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12:00 AM
@Hosch250 Tossed a coin?
Shouldn't this be on Code Review? Also I vote function getMax(arr) { return Math.max.apply(Math, arr); }Patrick Roberts 22 secs ago
@Mast I read them.
Such interrupt
The table is what made me choose Simon's as better.
12:00 AM
There are 1497 unanswered questions (94.4163% answered)
Did Duga just interrupt itself?
@Mast s/itself/herself
Now we just need to edit all those messages.
Speaking of pimping, any strong feeling about this?
Q: Do we really need this [framework]?

RubberDuckI'm questioning the usefulness of the framework tag. There are only 20 questions at the moment and they don't appear to have much in common. Seems like some kind of catch all tag to me. Should we burn it?

12:01 AM
@RubberDuck I agree with Simon's comment.
@Hosch250 Done.
A: Do we really need this [framework]?

MastNot every framework needs it's own tag. If a specific tag is available, use that. If not, use framework. It explicitly states there is no vanilla situation, which is valuable.

Kept it short, want more?
@PatrickRoberts This is likely to get voted to close for being "primarily opinion-based" even on Code Review. — Simon Forsberg 4 mins ago
We are preparing to upgrade our Secondary Services Edge routers. You may see some service disruption starting in ~5 minutes
12:18 AM
Moinking @Quill
Is that a cross between pig and monkey ;-)
That's a typo
I'm gonna keep it though
Hardware Recs just entered private beta
12:20 AM
Real: -0.5789767633196641 Imaginary: 0.4812274611637023 limit 500
@rolfl Huh?
Just me documenting something somewhere..... my mandelbrot GUI is mesmerizing .... realtime video at that spot is "amazing".
Ok. Sounds like a good enough tag I guess. I'll take a look at cleaning it up if I get a minute.
7 hours ago, by Mast
hardwarerecs.SE just hit private beta, we'll see how long it survives
12:24 AM
I just found out that anonymous types are like F# records.
what ID did you get @Mast
@Mast Probably not long.
@Quill 56 ^^
158 here
you got a double digit, congrats
12:25 AM
86 here
Did you know that CG.SE launched?
I only have two questions there, but it's shaping up to be a great community.
Already has ~200 questions.
when did it launch
Interesting meta:
Q: How are we going to handle questions / answers becoming outdated?

DoorknobThis was brought up on Area 51, but I don't think it was sufficiently addressed. Taking into consideration the following: The primary goal of a Stack Exchange site is not to simply provide an answer only to the user who has asked the question—the "mission statement" of all Stack Exchange sites...

@EthanBierlein CG?
I still have the top voted meta post on that site.
@Mast Computer Graphics
Q: Should we have MathJax support?

Ethan BierleinAs of now, I haven't seen any questions that neccesarily need MathJax formatting, but I'm sure that at some point it'll be needed. Should we have MathJax support?

@EthanBierlein Don't all SE sites have it by default?
If the site doesn't need MathJax, then there's no need to lose performance for something that isn't used.
CG, on the other hand is absolutely packed with math.
12:28 AM
I suppose when the accepted answer's recommendation is no longer actively sold on the 'market' (obscure eBay sellers, not counted) the question could be marked with not-on-market or something similar. — Quill 8 secs ago
@EthanBierlein I'd say so.
@Quill That's not solving the problem, that's introducing
Yes. Computer graphics has boat-loads of linear algebra. We're going to run into answers (and probably some questions) with the need to show equations. — Qix Aug 4 at 19:16
A: Should we have MathJax support?

Christian RauTo back the general requests for MathJax support, the following is a community-editable list for anyone to add examples of questions which along with their answers would benefit from it: Is gamma still important to take into account? How can I concentrate points in areas of higher curvature? Wh...

I'm pretty sure that CG needs MathJax
@CaptainObvious Nice early morning review
Q: A more precise algorithm for creating a linked list of length n in C?

Patrick HenningI wrote this working code to create a linked list of a given length and print each node's values. Source and output: (also at: https://ideone.com/WDaLRP) #include <stdlib.h> //NULL #include <stdio.h> //printf typedef struct Node { int val; struct Node* next; } node; node* make_ll(in...

@CaptainObvious a bit suspicious in my books
12:37 AM
@Quill Indeed, that cleans things up.
oh thanks Santas
You're welcome. ;-)
@Quill Why?
Not the best question, but there may even be a gem hidden inside.
@CaptainObvious @EthanBierlein You could've removed the fluff on that one yourself. No I needed to finish it for you ;)
seems more like an algo review rather than code
@Mast Oh, sorry. I was focusing more on the top. Didn't notice the fluff on the bottom.
12:42 AM
gotta notice all the fluff
be a vacuum, man
i know it sucks, but you gotta do it
@Quill A vacuum pun, just great
my goodness this internet
12:44 AM
It's not your internet.
It's the server
30 mins ago, by Stack Exchange
We are preparing to upgrade our Secondary Services Edge routers. You may see some service disruption starting in ~5 minutes
OK MongoDb is pretty cool. Took me like 10 minutes to set up, and I'm inserting and selecting data already.
@EthanBierlein My internet will always be the issue. (protip: it's bad)
@Phrancis Nice!
Easiest database setup I've ever had to go through
12:45 AM
Can you do NoSQL? (that's what it's called, right?)
MongoDb is NoSQL, yes. It's basically JSON (though they call it BSON)
ah, lol
12:48 AM
Below He's finding that his manually selected HTML elements aren't selecting anything else but what's he provided
is it just me or the chat server just had a moment?
Seems to work fine apart from the fact that when I load the page and put the select from season 1 to 3 or from 1 to 2 then 3 both times it wont load the button tag for the first episode unless I click on episode 2 and back to episode 1. — John123 13 mins ago
I wonder why. (sigh)
Yeah, it put all my messages in the wrong order
6 mins ago, by Ethan Bierlein
30 mins ago, by Stack Exchange
We are preparing to upgrade our Secondary Services Edge routers. You may see some service disruption starting in ~5 minutes
Every time someone doesn't read up, that message is gonna get bigger and bigger. ;-)
12:52 AM
 "likes": ["bubbles",...
It's true that @SimonForsberg likes bubbles!
Yeah, didn't his profile used to say that?
@Mat'sMug Keeps having them here.
@SirPython Yup
His picture used to have a nice bubble on it, during winter hats 2014
12:54 AM
@Phrancis I really wanna link that crab from Finding Nemo that shouts about bubbles
It's be lost on me, never seen that movie
This one?
I watched Finding Nemo not too long ago. It was awful.
I see bits and pieces of animated movies because a good friend of mine has young kids, but yeah; won't go out of my way to see them
Q: Real-Time MP/SC Lock Free Ring

Speed8umpThis is (the significant) part of an implementation of a logging mechanism for recording events in a real-time control system. The basic requirements are: No dynamic memory on either side (producers or consumer), Lock-free variable length event entries strictly sequential timestamps multi-proc...

12:55 AM
Look at the line above break; its incorrect like its only showing the first button tag I need it to show the right button for each value so for e.g. 7 - Lethal Weaons will do season3episode7.style.display = "inline-block" Get me? — John123 1 min ago
That's a direct copy from your code! — Quill 10 secs ago
Except Up!, that one was good
I think I've linked it already, but my debug decorator is on GH now:
@Quill This ain't a code review, this is a debug.
@EthanBierlein expect me
I'll be back to work on it later
but for the mean time
A: Function and method debugging decorator - Part 2

QuillYou can improve the following: if getargspec(function).args[0] != "self": print(self.__format_debug_string(function, *args, **kwargs)) else: print(self.__format_debug_string(function, *args, **kwargs)) print("[debug] Parent...

1:04 AM
+1 bbl
1:14 AM
Q: Assistance with OO coding - Making it better

CFNZ_TechieI have made a program in python to do a filter of log files from a server. What I would like, is some guidance on how this code could be optimized, streamlined or 'short-handed' so my 'pythonic' programming becomes better. I don't program for work, I do it on a requirement basis so I'm not good ...

Just got "Enlightened" on Cooking.SE... Interesting the OP is a regular on here too! cooking.stackexchange.com/a/52211/30873
'''Define Command Functions'''
# ======== Select a directory:
def folder_select():
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs to codereview.stackexchange.comYu Hao 22 secs ago
PEP must have been screaming while they were writing that^^ code
@Phrancis PEP8 died before it could finish screaming about that.
1:26 AM
It must have died after the thirtieth = on that first line
I guess if you're writing Python in notepad[++] you don't see all the threatening squiggles
Can you explain the diff between code on codereview and code on stackoverflow? My code here is just a minimalistic example to describe my algorithmic problem. It is not productive code that needed to be reviewed. — buhtz 45 secs ago
Q: Dynamically allocate A as an nxn array of doubles

Morgan WeissDynamically allocate A as an nxn array of doubles; Initialize A as following: Diagonal elements A_i,i = 2.0: The off diagonal elements A_i, i+1 = -1.0; A_i-1, I = -1.0; All other elements are zero. I am not sure where I am going wrong here but I am not getting the desired output. Can anyone plea...

Q: Character to decimal conversion in python

CodeYogiBelow is the code to convert from character representation of integers to their decimal value. def chrtodec(str): dec = 0 base = ord('0') for chr in str: dec = dec * 10 + ord(chr) - base return dec For eg: "123" -> 123

Anyone interested in trying a Java app ... mandelbrot FTW - live navigation, panning, zooming, etc. Here on github
@syb0rg Alright, here is a pedant: SET ( in some places and SET( in others.
1:38 AM
Considering that my project is apparently 42.3% CMake files, I figured it was worth it haha
@Hosch250 Put it in a review!
It isn't worth it.
@Hosch250 Find more and put it in a review!
Hey, I don't know CMake, but this might be worth a review comment: SET(GCC_CXX_WARNING_FLAGS "-Wctor-dtor-privacy") on both your if else and your else.
Also, what about that empty-looking if?
I didn't know how to do a logical NOT in CMake... probably should've looked that up
Hmmm, GitHub makes releases easy: github.com/rolfl/mandelbrot/releases/tag/0.0.1
Copy down the Mandy.jar file, trust me, and double-click it.
1:43 AM
@rolfl I don't have Java, or I would.
I'm busy playing whack-a-mole anyway.
@rolfl trust me
Famous last silence of the trustee
Well, yeah.... I would generally not recommend that people just double-click downloaded jars...... but, trust me, it's OK.
Virus boots
^^^ What runs.....
Heh, no feedback, not sure whether to be impressed, or disappointed ;-)
@rolfl That is a badass image... got a video?
Or should I get the jar?
1:52 AM
Hmmm... I recommend you get the jar anyway, it's really cool dragging and wheeling your way in to the brot.
But I am investigating where to find a window-to-video thing anyway
Does it just run with regular Java [8]? (i.e., not need to fire up the IDE or install stuff)
It will b default run with the default java, just by double-clicking the jar....
(it needs Java 8).
Oh boy
That was actually pretty fun
Long review, any critique is welcome: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/104285/…
Well then. I'll take that as good. :-)

Thanks santa(s)!
[rolfl/mandelbrot] rolfl created repository
2:00 AM
@Phrancis uh
@rolfl How'd you do that?
@syb0rg What? Make a runnable jar?
@rolfl Add it to Duga
@Phrancis I meant structure and what the actual content is, selects and updates really aren't hard
It was especially fun, trying to debug from mobile
@syb0rg Simon added a hook to Duga, and you can tell GitHub to post to the hook when certain activity happens.
Let me find the link....
Jan 18 at 15:20, by Simon André Forsberg
@rolfl well, the first step you can take for chat hook is @Duga of course ;) Webhook with application/json: http://stats.zomis.net/GithubHookSEChatService/hooks/github/payload?roomId=xxxx‌​
2:06 AM
@rolfl Room Id being 8595 in this case?
Bam Change window called perfectly. Also all work is done :)
@syb0rg Do you have a chat room for the Khronos project?
@EthanBierlein No
@syb0rg Yup...
let me check my system here....
2:07 AM
Should I hook it to it's own room or this room?
Hmm, I got invited to be get the GM candidate beta of El Capitan. Wonder what that means
@Quill Same, downloading it currently
@syb0rg I think simon must have linked my profile activity.... I have linked some specific repositories in other places....
Do you know what the difference / what GM means?
Other than a car company that killed electric cars
2:12 AM
General Motors.
General Manager.
Genetically modified
Context, pls
[syb0rg/Khronos] Ping: Design for failure.
I really doubt the new Mac OS is any of those things
@Duga Design for failure?
2:13 AM
Oh, Golden Master
Meant to be 'basically ready for market'
Thanks, Google!
Q: Style-Changing Handler For a Select Box

John123Similar to my recently asked question: Style-changing handler for an HTML drop-down box How can I compress down JS and almost automate it? I tried changing up the old questions answer a bit but never could get it working as i'm very new to JS I mainly do PHP. So I just need the following JS com...

Was there supposed to be sound?
I should have asked for you to apply lube before posting :/ — CFNZ_Techie 36 secs ago
2:24 AM
Q: How will you format the kind of nested hashes,

dummyI'm building queries for mongoid, And the syntax ss so nesty. How will you format the kind of code ? Prefer put them in one line, or multiple line ? match_cond ={"$and":[ from:{"$in": from}, to:{"$in": to}, updated_at:{"$gte": fresh_time}, departure_at:{"$gte": start_d...

@CaptainObvious Hmm...
Congrats on 8K rep @Phrancis!
2:55 AM
3:25 AM
@EthanBierlein Oh thank you!
@Phrancis congrats
@CaptainObvious trust me. that ain't hypothetical
Q: Printing the days of the week for every day this year

200_success@chux pointed out that my attempted solution contained several problems. Since I screwed that up so badly, I figure that I should put my revised solution up for review. #include <stdio.h> #include <time.h> /** * The current year (number of years since 1900) */ static int this_year(void) { ...

3:53 AM
Q: HackerRank - No Prefix Set not passing all the test cases

abhishek bafnaI was trying to solve No Prefix Set problem on HackerRank. My Solution is passing for only half of the test-cases. I am not getting what I am missing here. Problem Statement: Given N strings. Each string contains only lowercase letters from a−j (both inclusive). The set of N strings is said to b...

A: Style-Changing Handler For a Select Box

QuillInstead of testing the value of the HTML element, pass the season number in as a variable, and then you can use some of that simplifcation magic we used before: function seasonChange(seasonNum) { var first_episodes = [ "1 - Death Has A Shadow", "1 - Peter, Peter, Caviar Eate...

@CaptainObvious Hey, @200_success, I'm curious as to why you have to initialise the object with a 0 in this: struct tm t = { 0 };. Do objects require not to be initialised without content?
4:39 AM
@EthanBierlein, I added more to my answer on your debug decorator question
A: Function and method debugging decorator - Part 2

QuillYou can improve the following: if getargspec(function).args[0] != "self": print(self.__format_debug_string(function, *args, **kwargs)) else: print(self.__format_debug_string(function, *args, **kwargs)) print("[debug] Parent...

5:55 AM
6:12 AM
Q: trying to update fields in Mysql DB is taking more than 600 seconds

Vikram Anand BhushanI am very weak in Mysql I had to update the question id of an answer table according to some condition I have written following script but it takes more than 700 Seconds to execute because the data is huge, Can any one please function UpdateAnswer() { ini_set('max_execution_time', 800); ...

6:30 AM
@Quill struct tm t = { 0 } should be equivalent to zeroing out all bytes of the struct.
I need to get some sleep, night all.
New release for those wanting to have some fun. Download the Mandy.jar file and double-click (needs Java 8 installed).
Yawn.,...... ^^^^
Q: One, two, three, … Un, deux, trois, …, maxBound::Int

200_successI wrote a numbers-to-words converter for English, then tried to adapt the code to work for French. I'm wondering mainly any simplifications are possible. In English English is relatively straightforward: english :: Int -> String english n | n == 0 = "zero" | n < 0 = "negative " ++ ...

7:25 AM
@Duga Jackpot. Rolled back.
Isn't this more suitable for codereview.stackexchange.com ? — Yoshi 30 secs ago
Maybe better put it on code review? What do you need x_m_sum_f for? I don't see it being used later on, so you could spare this array and just use a scalar or simply a longer formula in the assignment below it. Same for x_m_ary_f, I guess. — haraldkl 20 secs ago
@Yoshi how can I move this to code review? — Pilot 1 min ago
7:55 AM
Q: SPA architecture involving Django and Backbone

dreamerSeries 1 Qn 1 SUMMARY : Trying to create an interface for shops where shops will be able to list their products and users will be able to order it. Since I am new to developing, and also decided to develop the shop interface myself, I would need help from the highly talked about SO community. ...

8:33 AM
monking @all
On a very positive note, my records filter worked :)
8:54 AM
Q: Run stored procedure from repository using EF

MegaTronI need to dynamically call a stored procedures from my repository, and here is a my implementation: public void ExecProcedure(string name, Dictionary<string, string> param = null) { List<object> sqlParametesList = new List<object>(); try { ...

9:08 AM
9:31 AM
I'll be heading for the airport in a moment, but can anyone keep an eye on this question? Had to roll it back twice.
Q: Flux: async communication with websockets

Volodymyr BakhmatiukI want to arrange async server-client communication with websockets and vanilla flux architecture. There is an excellent article about "Async Server-Side Communication with the Flux Architecture". I gonna implement it analogue with SockJS and ES6 promises: ActionCreator.js - it's the same bu...

I'll look at it
If he edits one more time I think it's moderator-time. We do not want an edit war.
Don't worry, I'll warn all moderators on that question
I would need help from the highly talked about SO community. You got the wrong site. This is Code Review, not Stack Overflow. — Mast 25 secs ago
But it would be off-topic on SO as well.
Well, cya all in a couple of days.
Have fun dude
9:44 AM
Oh, I just ticked over 2000 and now I can see all the secret deleted posts.
Also this answer got edited into shape and could use some love:
A: A beginner C++ Tic-Tac-Toe program (non-AI)

yaraFor a better user experience, instead of printing empty spaces in the board, print the number of that square as a placeholder: void initialiseGame(char gameGrid[]) { for (int i = 0; i < GRID_SIZE; ++i) { gameGrid[i] = '1'+i; } } That would require some corresponding adjustments...

@SuperBiasedMan Love sent!
10:12 AM
Q: How to avoid too many return statements?

gstackoverflowI have following compare method public int compare(Sku o1, Sku o2) { if (o1 == null) { return (o2 == null) ? 0 : 1; } else if (o2 == null) { return -1; } if (o1.getSkuNumber() == null) { return o2.getSkuNumber() == null ? 0 ...

@Duga @syb0rg I'd highly recommend to not use this room as a Webhook endpoint.
@syb0rg @syb0rg @Duga scans some users (does API requests to GitHub) for when repositories are created and posts that here.
10:31 AM
Am I right in thinking that, even if it provided proper context, this isn't an on-topic kind of question? codereview.stackexchange.com/review/first-posts/44821
What language is this? If there is a sort of commonly accepted answer it might not be an opinion based question (in Python all caps is considered correct) but I don't know if it's acceptable as such a narrow out of context question.
Q: Which constant declaration is best?

Roy NakumFirst one, #define SOME_VARIABLE 2 And second is, #define kSomeVariable 2 Which is best from above two? Or another except two? Why?

@Zak completely opinion-based. It's a "What is the best practice?" question rather than "Does this follow best practices?"
@SuperBiasedMan generally, we don't like A vs. B questions. We do like "I chose A, would another option be better?"
argh... monodevelop bugtracker is a royal PITA
@SimonForsberg Ah ok, I'll bear that in mind.
10:48 AM
now that I knew what to look for, I found this nice video explaining the feature! media.ch9.ms/ch9/1640/b11f8b3b-fc56-4a66-884a-8bb45cc81640/…Falco Alexander 14 secs ago
wat... hey chat.. wth is that?
What's what?
the damn video there...
A URL with "CodeReview" in the file name part that's /... here in Chat....
shouldn't videos only be oneboxed when they are solo?
10:53 AM
I don't see it one-boxed
> now that I knew what to look for, I found this nice video explaining the feature media.ch9.ms/ch9/1640/b11f8b3b-fc56-4a66-884a-8bb45cc81640/…
@SimonForsberg now?
Very sad that nobody appears to have played with Mandy.jar.....
Q: Flux & async communication with websockets

Volodymyr BakhmatiukI want to arrange async server-client communication with websockets and vanilla flux architecture. There is an excellent article about "Async Server-Side Communication with the Flux Architecture". I gonna implement it analogue with SockJS and ES6 promises: TodoActionCreator.js var constants = r...

@Vogel612 nope, not one-boxed. You using a plugin/userscript?
10:55 AM
a few.. github oneboxer (only runs for github stuff).
dark chat (is only css, I think)
and maybe SOUP interferes...
also oneboxing only happens when it's quoted from waht I can see...
aahhh it was the dark chat...
^^ there we go, new issue :D
Q: A better way to execute a streaming library

PrivatMamtoraI am building a wrapper around the sharp image library. The usage revolves around chaining tasks. But I wish to execute it by just passing in a config. An example of what I am currently doing: var execute = function ( obj, task ) { var methodName = task[0]; var passedValue = task[1]; ...

@CaptainObvious needs to put the code in the question
code is there..
and yes that is the actual code...
11:13 AM
@Vogel612 wow
11:37 AM
I think, you should ask this on codereview.stackexchange.comVictor Polevoy 20 secs ago
@VictorPolevoy Please make it clear that on Code Review, we need to actually look at the actual 1000 line long method. We can't answer this hypothetical question of "What is a generally good approach to go about handling huge, complex pieces of legacy code?" — Simon Forsberg 52 secs ago
Q: Find maximum element in bitonic array

CodeYogi An array is bitonic if it is comprised of an increasing sequence of integers followed immediately by a decreasing sequence of integers. Write a program that, given a bitonic array of N distinct integer values,determines whether a given integer is in the array. def find_max_bitonic(ary): ...

@VictorPolevoy unless the question is better constructed It will be close in code review — UmNyobe 8 secs ago
11:58 AM
nice try...

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