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12:00 AM
It's good for systems programming, which is my thing
@BernardoMeurer yeah, it is. C# WPF is pretty nice.
Yeah, I don't own Windows
that also doesn't help for C# dev :)
@ArtOfCode I messed with WPF ages ago
I sed SDL/2 recently, and it's raw, but works well enough
GTK is supposed to be really nice too
I've heard QT can be a bit of a mess
Family keep saying "oh, my computer doesn't do <thing I want>, you can make me software for that right?"... so I end up using WPF quite a lot
12:02 AM
@BernardoMeurer I agree, but the 'virtual machine' it embodies doesn't map as closely to the real hardware as it did in the '70s and 80s.
@BernardoMeurer idk man
@Slereah and I have had some intense discussions lately
@dmckee Fair, but I still think everyone should learn C; it teaches you how to think like a computer
And it's not as painful as ASM
@ArtOfCode I never coded anything for my family :/
I'm usualyl engaged in more, ehm, exotic (useless) projects
@BernardoMeurer keep it that way
once you write one thing for them, they'll keep asking
I started charging extended family, which cut back a tiny bit, but not immediate family
I'm old school enough that I maintain that anyone who can't drive a stick can't drive and anyone who can't at least muddle their way through code using honest-to-goodness, foot-shooting-enabled pointers can't really program.
Well, I don't even know how to cross-compile for Windows so I guess I'm safe
12:05 AM
But I have to admit that the power embodied in modern RAD languages is awesome and I no longer suggest that every programmer should be good at pointers.
@dmckee Pointers are just confusing
@ArtOfCode People in my family never ask me for my expertise ;_;
@dmckee From a slightly more recent perspective, I tend to say that "being able to program" isn't about knowing some technical aspect like pointers really well - it's about knowing your language to a good standard and being able to use it to solve a practical problem
Pointers are simple, but you must be painfully pedantic about your bookkeeping to use them safely.
Well my sister did once but it was some obscure statistics thing
12:07 AM
@0celouvskyopoulo7 can you tell them to teach my family how to do that?
@ArtOfCode Become a geometric analyst...
@ArtOfCode If you don't know and understand pointers well you're missing a really big part of programming
Ok programmer people. My LED lamp is flickering. What should I do?
I'm currently being roped into developing and hosting some charity's website because my parents are involved in it. I'm looking forward to telling them I'll be charging for it.
@0celouvskyopoulo7 Run it from a potato and install linux on it?
12:09 AM
@BernardoMeurer Oh, I do get pointers - I just don't think that's the epitome of programming ability indicators
@0celouvskyopoulo7 percussive maintenance
@ArtOfCode You seriously have the audacity to charge your parents?
Jesus Christ, maybe you are 10.
@ArtOfCode I tried hitting it a few times already.
@0celouvskyopoulo7 Capacitor
@0celouvskyopoulo7 for doing some charity's website that I have nothing to do with and they're only vaguely involved in? Yep.
@ArtOfCode The epitome is turning the problem inside out so that you can reduce the computational complexity and the code length in one swell foop.
12:10 AM
@dmckee Yeah, I'd agree with that
The epitome is writing self-modifying code
But you don't et the chance to do that very often and you can't produce it on demand to show people.
I bought too much spinach and it's going to go bad
@0celouvskyopoulo7 That's OK. It's good for your compost heap. Your yard needs iron, too.
throw girders at it
12:13 AM
@dmckee What compost heap?
@0celouvskyopoulo7 Listen to me, just add a goddamn capacitor to the DC out of the PSU, before it reaches the LED
Do you have a voltimeter?
It must be 5V
What would a capacitor do?
It's the LED dying
It's only one of the bulbs doing it
A capacitor would make the energy flow more constant/reliable
without spikes
(A large enough capacitor)
A flickering LED is generally caused by inconsistent power delivery
Adding one of these in line should do it
Rated up to 25V
I don't have money for supplies
not even 35 cents?
12:19 AM
It's 35 cents
it will invalidate any warranty the lamp has, though
@ArtOfCode It was like $20 and two years old
Fixing it really isn't hard
You just need to stablize power delivery
2 hours later…
2:51 AM
Anyone here ?
3:06 AM
@0celouvskyopoulo7 could you help me understand something ?
3:26 AM
@HsMjstyMstdn like what
Could you "walk" me through the integration of Rotsor's answer here ?
Q: Attractive force between capacitor plates

Saprativ RayA textbook question requires me to calculate the force of attraction between plates of a parallel-plate capacitor. The answer provided is $\frac{1}{2}QE$. I am not entirely sure how they arrived at it. The charge on each plate will be $Q=CV$ so from Coulomb's law, won't the force be defined as ...

I can't figure out why he takes four integrals and why that square root looks like it is
I mean, I understand he's summing up the two areas of the plates while taking the axes of each plate to be X1 Y1 and X2 Y2 but why is it (x2−x1)2+(y2−y1)2+d2 at the bottom of the fraction ? Is it Pythagoras in 3D ?
1 hour later…
4:42 AM
No one?
Q: When does a 2D metric have a 3D-surface representation?

DoubtCertain non-flat, 2D metrics can be visualized as a 3D surface. The metric for the surface of the unit sphere, $$ds^2 = d\theta^2+\sin^2\theta\,d\phi^2,$$ would be the most familiar example. Others are more esoteric: in Martin's General Relativity: A Guide ..., he visualizes the following metri...

Should we revoke bounty & migrate to Mathematics?
5:21 AM
Morning, everyone! :-)
5:51 AM
@0celouvskyopoulo7 I did not
6:11 AM
@JohnR: Two more days wow.
@Kaumudi.H It's going to be a bit surreal on Wednesday afternoon when it's finally all over
Yeah. The haircut will only add to that.
Life can begin again!! :-)
Somewhat, yeah :-)
6:17 AM
I'm going to be a little distracted this morning. I'm still playing catchup from the server problems yesterday.
Ah. Well, have fun! :-)
8:10 AM
You know what my lunch is today? Chocolate cake.
@ACuriousMind What's an example of a non-Hadamard state, anyway
@Kaumudi.H Go for it!! :-)
I shall be fasting today, having eaten so much over the weekend that my weight has increased by 3 kg.
Already at it! :-) Boy, you'd make for a great grandpa x'D
@JohnRennie Oh, wow, I see.
8:30 AM
@Kaumudi.H most of that 3kg is water and will be excreted over the next day or two. When you eat a lot, especially a lot of salty food, it raises the ionic strength of the body fluids and the body absorbs extra water to compensate.
That is new and interesting information, thanks!
As your kidneys do their work and excrete the extra salt your body sheds the extra water and your weight falls back again.
Fascinating indeed! (not sarcasm)
It's interesting how you efficiently control weight gain by thinking about the various interactions. :P
I have seen you saying stuff like that multiple times here.
Just don't eat
It's not rocket science
8:33 AM
@BalarkaSen I am such a nerd! :-)
@JohnRennie Me too. But I think through it philosophically.
If you conclude food and weight gain are illusions, you have no problem to worry about.
After all, there is nothing real outside what you perceive, is there?
@BalarkaSen Personally I take an empirical approach. I measure my weight twice a day and track how it correlates with what I eat and the salt content etc.
@JohnRennie Oh my God.
1 min ago, by John Rennie
@BalarkaSen I am such a nerd! :-)
I admire that but it's too much work.
8:35 AM
If you are fat odds are good you know why
(hint it is the delicious food)
@Kaumudi.H it probably sounds dangerously like OCD, but actually it just amuses me. I was an experimental scientist for nearly 20 years if you count the PhD, and measuring things seems an obvious thing to do for me.
I find it amusing how many people sail through life with very little idea of what is going on around them, though they presumably feel they are justified in not giving a damn :-)
"Son of man, you cannot say, or guess, for you have only seen a heap of broken images, where the sun beats"
everyone has very little idea of life
Some of us pay more attention to it than others ...
That's true.
@Slereah basically yes. If you are overweight it is because you are eating more than your body is metabolising - end of story.
8:40 AM
@JohnRennie this may be true, but it could be their appetite is pathologiclaly large
I'd imagine it would be very difficult to resist eating if your body thought you were starving
I just think a statistical or scientific analysis of life does not really classify as having more idea about life. But yeah, I am trying to manipulate this conversation into literary philosophy aka my realm :P
@JohnRennie Yes, but some others choose to pay attention to other things :-) It's a nice hobby to have, I guess; as long as you're not obsessive about it...
@BalarkaSen I agree.
with the first sentence or the second? :P
@Kenshin Chains will work
8:42 AM
It is difficult to fight a survival instinct of the body, so I would say that most obesity is a problem of the brain not appropraitely detecting when it is satiated rather than will power
@Kenshin there are metabolic conditions where your body responds inappropriately to the two hormones leptin and grehlin that control appetite. If so you need to understand that and devise strategies to deal with it.
or possibly a gag
@BalarkaSen :-) The first. It does give us some more idea than we are born with, but in only very specific ways.
To not put food in your mouth
Also meth
Meth is a reputed appetite suppressant
so is any kind of junk
8:42 AM
Well no
Marijuana is not a very good appetite suppressant
well marijuana is a hallucinogenic, not a junk
@JohnRennie agreed, the lap band procedure is apparantly good for that. I have heard that it doesn't just make the stomach small but it cahnges the way the body responds to hunger homrones too
those are opiates
@Kenshin If you have a genuine metabolic condition that means hunger in incorrectly regulated then a stomach band is usually a very effective treatment. No-one is entirely sure why it regulates appetite, but it does.
@BalarkaSen What
Marijuana is most definately not a hallucinogenic
It doesn't work like in the movies
if you hallucinate on marijuana you might have a problem
@JohnRennie let us please not advertise drugs as potential children may visit
There - a good reason for me to start toking. Though you might well object that I am not a mouse :-)
@BalarkaSen That's beautiful.
@Kenshin Factual information is not advertising.
@Kenshin fair enough, though note that is an article from New Scientist not Drug Fiend's Daily.
8:46 AM
@Slereah factual information can be advertising
i guess it's a psychoactive drug. but it's not junk
junk = opiates
young students come here trying to find out the secret to physics success
Most drugs are psychoactive.
now they see it is marujuana
@BalarkaSen Junk is slang for heroin isn't it?
8:47 AM
Drugs that aren't psychoactive aren't very interesting
@John yeah
i have to read the introduction to Naked Lunch again :P
The secret to physics isn't marijuana
It's amphetamines
cf Paul Erdös
Speed didn't do Philip K. Dick any favours ...
He ended up with amphetamine psychosis
8:48 AM
what's everyone's favourite drug?
We wouldn't have Blade Runner without it tho
Erd\"os did not do physics
@Kenshin Beer
Math skills transfer well to physics
8:48 AM
@Kenshin yellow bugpowder
I don't admit to crimes on public forums so let's say vodka
na Cocaine ftw
@Kenshin ::Realises how little she knows about psychedelic drugs::
@Kenshin seriously. Beer doesn't contain enough alcohol to cause any damage unless you're really, really determined, and it's a highly effective intoxicant.
A fair amount of people are fairly determined
8:50 AM
for any police watching I've actually never had drugs before
besides your standard tea and coffee and beer
the drug I do on a day to day basis is caffeine of course
^ That would be me as well.
But that's more for work
@Kaumudi.H Yeah, but I think it's simultaneously harrowing. "The dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief, and the dry stone no sound of water", and then: "Only, there is shadow under the red rock (Come in under the shadow of this red rock) and I'll show you something different from either your shadow at morning striding behind you or your shadow at evening rising to meet you"
"I'll show you fear in a handful of dust"
@Slereah Well I know people who can, and do, consume 20 pints of beer in 24 hours, and they are probably risking serious liver damage. But few of us can come near to those extremes.
8:50 AM
I hope that's all right
@JohnRennie those people are at serious risk of disease
@Kenshin yes, it's a stupid thing to do.
@BalarkaSen I've never actually read the whole poem before but those lines you've quoted, yes, they're not the most, erm, comforting, to say the least.
@Kaumudi.H This too shall pass
And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.”
8:53 AM
it's funny, it speaks of an apocalyptic landscape and of an arcane eeriness but there is beauty to it. i guess there is awe to destruction too
what's with the poetry?
what's the point of poetry?
I've seen the statue of Ramesses II on which the poem is based. We went on holiday to Egypt when I was nine.
@Balarka: I'd like to consume art that is existentialist but like I said before, my brain doesn't seem to be able to handle too much of that stuff too well.
I've never been to egypt
@Kaumudi.H what is existentialist?
8:55 AM
I'm not sure I'd recommend holidays in Egypt just at the moment :-)
@Kaumudi later-Eliot is not existentialist. The Waste Land is certainly not
@Kenshin -_- Back with the Google-able questions, I see.
@Kaumudi.H I don't really understand wikipedia on it
@BalarkaSen No, I wasn't referring to this poem in particular. Just saying...
The Waste Land is just utterly incomprehensible.
8:55 AM
what does it mean to you @Kaumudi.H
@JohnRennie you should read Finnegans Wake
I doubt even Eliot knew what it meant.
Goolge says exisitentlaist: a person who advocates the philosophical theory of existentialism.
I found an age old copy from my bookshelf
The only good thing about The Waste Land is that it has given titles to several (at least two) Iain M. Banks books.
8:56 AM
Existentialism (/ɛɡzɪˈstɛnʃəlɪzəm/)[1] is a term applied to the work of certain late-19th- and 20th-century European philosophers who, despite profound doctrinal differences,[2][3][4] shared the belief that philosophical thinking begins with the human subject—not merely the thinking subject, but the acting, feeling, living human individual.[5]
@Kenshin I'm in no position to speak about this for several minutes but you should ask @Balarka.
wtf does that mean
I"m a Machiavellianist
@BalarkaSen I don't think anyone reads James Joyce for pleasure. I think it's like climbing Everest - hard work and dangerous but it's great to be able to boast that you've done it.
@Kaumudi.H I think pushing the questions which overwhelmingly trouble you does more harm than good. But if existentialism does not fascinate (that's the word? simultaneously "trouble") you, feel free to not
@JohnRennie lol
well i stopped reading after the 1st page
Personally I'm a pragmatist and it's a philosophy that I can heartily recommend.
8:59 AM
@JohnRennie what is a pragmatist?
I think i'm that too

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