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9:02 PM
If the question included "Please tell me how this could be better." and nothing else, would it be okay?
Because I've seen those questions.
In my opinion, no.
Unless the title describes somewhat what the code is about.
In this case, the title describes what the code about. It's just missing the "Please tell me how this could be better."
I'm not saying it's a high quality question, I'm just not convinced that it's off topic if adding "Please tell me how this could be better." would make it on-topic.
@nhgrif To me, it is the lack of description about what the code does that makes it "unclear what you are asking".
There are two different problems. One is about providing context, one is about asking an actual question. This one lacks both.
The title describes it.
> BaseTableViewController with pull to refresh and auto load more
That Objective-C question has as much detail as this VBA question:
Q: VBA Sub to Remove Blanks From Row Improvements

learningAsIGoI wrote a sub to remove the blank entries in a row without shifting the cells around but it seems unnecessarily clunky and I'd like to get some advice on how to improve it. Public Sub removeBlankEntriesFromRow(inputRow As Range, pasteLocation As String) 'Removes blank entries from inputRow a...

The Objective-C question just doesn't say "How can it be better?"
Personally, I'd prefer it if it also stated the context in more than just the title. (not saying that it deserves to be closed)
9:09 PM
The Objective-C question has 2 downvotes and was closed. The VBA one has 2 upvotes.
Same as this question:
Q: Stock trading code

SammyI'm trying to review and figure the issues in the above code. Any inputs to point out problems are welcome. using namespace std; typedef basic_string<char> string; class CHighLow { public: CHighLow() : nCurLow(0), nCurHigh(0) {}; void add(int nHigh, int nLow) { if (nHigh

Q: Small "Pyramid Escape" text-based game

NealCI'm extremely amateur when it comes to C++ in general, but I wanted to make a little "Pyramid Escape" text based game. I'm not done whatsoever but before I continue I want to see what I could possible do differently. // // main.cpp // TextFiles // // Created by Neal Carico on 3/12/15. // Co...

I'm not even looking that hard. Just going down question on the first page.
You do know there's a site called Code Review, don't you? — Deer Hunter 7 secs ago
@DeerHunter You do know this question wouldn't be appropriate for Code Review, don't you? — nhgrif 46 secs ago
Q: BaseTableViewController with pull to refresh and auto load more

dopcnI've implemented a table view controller for the purposes of subclassing. The table view controller implements a pull-to-refresh which will automatically reload the table view's data. I am looking for general feedback on my class. DXYBaseTableViewControllerHD.h #import "DXYBaseViewControllerH...

I just cast a re-open vote. It's now at least as good as the three questions I just linked from the front page.
Good edits. Voted to reopen
@Jamal @MannyMeng (the other two haven't been to chat before) ^^^
I know the question isn't perfect, but some minor edits made it at least as good as any other on-topic and upvoted question we get.
9:25 PM
@nhgrif done
Heads up, we will be spinning up the BGP session with our provider that had issues this morn. You may see some issues as routes re-converge
sigh Mug trying to steal another Mug's answer....
@Mat'sMug does the loop counter even need to be declared outside of the loop? at all?
@Lyle'sMug VBA variables don't need to be declared at all unless there's Option Explicit specified ;)
but yeah, if Option Explicit is specified, then i needs to be declared somewhere
well then I won't edit that little piece of thought into the answer....lol
I really don't like VB for loops....they just ain't right.....lol
@Mat'sMug Where do you need to be declared?
9:40 PM
I could be declared anywhere in the procedure, loops don't define scopes ;)
@Lyle'sMug You use lol a lot....lol
@sᴉɔuɐɹɥԀ ain't he a mug
@sᴉɔuɐɹɥԀ what can I say, I laugh a lot.
There is nothing in the docs that says rawQuery will not return null. I would be especially concerned about that if the query is not valid SQL. If I was code reviewing this I'd tell them to put a null check in, in case there is a null return from rawQuery. There's never anything wrong with defensive coding. — Gabe Sechan 2 mins ago
9:51 PM
9 more minutes
Q: Web Design contest

user2486570I recently attempted to win this contest: https://www.freelancer.com/contest/Build-a-Website-for-an-Irish-Pub-180934.html, but unfortunately, I didn't win the job. The winning web is here: http://nguoivietcode.com/irishpub/ and my idea is here: http://anagmate.moxo.cz/hogans/ My question: I fee...

@JeroenVannevel are you still around?
si senor
how do I set up a unit test for a private method?
A: When is it appropriate to bypass encapsulation in unit tests?

Jeroen VannevelLet's start off by acknowledging that this is a partially religious debate. It is my point of view that testing private methods is something you should often avoid, but there are exceptions. Why shouldn't I test private methods? Because you're testing whether or not your application works, no...

Actually, there's a 5th option
Let me edit that answer
10:00 PM
so pretty much if I want them private I just do that after I am done testing. maybe I need a refresher on the public versus private aspect to see if I am really thinking clearly on the whole private things.
Q: VB.NET Function Implementation with Conditions

Greg BHaven't used code review before, but figured I'd put this one out there. I have a set of API endpoints where the URL is not standardized, so I could either get "api/auth" or "api/auth/" (may or may not end with "/"). I'm 'registering' the endpoint, plus the HTTP Method that comes in, so I can ex...

You're never done testing -- your tests should run at least every time before you commit something
A private method is something you use to group some code and make a method clearer, right?
a public method however is something you expose to the outside world -- it's actual functionality
a private method is an implementation detail of that public method: you don't care what it does, you just want your functionality to work
This is why people don't want to test private methods: it's implicitly tested through the public method
An often used argument is that public methods define a contract and are as such less likely to change and they indicate a certain responsibility
private methods however aren't -- the caller never uses them that he knows off: aka implementation detail
10:24 PM
thank you for clarifying that a little bit for me.
TTGH though!!!!
10:51 PM
Q: PostgreSQL Same Query use many times

mario89I'm using a simple query to list the value of two fields in a database like "select number, name from vedette order by name". This query is use each time someone use the web site. I got the feeling that postgreSQL perform the query from the first row to the last each time someone enter the site. ...

Take a look at the comments and the commenters their location/age
@CaptainObvious Nice, we don't get Postgres questions very often
... and, no code in the question :(
@JeroenVannevel Look at his profile (the candidate, that is....).
Current age - 17.
wrote a book on Android augmented reality - 3 years ago.
yeah that is.. pretty impressive
Not sayin nuttin, but sumtin don't add up.
10:57 PM
It's published by Apress though
The author's official page states he's born in '97
Q: Haskell 99, Problems 1-10 (small)

emmruldI'm just learning Haskell and I wanted to know if I'm going in the right direction with my solving of the Haskell 99 problems. The file of interest is here which I've also reproduced below. module OneToTen where {-- Problem 1: Find the last element of a list. --} myLast :: [a] -> a myLast [] =...

@CaptainObvious I got 99 problems but this question ain't one.
@sᴉɔuɐɹɥԀ Nice to see Mr. Obvious getting pinged for a good question for a change!
@JeroenVannevel Holy crap.
11:06 PM
I always knew the world were full of young geniuses. I just never expected to bump into them.
That kid sounds like a genius :p
5 years younger than me, 5 years further than me
I need to start writing a book
Those kind of people are why I'm not sure if I can make it in the development world.
That's in every branche
11:07 PM
@JeroenVannevel 11 years younger than me.... and let's not even talk about the difference to @rolfl's age ;)
@Hosch250 Trust me: You can.
I bet there are young mathematicians that can outperform professors easily.
I hope so.
You don't have to be at their level to be able to accomplish something ;)
^^^ that.
I guess so.
11:09 PM
I bet Zuckerberg's initial code was messy as hell.
I bet it still is.
You just have to be creative ;)
my experience is that people who work hard get further than people who are smart, but lazy.
I've been in the facebook london headquarters 2 weeks ago. Crazy stuff!
Well, I'm dumb and lazy, except when it comes to programming.
11:10 PM
Of course, it is better to be both hard-working, and smart.
That's exactly why I'm just now getting somewhere. Was lazy when j was a kid.
Programming, books, and jigsaw puzzles are my favorite things to do.
@RubberDuck Who's j?
IIRC, it is an alternative notation for i - the imaginary number.
Also, it is usually the counter in a nested for loop.
@RubberDuck is into J's
11:12 PM
I like J and X.
And Q.
@SimonAndréForsberg IKR!
@Hosch250 Q makes cool toys
@rolfl Don't get that.
@Hosch250 Kids these days.
Q is a fictional character in the James Bond films and film novelizations. Q (standing for Quartermaster), like M, is a job title rather than a name. He is the head of Q Branch (or later Q Division), the fictional research and development division of the British Secret Service. Q has appeared in 20 of 23 Eon Bond films; all except Live and Let Die, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. The character was also featured in the non-Eon Bond films Casino Royale (1967) and Never Say Never Again. == Novels == The character Q never appears in Ian Fleming's novels, only the Q Branch is mentioned; although...
I've heard of James Bond.
Never seen him act though.
11:14 PM
Haskell looks like a very "economical" language, in the sense that it seems to take very few LOC to do things with.
@Hosch250 Kids these days.
You trolling me?
I've watched very few movies, actually.
@Hosch250 to be honest I prefer XX
@Hosch250 James Bond is a character, not an actor.
James Bond is a character in the films, not an actor.
11:15 PM
I can't do school, watch movies, learn programming, and get away from my family on long walks and bike rides.
not so into XY
OK, I've heard of him.
@rolfl I don't know if I work hard or is smart but lazy...
I have been known to be both, but seldom at the same time....
James Bond, Spock, and Luke Skywalker are just a few of the characters I've heard of, but never seen.
11:18 PM
I watched Interstellar last night. Awesome freaking movie. Except the ending, which I feel is lame. (no worries, I won't spoil it)
@sᴉɔuɐɹɥԀ Don't worry, not spoiled.
Won't watch.
@sᴉɔuɐɹɥԀ I liked it too! Totally taught me all about space stuff too
@JeroenVannevel How realistically?
Talking about adventure books, there are typically two kinds.
It seemed plausible to me. Sort of. But I'm not exactly an astronomist either
First, and most often, the hero connects with the heroine near the end and they live ever after.
11:21 PM
@JeroenVannevel It's got some great ideas and concepts, especially from a physics standpoint. I just wish they hadn't spoiled the whole thing at the end.
Looking at the stars tonight was the closest I get to that
Second, used to be common, now rare, is the hero getting killed in the last adventure (think Victor Hugo).
Enigma was really, really good as well
That other awesome Oscar movie
That was some exquisite acting by Smaug-dude
with Benedict?
yeah, him
11:22 PM
And talking about Enigma, I found an open course on WWII that I might take this summer.
I never manage to pronounce his last name correctly
@JeroenVannevel The one thing that doesn't really add up is the wormhole thing. Which you can go into a wormhole/blackhole and come out somewhere, but according to Stephen Hawkings, you would come out like a plate of spaghetti.
And talking about Smaug, I am planning in reading LOTR this summer.
@Hosch250 I never really liked the LOTR books, to much details about landscapes :p
11:24 PM
go for the hobbit book, it's more fun ;)
Tear you up at the molecular level. Sounds fun, doesn't it?
@sᴉɔuɐɹɥԀ Yeah, that was probably the most curious aspect. Aside from the very end of course. Though I did like the visuals, it made it more tangible
Are you sure the gravitational pressure in a black hole doesn't compress you into a BB sort of thing?
Yes, the visuals are stunning. And the soundtrack... it's so weird to hear dead silence in a big production movie. The effect was very well used.
11:25 PM
In contrast to the movie with Sandra bullock (forgot the title), Interstellar was outstanding ! :D
Floating in space thing?
God I hated that movie
yes +10000000000000000000à
It was one whiny monologue
@sᴉɔuɐɹɥԀ Watched in January. Good movie, but mind-boggling.
Sandra Bullock can be nice in a romcom or something else with comedy
but not a drama movie where she's the only actor for 3/4ths of it
11:28 PM
@Hosch250 In a sense, yes. Except the black hole's gravitational pull is not necessarily stable, and the black hole really doesn't care what shape you are when you come in. It would probably tear you out bit by bit as you spiral into it, rather than compressing you as a whole.
Oh hey, let's add George clooney for a couple of seconds, just to spice it up..
Alright, early bedtime. Promised grandparents I'll do some construction work at their home tomorrow.
Later skaters
(making an educated guess, I'm not a physicist either but I've listened to science podcasts and such about it)
goodnight @JeroenVannevel
Bye @JeroenVannevel !
11:30 PM
@sᴉɔuɐɹɥԀ Seems you know quite something about it ;)
A black hole is a mathematically defined region of spacetime exhibiting such a strong gravitational pull that no particle or electromagnetic radiation can escape from it. The theory of general relativity predicts that a sufficiently compact mass can deform spacetime to form a black hole. The boundary of the region from which no escape is possible is called the event horizon. Although crossing the event horizon has enormous effect on the fate of the object crossing it, it appears to have no locally detectable features. In many ways a black hole acts like an ideal black body, as it reflects no light...
The little animated simulation there kind of shows what would happen
theoretically :p
We're supposed to be able to actually observe a black hole for the first time this summer.
There's a huge cloud of gas somewhere that they are pretty sure is going to be passing by where a black hole is.
11:32 PM
Do you know if @Donald.McLean is into Black Holes and such?
@DJanssens Considering he's active on Code Review, he's probably not in to one.
@DJanssens @all If you like black holes and such, I made a tune some time ago that has samples from Stephen Hawkings about black holes. Go here and click on Dark Matter to listen and/or download free
Cygnus Loop is also inspired by space, though does not contain any words.
^^ Cygnus Loop nebula
11:48 PM
in TCG Creation, 3 mins ago, by Duga
200_success vs. rolfl: 952 diff. Year: +246. Quarter: +403. Month: +403. Week: +164. Day: +55.
@rolfl ^^
You said you wanted it in that room, and yet I copy it to here... because logic...
I see, logic is infallible ;-)
Was a good day for me though. I even rep-capped yesterday.
in TCG Creation, 3 mins ago, by Duga
Loki Astari vs. Simon André Forsberg: 3985 diff. Year: -1781. Quarter: -482. Month: -482. Week: -380. Day: -215.
What is that?
I keep hinting that folk can kill zombies by voting on some of my answers, but people ignore me ;-)
@nhgrif Reputation differences.
11:50 PM
How do I search for iOS apps from my desktop? I need a desktop link to one of my apps...
And also, isn't there an easy way to turn my Careers profile into a PDF resume?
I'm sorry that you haven't been given this comment before, but I'm afraid this question does not match what this site is about. Code Review is about improving existing, working code. Code Review is not the site to ask for help in fixing or changing what your code does. Once the code does what you want, we would love to help you do the same thing in a cleaner way! Please see our help center for more information. — Simon André Forsberg 17 secs ago
Let's see if that does the trick.

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