM
@EBrown Cool
Branch prediction definitely does its job on a sorted list, but I suspect it's able to look through even/uneven too
SourceIntegerList = Enumerable.Range(0, 1000000).Select(x => random.Next(int.MinValue / 2 + 1, int.MaxValue / 2 - 1)).ToList();
There's no .Shuffle?
@skiwi Don't need it, I just use a Random to initiate it.
Oh.. right
lol, guess what I found when I looked for a shuffle method on Java 8 streams to compare
Q: How to shuffle a stream using the Stream API?

skiwiI decided to take the functional approach in generating a string or random characters, so far I came up with this, it should perform better than boxing and then using a StringJoiner as collector: Random random = new Random(); String randomString = IntStream.concat( random.ints(8, 'a', 'z...

                Method |       Mean |    StdDev |    Gen 0 |    Gen 1 |    Gen 2 | Allocated |
---------------------- |----------- |---------- |--------- |--------- |--------- |---------- |
        BaselineFilter | 14.7134 ms | 0.1176 ms | 150.0000 | 150.0000 | 150.0000 |    4.2 MB |
            HoschWhere | 17.0308 ms | 0.0937 ms | 183.3333 | 183.3333 | 183.3333 |    4.2 MB |
       LinqWhereToList | 18.4492 ms | 0.0966 ms | 200.0000 | 200.0000 | 200.0000 |    4.2 MB |
        BaselineSelect |  7.5587 ms | 0.0700 ms | 152.0833 | 152.0833 | 152.0833 |   8.39 MB |
Branch prediction eliminated..
6:51 PM
I kind of want to code that in Clojure again to see how easy it could be
Doing the Where or Select in a raw loop body is the fastest every time. The Where provided by @Hosch250 is barely faster than the LINQ Where, and the Select provided is somewhat faster than the LINQ Select. When the provided are slower than the LINQ alternatives.
And lol on my question I could just box the ints, map them to a string and then string join, /sillyme
And if we make the list an int?, I suppose we might get different results.
Let's see how it does with non-value types.
Q: Advent of Code 2016 Day 2

Matthew PiziakI'm working through Advent of Code 2016 in Rust. The prizes go to the swift, but I'm aiming for well-written code. This is Day 2. To summarize the problem statement, given a newline-separated list of directions (e.g. "ULL\nRRDDD\nLURDL\nUUUUD\n"), move about on a 9-key keypad starting at 5, free...

I thought there would be a larger difference in memory allocation and those times, the differ only by a few milliseconds, I can imagine this matters mainly for compilers
6:57 PM
One of these methods just got really slow for reference types.
                Method |       Mean |    StdDev |    Gen 0 |    Gen 1 |    Gen 2 | Allocated |
---------------------- |----------- |---------- |--------- |--------- |--------- |---------- |
        BaselineFilter | 18.9028 ms | 0.1191 ms |        - |        - |        - |   8.39 MB |
            HoschWhere | 23.9599 ms | 0.0988 ms |        - |        - |        - |   8.39 MB |
       LinqWhereToList | 28.3955 ms | 0.1128 ms |        - |        - |        - |   8.39 MB |
        BaselineSelect | 12.6064 ms | 0.0951 ms | 175.0000 | 175.0000 | 175.0000 |  16.78 MB |
@DanLyons Any CPU
@Mast Not in case of serious bugs .(An exception to that would be if a user wrote a comment saying that your code is completely broken, and needs to be fixed before it can be reviewed.) This is exactly what happened. — user1095108 2 hours ago
wow, the baseline beats everything else by a lot
Assembly would beat the baseline
7:01 PM
relatively speaking, yes
@skiwi That's not a given.
But I'm afraid you lose a bit of maintainability
though if it's not hot path code, it's not that big a deal
Whew, I have Field Can Be Readonly done!
Time for a live checkout.
@EBrown Hand-crafted assembly will always beat generated code... as long as the person writing it is skilled enough ;)
7:02 PM
That's still not a guarantee.
For very simple things like this, it's possible that the compiler is capable of generating the most optimal machine code.
No, you can always beat the compiler
(Or be as least as fast)
Hint: You can even write it in C, take the assembly output from the compiler and then start working based on that
To what end?
Pre-mature optimization is the root of all evil.
@skiwi Prove it.
I want to see evidence that every single compiler output can be beat by hand-written assembly.
Because until that happens, there will always be edge cases.
@EBrown I'm not talking about beating, I'm talking to be as least as good, it's okay to be the same
@Mast No end, just saying that assembly would likely beat the C# baseline
but if it's the same, then you've wasted (no small amount of) your time
7:07 PM
That's true, but it won't be worse
Who cares about development time anyway.
or maintainability
@Mast Only companies spending lost of money on building things.
                Method |       Mean |    StdDev |    Gen 0 |    Gen 1 |    Gen 2 | Allocated |
---------------------- |----------- |---------- |--------- |--------- |--------- |---------- |
        BaselineFilter | 14.7097 ms | 0.0753 ms | 250.0000 | 250.0000 | 250.0000 |    4.2 MB |
            HoschWhere | 17.3036 ms | 0.0738 ms | 216.6667 | 216.6667 | 216.6667 |    4.2 MB |
       LinqWhereToList | 18.4912 ms | 0.1034 ms | 216.6667 | 216.6667 | 216.6667 |    4.2 MB |
        BaselineSelect |  7.6007 ms | 0.0375 ms | 177.0833 | 177.0833 | 177.0833 |   8.39 MB |
Value-type benchmarks ^^
There shouldn't be a difference between primitives and value-types, should there?
@skiwi Correct.
Doing true reference-type benchmark now.
Custom class, with a string property. Randomly generated string objects, filtering out string.Empty strings, and then for Select replacing all characters with different type of character.
One of these methods just got really slow...holy carp.
7:16 PM
Try overclocking your CPU :P
This still isn't done.
That was only group 2 that it ran.
It still has to do group 3.
attack of the garbage collector?
@DanLyons It's probable.
Which group is slow?
The Linq one, or mine?
7:22 PM
The Select and WhereSelect groups were slow.
Definitely garbage collector.
Mine, or Linq?
So was baseline.
The great thing about benchmarking is that it wastes a great deal of time.
to save it later
possible answer invalidation by Jamal on question by Samuel Cambridge: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/108985/revisions
7:31 PM
Omg it still has more to do.
Just. Finish. The. Friggin. Benchmark.
So much slow.
Working with strings is terrible.
                Method |       Mean |    StdDev |     Gen 0 |     Gen 1 |   Gen 2 | Allocated |
---------------------- |----------- |---------- |---------- |---------- |-------- |---------- |
        BaselineFilter | 18.9009 ms | 0.2465 ms |         - |         - |       - |   8.39 MB |
            HoschWhere | 24.3390 ms | 0.3323 ms |         - |         - |       - |   8.39 MB |
       LinqWhereToList | 28.5717 ms | 0.3118 ms |         - |         - |       - |   8.39 MB |
        BaselineSelect | 68.9511 ms | 0.2759 ms | 7354.1667 | 7041.6667 |       - |  48.39 MB |
Reference-type benchmarks ^^
@Hosch250 Your WhereSelect lost again.
That's not surprising. I told you they shouldn't be used chained.
7:35 PM
It wouldn't be hard to make them chain able.
But then you get into the same thing LINQ does (sorta).
That's exactly it--we aren't supposed to be using the yield keyword.
Actually, you could get away from that entirely.
And still use the List idea.
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CoalCodingSo I got bored and made a simple noughts and crosses game with colours instead of symbols. The colours are red and blue and I made the GUI in NetBeans with my own code in combination with the NetBeans GUI Editor. My Code: package com.coal; import java.util.Random; public class Noughts exte...

I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on CodeReview. — Scott Hunter 27 secs ago
@JeroenVannevel Now I got the tests passing by updating all the NuGet packages, but I can't run it live anymore:
> Warning AD1000 An instance of analyzer VSDiagnostics.Diagnostics.General.FieldCanBeReadonly.FieldCanBeReadonlyAnalyzer cannot be created from C:\USERS\HOSCH\APPDATA\LOCAL\MICROSOFT\VISUALSTUDIO\14.0ROSLYN\EXTENSIONS\JEROEN‌​\VSDIAGNOSTICS.VSIX\1.0\VSDiagnostics.dll: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Collections.Immutable, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
7:46 PM
Tell your file to stop playing hide-and-seek.
Once we get everything working, though, I have a Field Can Be Readonly one done.
@Mast NuGet packages.
The tests can find it :(
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@StackExchange Looks like a potentially problematic user. Just read that comment and their profile description.
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Use code reviews. — Lew Bloch 14 secs ago
8:01 PM
@Hosch250 He's been here before. Whatever got him a suspension of a month at SO, let's hope he behaves here.
One does not simply get a suspension.
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@CaptainObvious Burn with fire.
@CaptainObvious Now that would be a candidate for the Jamalizer award if it gets edited.
@CaptainObvious I don't even know what "wargame" they mean ..
8:20 PM
Q: Composed Architecture

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@EBrown All managers should bookmark that
8:37 PM
@Phrancis They'd probably just reply with something like this.
(I have no reason to link that image other than I wanted to link it because I find it hilarious)
@StackExchange Already spamming our meta?
@DanPantry Haha, a Sith/Jedi cross.
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@CaptainObvious No.
8:56 PM
What kind of behavior would one expect from push() ing a node to the front of an empty linked list? By that I mean it is only the head pointer
Well, I would expect that it links to itself if it is a circularly linked list.
If it isn't a circularly linked list, then it links to null, I guess.
I posted my latest analyzer/code fix on CR.
Take that, R#.
Q: Field Can Be Made Readonly

Hosch250Here is my Field Can Be Made Readonly analyzer and quick fix. I would appreciate tips on how to improve my code, and on missed test cases. First, the rules it works with: It will only fire on private fields to make things simpler (fields in other scopes should be properties, anyway). If the f...

9:21 PM
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9:38 PM
OK, how do you contact someone about a copyright when the postmaster returns email sent to the posted address?
And they don't have any other contact methods listed?
9:51 PM
then you double check the email adress provided and then you make intentional typos
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs in CodeReview.StackExchange.com, rather than here. — Prune 53 secs ago
Q: How to optimize the following algorithm?

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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because "better" is opinion based. You might be able to adapt this into a question that would be on-topic for code review. — Quentin 56 secs ago
This really seems like a question better suited for softwareengineering.stackexchange.com or codereview.stackexchange.com. You might find the people there more willing to help tackle something as complex as this. Stack Overflow is really only meant for getting help with specific code problems. — Random Davis 51 secs ago
Is there a way to get the member's name of an UnaryExpression ?
There is another site on StackExchange, called CodeReview, to answer questions such as you have asked. — Scott Hunter just now
Code Review is only appropriate if there's code (and the other conditions given in the Help Center there are met). This is too broad for SO as-asked, but it's not a fit for CR either. — Charles Duffy 44 secs ago
10:35 PM
@t3chb0t You misunderstood what I'm doing there.
I'm not finding symbols to report, I'm finding ones that can't be reported...
I like your idea of a hashmap though.
@Vogel612 That last one should be interesting.
Click the names in the footer to get the email address: research.fit.edu/shells/index.php
check with the fit secretary for an email
I want to post my answer as a question to be reviewed I remember @Hosch250 mentioned there was a tag for that ?
@denis Rags to riches.
@Vogel612 Thanks. I was thinking that was the next step to try.
Q: Simple Logger Written In Erlang

Ajm113I wrote a simple logger for a server I'm writing. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions to improve it. doom_logger.erl -module(doom_logger). -author('Andrew McRobb'). -include("include/log_types.hrl"). -export([start/1, start/0, terminate/1, log/4, log/3, update_logger_state/3, get_local_ti...

10:42 PM
How should my question look ? Do I've explained pretty much everything in the answer should I just put a link to it or rather copy paste it into my question's body ?
the code needs to be present in the question. Why not read some other questions in the same tag to see how those are done?
This is probably a better fit for codereview.stackexchange. — Michael0x2a 58 secs ago
Great ida @Vogel612 will do, thanks !
If the code works without any errors (hard to see, with such a huge dump), you can ask on Code Review. Make sure to read their guidelines first. — Rad Lexus 21 secs ago
I wouldn't be surprised if that email was just inactive for so long that it was automatically reclaimed.
10:45 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because the question is better suited for codereview.stackexchange — Mike Müller 38 secs ago
@Hosch250 doubt it.
Well, I know online email providers do that.
Thanks! I didn't know Code Review. — pyring 56 secs ago
That's a custom email, though, so...
10:58 PM
Good night everyone :)
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11:41 PM
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