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3:38 PM
I'm confused on some math-like questions that arise in physics (and experiments)
Q: Calculating the uncertainty of $r$, when $1/r^2$ is used

mikkeljuhlI have tried to search through the forums and the Internet, however I haven't been able to find a source I was able to understand fully. I have a distance, r, with an uncertainty of ± 0.003 m, however in order to linearise my graph I need to divide 1 with r squared (1/r^2), what would the final...

I think that should go to stats.SE, it's not really all that on-topic here
But I flagged:
Q: What are anticipated events and experimental uncertainty?

user1804933I am working on this lab that involved gathering data from two different sources. It involved gathering reaction times from a device and from a web application which was put into our data sets. It is asking about anticipated events and if they agreed with the experimental uncertainty. After Goog...

For similar reasons and it was declined
So are math questions that come from physics but have no physical explanations or rationale okay? Cause lots of "Help with ODE" questions get closed/migrated
And I see them as the same type
4:04 PM
> **Best CONGRATULATIONS TO @Martijn Courteaux : This experience gives HALF of the result. It takes another experimental data to know the TWO ABSOLUTE SPEEDS of the two characters.)**

**You're the second person I know who defends the true theory of Newton!**

I am the first since 1999.

We are 2 on earth!

(I worked from 7am to 10am this morning to write in equations your experimental protocol on paper. )

**Congratulations to the process and protocol: your logic is correct.**

You are a WORTHY SUCCESSOR OF YOUNG NEWTON 23 years old who wrote De Gravitatione mocking stupidites of René Desc
Please delete the above crackpot answer:.
5:32 PM
Q: What is the point for placing a question on hold or marking it as off-topic?

AkashI wanted to know what the parameter's on which a question asked by a user is marked as off-topic or put on hold for example look at this question. As much I know this question was related to physics problem and it also contains the all required tag which specifies what the question is related to...

3 hours later…
8:21 PM
Q: Pourquoi m'empêchez-vous de poser mes équations confirmant la validité du protocole de Martijn Courteaux?

Yanick ToutainVoici la réponse en équations au protocole expérimental néonewtoniste proposé par Martijn Courteaux: Il est nécessaire d'avoir 2 données expérimentales ! par Yanick Toutain 1° Le signal lumineux part du phare D. Il va vers l'arrière. Il a une vitesse C. Pendant ce temps, Sam (vitesse absolue = ...

Do we have anyone who can check the translation and see if there's a question in there?
@tpg2114 That one was automatically declined, but I do think the question is on topic here because it's asking about physical terminology, it's not just a pure math problem.
Okay -- I'm working on the translation for you
That being said, we've historically made an exception to the "pure math" rule for error propagation, i.e. questions about error propagation and uncertainty analysis are considered on topic here.
@tpg2114 cool, thanks. Note that the second half of the post is in English and claims to be a translation of the first part (I think)
Yeah, it is
Q: maxwell's equations for time harmonic and magneto quasi stationary field

user30405Im a mechanical engineer, my Phd project is on Eddy current non destructive testing of cracks, which is completely governed by interaction between electromagnetic field of solenoid and conductor plane at first stage, I am totally unfamiliar to electromagnetic fields, I just know dependeng on app...

close vote in order? This seems quite vague to me
The french one is basically a homework question about reference frames and velocities
8:27 PM
Ah, I couldn't even extract that much from it. (admittedly I only glanced over it)
It appears the person derived what they perceive as an inconsistency in velocities
Based on signals sent between two moving observers
But it's very unclear what the question is
Well... if you'd care to do so, feel free to delete the French part from the question and edit in an improved English translation, and then we can see whether it makes sense. But if there isn't a good (i.e. reopenable) question in there somewhere, it may not be worth the effort.
My french is only marginally better than what the english translation is unfortunately
And I'm working on a tight deadline, leaving for the UK tomorrow night and I need to get 2 weeks of work finished by then
ah, well, we'll see if anyone else comes along.
No worries. :-)
I hit the wrong button and killed a simulation that was about to end, lost 2 hours of data
8:33 PM
ouch :-(
Q: Analyse astronomical data

PMLRecently I was told of a job offer to analyse astronomical data. The job offer states that they want somebody with knowledge of astronomical data analysis software and it will be a plus somebody who has experience with programming languages, giving as examples: IDL and Fortran. My first question ...

Not sure if that might be closeable... it could be off topic (as it's not really about a physics or astronomy concept, more career advice), it could be opinion based (as it's asking for a programming language recommendation), etc.

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