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2:14 AM
Q: Self-promoting your non standard research through answers?

fewfew4What is this sites opinion on users answering questions by promoting their own 'non standard' research? By non standard, I mean research which makes claims that are generally accepted by the physics community to be either wrong or not useful. While it is tricky to know when this is happening eve...

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8:09 AM
Steven Weinberg passed away today (1933-2021)
RIP, absolute legend
Where did you read that? Google isn't finding any reports of his death.
8:32 AM
I have a friend doing physics at University of Texas, Austin
the department had sent out an email
3 hours later…
11:17 AM
Oh man that is really sad to hear Steven Weinberg passed
3 hours later…
2:30 PM
Q: How is this question about a BH passing through the solar system non-mainstream?

A. KvåleA question of mine was closed on the grounds of being non-mainstream. Mainstream is defined below: Mainstream physics is physics which has been accepted by a significant portion of the physics community. In the case of modern physics, if a theory has not been published in a reputable journal, it...

Steven Weinberg gave a lecture at my university just last Spring, he seemed healthy.
I've been reading his textbooks pretty much non-stop for the past three years. His level of insight was unparalleled.
As recently as this past October he was working on some impressive results generalizing his famous theorems about massless particles to higher dimensions.
2:49 PM
I had been secretly crossing my fingers that a new textbook of his would be made, but unfortunately it did not work out this way. He contributed enough to our understanding of the world.
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4:19 PM
@bolbteppa have you read "The Global Approach to Quantum Field Theory" by DeWitt
4 hours later…
8:24 PM
is there any physicist ?
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10:52 PM
Here's a question on the Operations Research site which may be of interest to people in condensed matter, solid-state, quantum computing, statistical mechanics, or anyone simply interested in Ising problems:
Q: Inverse Ising problem

Qurious CubeInverse Ising Problem The inverse ising problem means fitting the coupling $J_{ij}$ and field $h_{i}$ parameters given a sample of configurations of spins. Each spin $s_{i}$ is either +1 or -1. The Hamiltonian of one configuration of spins $\vec{s}$ is: $$ H(\vec{s}, \mathcal{J}, \mathcal{h}) = \...

My answer doesn't need to be the only one, since there's more than one way to convert a problem like this.

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