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8:00 PM
"explicit formula for the diagonal green current"...the diagonal green current sounds like something you see when you take too many psychedelics
@RyanUnger 0 enrolled for that one?!! wow
@SDFG I don't think the graduate students have enrolled yet
what is 'an adelic polarization'
At least, no one has told me how to enroll yet...
@JMac in my POV, the complainer came up with a rather contrived scenario to complain about my post. I was pointing out the ridiculous nature of the contrived scenario with my remarks & he misread them.
8:01 PM
@vzn Maybe this is how we merge QFT with GR, adelic polarization's, after all we use polarization in quantizing the EM field?
Well, misread the intent, I guess.
@ACuriousMind oh mine doesn't want to talk to me either because I once said I was going to his alma mater and then I bombed his final
Imagine taking random math concepts as part of trying to prove the Riemann Hypothesis, 'they are just missing adelic polarizations'
oh speaking of that, I met Atiyah
last summer
he gave an insane talk on the fine structure constant
he kept mentioning people with nice beards
and von Neumann
he said the key to understanding the fine structure constant is the quaternionic version of Euler's formula
No way
8:04 PM
yes way
We had a big discussion about that a while back
he said it's an easy exercise but no one thought to do it before him
The bible for getting into commutative algebra (and so algebraic geometry) is still his book
@bolbteppa where did you hear about it?
@RyanUnger welcome back dude :)
8:07 PM
@bolbteppa lol sounds like number theory o_O
@RyanUnger Oh what kind of math
geometric analysis
@ACuriousMind had any good whiskey lately?
@RyanUnger that similar to analytic geometry?
@RyanUnger reading your recent comments but its ambiguous. are you graduating/ going to grad school at princeton?
8:14 PM
I'm starting my PhD there in the fall after graduating last week
@SirCumference probably not
@RyanUnger I keep coming back to my trusty old friends Ardbeg and Laphroaig
@RyanUnger congratulations way cool :)
@ACuriousMind I have a bottle of an Oa
@vzn thank you
I got 6 bottles of whiskey for graduation
WhOa ;)
I'm very excited about the Glenfiddich 18
8:16 PM
I only know the 12 and 15, but if the pattern holds it should be very nice indeed :P
That's the idea
OTOH I was disappointed by the Blue label
@RyanUnger so you are officially BA Math now? did you write that sr thesis?
It's good, but not good enough for the insane price
Officially on the 22nd
I don't think I've really liked any of the Walkers I've had
BS Math, minor Physics
I did write a thesis
8:18 PM
double trouble/ killer combination! ... plz link to your thesis! :)
@ACuriousMind hmm you like the really peaty ones and the nice speysides but not the blends??
That's an accurate description, I guess!
@SirCumference this uses a lot of common techniques in GA
I should buy more whiskey, actually.
I've got about 12 bottles right now
@ACuriousMind you know I finally found out what the twisted connected sum construction is
have you thought about G2 at all since you left?
8:27 PM
Not really. Haven't really done much physics or math aside from answering questions here. As surprising as it may seem, I don't really miss it, either...
@ACuriousMind hmm
all the other first years are terrified that they'll have to go into industry
Why would they be when on average they have a 2-10% chance of surviving long term :p
Maybe up to 20% in this area
@ACuriousMind not grading papers is a major advantage to not being an academic
@RyanUnger Well, I was never one of these people who only liked math or physics to the exclusion of all else. I do believe that there are many who would be miserable if they had to do my current job.
8:35 PM
@RyanUnger wondering if you were any more "productive" without the copious chat time? did you miss anything?
I think I wrote most of that while I was still here
@KyleKanos I think I'm just evil enough that I would have enjoyed that ;P
I like grading the papers that are so bad that it's obvious they're wrong
the worst are the ones in the middle
you actually have to read to see what's happening
Also, I'm having to deal with the bug reports for our group this week. That may be even worse than grading papers :P
It was something I learned that I didn't want to do after successfully interviewing at a teaching University... Glad I opted to not go for it
8:38 PM
@ACuriousMind Dunno how I feel about that. I was pretty miserable doing engineering
My job is largely fun, though there's some lamenting how bad some people are at their jobs, at least it's not on me to remedy their mistakes
@RyanUnger "Engineering would make anyone miserable" would be a good line here, but I'm gonna go with "That's a valid feeling. Do what you want to do."
@ACuriousMind well the thing that the statistics don't tell you is how many of the people who don't get academic jobs are in your boat
I was afraid that a few months into my job I would change my mind and realize I'd made a horrible mistake. It hasn't happened yet :P
Like what is the number of people who have technical PhDs and are truly miserable outside of academia
I'd like to think it's not that many
The people who really need to be in academia find a way
8:44 PM
@RyanUnger Anecdote time: Of the eight people in my team, I'm one of only two who don't have a PhD in maths or physics. All seem pretty happy to me.
Wait, I think one of the PhDs might actually be a computer scientist. But her husband's an algebraic geometer :P
I pretty much only work with PhDs. Only ones who aren't happy have crappy managers
One thing that shocked me a bit was thinking of a phd as the beginning/bottom-rung/test-case of an academic career and not really the pinnacle of an education as it seems to be
Most are maths, about as many as physics & the rest between engineering and, oddly, biology
There's a lot of angst from people who aren't going to top 10 programs
@KyleKanos Yeah, if you have a terrible manager, every job's gonna be terrible
8:47 PM
I've never viewed industry as the enemy
@ACuriousMind 100% truth
@RyanUnger You always liked that GDP... :P
Princeton has a very good track record of people getting post docs tho
@KyleKanos As they say: "There's two kinds of managers: Shit umbrellas and shit funnels. Make sure you get the first kind."
@ACuriousMind so how do you feel about Obsidian's new game being Epic only
8:53 PM
@RyanUnger The game sounds ("first-person action RPG") so very much not like their kind of game that that's not the biggest thing worrying me about it!
Consoles are better anyway
It's like with Bioware developing Anthem - why'd anyone expect them to be good at it?
@ACuriousMind did you even bother with Anthem
Am I allowed to call Kyle a troll
My (stable!) Skyrim with 300 mods proves that PC is the superior platform
@RyanUnger I am not gonna flag it...
@RyanUnger No. Bioware died long ago, and their last game was Dragon Age 1. :P
8:55 PM
But my Wii plays Wii + GCN + SNES + NES + Sega Genesis games
Dude I've been trying to play DAO
Is that what you mean by DA1
yeah, that's the one
I can't into turn based
The wildlands almost killed me irl
And could play some N64 games, but i missed the cut off of the Wii store
there was this one dude with a fire staff on a bridge
took me a day to kill him
I have my Wii around here somewhere
8:56 PM
It's real-time-with-pause, not turn-based! :P
well whatever it is, it's hard af
I can't get all of my characters to do sensible things
at the same time
I guess ages of playing BG and KotoR have prepared me for it
I also have the kotor games...need to play those
my game backlog is immense
I am predicting you won't like their mechanics, either :D
I'm going to get Kingdom Come Deliverance during the summer sale
that seems like my kind of RPG
8:59 PM
I remember reading about it when its release was still far away, didn't realize it had come out yet
It had issues upon release
It's been out for over a year
It seems legitimately good. Very deep RPG with modern mechanics
At this point in time I'm resigned to leave large parts of my game library untouched to my hypothetical children :P
Very little fighting actually
Where is @JohnRennie
@RyanUnger if it's the older version, it can be backwards compatible with GameCube games & is worth the effort. Look into Nintendont
I have to tell him what I'm cooking
It does work with GCN games
for example, I have master quest
but it's much easier to play on my PC
9:02 PM
@RyanUnger Probably asleep (or comatose, it's hard to tell). As I will be soon, because this week I have to be at work at 8am sharp (ugh!).
Well if you have a GCN controller, it might be easier to play on the Wii.
ok that's a good reason to stay out of industry
I...have a GCN controller somewhere.
Don't you need one to play GCN games
If so, then there's one around
@RyanUnger Well, it's about two weeks a year where it's like this, so it's barely tolerable
I played wind waker on my PC until the save got corrupted
still mad about that
apparently the specific bug was present in the GCN version itself
I considered emulating the HD version but finding the ROMs is impossible
9:05 PM
I'd like to get wind waker. Have a rom, but rather the disc
If they announced a Switch version I'd buy a Switch tomorrow
As would a large number of people
so why don't they!
Nintendo could print even more money
They've been double-dipping more often with their games, so it wouldn't be too surprising to see some sort of "deluxe" version of Windwaker HD come to switch
I want to plot some vectors in 3D. I want the positions of the vectors to then change when I user a slider to adjust the parameters. I also want to be able to look at the vectors from different angles. Here's an example of what i'm thinking of
What's the best way to do this? Can I use python to generate something like that?
9:24 PM
@StanShunpike If you don't want to go "full programming", I think GeoGebra can do stuff like that
Otherwise you need to find a programming language you like and a GUI toolkit for it you like (often harder than it sounds!) and get to work yourself
@ACuriousMind It's clear to me that $\mathfrak m_x=\{f\in C(X):f(x)=0\}$ is a maximal ideal but AM say that's because it's the kernel of the evaluation map
is there some general criterion for a kernel to be maximal?
@ACuriousMind I tried doing it in python with jupyter notebooks but, yes, the gui portion was the issue
i was wondering if there's like javascript libraries that might be more suitable
@RyanUnger Yes, see math.stackexchange.com/q/28468/143136. The image of the evaluation map on the polynomial ring over a field is always the field, so its kernel is always maximal
@StanShunpike I don't know any javascript, and I never tried drawing stuff in Python, so I can't give recommendations for either
@ACuriousMind Ok! Thanks. Do you know what stack exchange chat might discuss this kind of topic?
In my youth (dear god I sound old), I wrote something like that in Delphi
@StanShunpike I'm guessing the various SO chats, e.g. the Python room? @PM2Ring would know for sure
9:42 PM
whomp whomp...data processing almost done
@ACuriousMind yup that was helpful. I think i had some setting wrong and for some reason could only see the Haskell chat.
didn't even know a python one existed
gotta say, after inspecting the annotations from this research group...I'm not super impressed...
Why does a distribution of charge, with net charge, looks like a point charge if we are far enough?
as long as the distribution is confined to a finite space, if you go far enough away that finite space looks like a point
like...if you go far enough from a galaxy, a galaxy will look like a point
but you're speaking about how it looks really
9:47 PM
the solid angle subtended by an object decreases by $1/r^2$
same reason for charges though
also you said "looks like a point charge"
yes but methaphorically
anyways, I think it's clear now
as you get farther from the charge, the error of using the mono-pole approximation decreases towards 0
you can write out the multi-pole expansion of the electric field and see that higher order poles all decrease much faster than the mono-pole term
and so the error decreases as you go farther out
that's what I was looking at, but not sure how it happens
9:51 PM
Does anybody understand quarter wavelength matching in transmission lines?
they deduce that, but,,,
the expression seems strange for me
@santimirandarp one way of thinking about it is relative distances.
the distances between the charges relative to the distance you are observing from is tiny. Negligible even. So it looks like the charge is localised in one spot.
All that expression does is count how much charge there is in some volume
@JakeRose thanks :)
10:50 PM
@KyleKanos What does GCN stand for
11:04 PM
@SirCumference GameCube Nintendo
11:21 PM
@KyleKanos shouldn't it be nintendo gamecube?
never realized it was the gamecube lol
11:43 PM
@ACuriousMind Thanks.
@SirCumference Yeah, it'd make more sense to be NGC, but it's always been called GCN for whatever reason
Oh huh, it's called NGC in Japan but GCN elsewhere ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯
Speaking of abbreviations, anyone know what "WTS" means in math? It's in a proof and I've got no idea
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