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5:01 PM
decom classes
Is going to a uni for a year and then dropping out a good option? Does it cost money.
@Loong how about something in fusion? :)
terrible idea
where do you live
Btw currently I'm interacting (in a way) with smart people ;)
well sadly it's the worst people who go on chat rooms
5:02 PM
@RyanUnger Bulgaria, but I definetly wanna get out as soon as possible.
you need to talk to real people
@RyanUnger Ofc, I know about that.
@RyanUnger (lol!) I would never want to be part of a group that would allow me to be a member --Groucho Marx
@vzn Cadarache has no jobs for me yet. But some former colleagues are already on the construction site.
I wanna make the connections and relationships with smart people, but I dont want to join uni. Any other options?
Joining a company?
5:05 PM
@Loong cool, am very excited by recent developments in the field, momentum/ "critical mass" seems to be increasing, crossing my fingers sustained fusion will be seen in my lifetime :)
why don't you want to go to college
I don't know about the situation in Bulgaria
@RyanUnger Imagine Russia but with less people and most kids my age are just interested in drinking and smoking and simply put, wasting their life. I just feel out of place.
@NovaliumCompany it is not so different all over the world :|
@RyanUnger reasons..
I drank and smoked my way through college and it worked
not a lot of smoking tho
5:10 PM
@vzn 've heard that before.
lol reminded about rumors about BaSe... :P
Balarka is the smartest person alive tho
its cool to see some serious brainpower in these chat rooms, one of my main attractions... BaSe faced a similar quandary last year and bit the bullet... he seems to be doing ok or maybe even better than ok... :)
in Mathematics, Sep 26 '18 at 22:04, by anakhro
Clearly he's in some dean's basement in chains.
People in good companies are smart. I can join as a floor cleaner and be around them. I'll be learning much more valuable information about how things really are, not just some boring equations and lectures in uni.
Ok now I think you're kidding us
5:13 PM
I'm not.
@NovaliumCompany based on what youre saying, suggest you think hard about why you dont really wanna go to a university. dont like dogmatic povs on it but am just listening to your own povs. theres some chicken-or-egg problem where the smart companies want smart people, and they typically measure that by university experience etc...
@NovaliumCompany That's...not how it works. No one talks to the floor cleaner and if you snoop around for "valuable information" that's called industry espionage :P
You don't learn things simply by being "around smart people", either
you need to go to college
you're not a super genius
Also I think physics has a lot of like
@RyanUnger I don't "need".
5:16 PM
@ACuriousMind But unfortunately you forget things simply by being around stupid people.
Of trying to only study the "interesting" parts of it
Nobody is really that enthusiastic about learning how to solve the motion of a wheel
@Loong speaking from experience?
or thermodynamic cycles
yes :-(
But it's important to learn such things
It is nice to have a broad knowledge of physics
5:17 PM
@NovaliumCompany either you want to learn things or you don't. It's virtually impossible to do that properly without going to college
Because the people writing about it do too
And it is very likely to pop up
you might end up like a certain person we know otherwise
not sure if I'm allowed to say his name
@ACuriousMind ?
@RyanUnger College cannot teach me the things I want to know.
what do you want to know
@Slereah I plead the 5th
I learned physics from the university of the streets
5:18 PM
@RyanUnger In principle yes, but not in order to insult him...
well it's a fact that he has strange ideas correct
For now I'm not going to university nor college. I really value your advice, and thank you, but if I'm gonna make mistakes, I want to know they are mine, and I'm not following someone else's path.
@RyanUnger your return has somehow infused so much life in this chat :)
did slereah get banned
5:19 PM
yeah and tanked my productivity
Not yet
can you ban me again
59 secs ago, by SDFG
@RyanUnger your return has somehow infused so much life in this chat :)
A relief considering Australia have just f888ed itself tonight
@RyanUnger ("speak of the devil") JD? hes university educated. think he has degree. (maybe CS.)
@NovaliumCompany There are 7 billion people in the world, you're not gonna be the only one doing whatever you're doing.
5:20 PM
@NovaliumCompany ok well, we'd be of more help if you said (1) why you dont want to go to college and (2) why you dont think college will teach you what you want to know
@Secret Haha I saw the reactions
@Secret People are comparing it to 2016 and brexit?
@ACuriousMind I've never said I'm the only one :P
JD suffers from Salem syndrome
@SDFG it's not surprising, it is really part of a global trend of something
Where engineers think that their horse sense is much better than any scientist's method to determine the Truth
5:22 PM
@Secret something?
@Slereah you mean "persecution complex"?
Not named after the town
@SDFG like, politicians getting more out of touch with ordinary people, and political campaigns will be shifting towards more community based level organisation
@Secret Happening here in India, mate
Can we please stop discussing JD? It's not fair to talk about people where they may read but cannot respond.
5:23 PM
@SDFG I expect that sentiment will continue to build up, similar to Brexit, US, Brazil, Sudan etc.
@SDFG the question, is, when will that sentiment finally erupt and what happens afterwards
@ACuriousMind did you see my message
@RyanUnger Yes. My reaction is appropriately summed up with "What."
@ACuriousMind he also dropped out and is now rich
That I know :P
He's been around here a few times
@RyanUnger who?
5:27 PM
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@RyanUnger My dream is to start a company. I want to learn the inner workings of companies and how stuff works. I also want to know about the topics I'll be building companies upon.
College has many positive features, but I just don't feel like spending 4 years, while the action is going on around me. College seems like "the typical path", where everyone learns the same stuff, the same way, at the same time... they graduate and have 0% idea of what to do now that they've entered the actual harsh world, where things work differently than they do in college.
start a company? you're in the wrong place for that
@NovaliumCompany Many graduates seem to be settling into this "actual harsh world" rather fine. I think you have an exaggerated imagination of how ivory tower-like university is.
5:30 PM
@NovaliumCompany A lot of college students do make the transition to either industry, higher academia, business, etc. while in college, by way of internships, summer work, etc. College can help forge connections (network a little in some disciplines) so you don't enter the next stage of life on your own.
Sure, you can try to be some pure scientist making no contact to the outside world, but especially in the more applied sciences, contact with industry is not at all uncommon
ACuriousMind has frozen this room.
I'm not sure what was unclear about me asking everyone to stop discussing JD.
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So let's try this again.
ACuriousMind has unfrozen this room.
5:35 PM
The chat logs are hard to sort through
yeah the search function isn't super sophisticated
Like you can use wild cards but not in any fancy ways
Can't search for regexps
You just need a perfect memory of unusual phrases uttered close to the message you're looking for :P
Ahh. I don't know what to think about college now. My logic tells me yes, but my heart tells me no.
Ah, found it.
255 days
Ok @ACuriousMind I'll give it a rest until then
oh no
looking in the archives
I found
the cursed book
5:38 PM
GR for second semester engineers
I think it's Synge's book that literally says that GR is useless
oh man
What is worse - GR without tensors or "tensors are objects that transform like tensors"?
Not only does he say it, but it's the first paragraph
@user2723984 believe it or not that's a decent way of defining things in low regularity
I will try the no university path, see where that takes me. If it doesn't work out, I'll roll into a university. How does that sound?
5:41 PM
@RyanUnger now I see it, but when I first heard something like that it didn't look like it made much sense
it's still true today
pretty much
@Slereah lol reminds me of Tenev + Horstemeyer o_O
GR isnt even really used for GPS
5:41 PM
And even if it is you can do it with like
Linearized GR
unlike all those high energy theorists building towers and ships
we're not HEP people
I don't even consider those types
Hell my old head of lab boss tried to sell neutrino detectors as a way to find rogue states nuclear reactors
Hopefully I'm not revealing state secrets saying that
I think that's a thought that's out in the public
Watch out Iran, better get some neutrino shielding for your reactors
5:48 PM
If college is such a wonderful place, why did Steve Jobs left it? There are many smart and successful people who say college is not required for success.
Steve Jobs was very bad at computers
Also smelled, from what I can read
Since he was a filthy hippy
@NovaliumCompany these are pretty silly arguments about university, completely missing the point of what it's about
@NovaliumCompany You're sending contradictory signals here. Wanting to learn is very different from wanting to be successful. University is where you go to learn, not to be successful.
@NovaliumCompany there are also many more people that leave university without being successful. That argument is just cherry-picking the examples someone wants
if you want to be successful marry a ketchup heiress
5:51 PM
Isnt learning required for success?
Sure, but the kind of people manipulation skills a good salesman, for instance, needs to "learn" is not the type of academic learning you get at a university.
@NovaliumCompany steve jobs is an excellent case study... in depth. theres a new (auto)biography written by his daughter. highly recommend investigating it. at least reading some reviews.
Ok, here's what I think I'll do for now: I'll not go to college/university. If at some point I feel I need to go, I will. I'm really trying to convince myself that university is the option for me but I just can't... I value your advices and thank you very much!
@NovaliumCompany thx for listening. it can feel like an overwhelming decision. youre a few years away. its on the horizon but not immediately. think its best to keep an open mind, nearly everyone here can agree on that.
6:08 PM
@Slereah how can someone who thinks of themselves as a relativist not know the biggest extension of GR in the past century, super-GR?
6:21 PM
@bolbteppa I deny moral relativism
What about super relativism
6:36 PM
i super deny that
2 hours later…
8:36 PM
I agree with most of what is said here. But you can’t deny the earning statistics for people with degrees vs without
particularly at my university the disparity is quite large
though on the flipside
A physics degree isn't maybe the smartest idea for big earnings
Sure it is...just take the natural path from physics to software!
@Slereah maybe if you also get a licence to drive a taxi
well then just get a software degree
9:09 PM
I recommend people on here sporadically read and discuss these intro susy/sugra/ads-cft notes over the next 3 months, @RyanUnger will be looked down upon going in there not knowing susy/super-gr
from Jyväskylä – a nice place
On the topic of Nordic'ness
1 hour later…
10:25 PM
1:24 AM in the morning here, havent gotten to bed yet. I've been watching people call their crush videos until now and I think I'll go to bed now.
Am I the only one who has that habit to stay late and watch random youtube recommendation vids?
@bolbteppa that's nice, peaceful work music!
that was the next one on YouTube's autoplay...*they know*
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