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1:42 AM
Confirmed, and I also see this site scraping content from Physics, e.g. this (original). Who knows how many other network sites they are taking from (without any attribution whatsoever). — David Z 18 secs ago
go and upvote the answer that's attached to. no questions asked. :-P
2:04 AM
Q: Tag cleanup - pluralization

Chris WhiteAs I was casually going through the list of tags, I noticed several whose pluralization stood out as... off. It seems to me that for non-unique things (so I'm excluding sun, earth, etc.) that are not mass nouns (i.e. concepts, like energy or even simulation), the plural form of the word should be...

Q: Tag cleanup - burnination

Chris WhiteIn my recent perusal of the tags, I came across a couple that seemed unnecessary. Can we get rid of the following tags? proof-that-1-plus-1-is-2 Seriously, why? Even Mathematics doesn't have this as a tag. Also, there are no questions attached to it. fun-stuff This seems to be a meta-tag that i...

10 hours later…
11:41 AM
@DavidZ I think I've upvoted top 20 posts (a few months back) already :)
1 hour later…
12:52 PM
pssst wakey wakey, ive returned for one of my pestering stints :P
Me is busy today
Also, MSO dramaz:
Q: Lounge C++ frozen by mod?

Tony The LionSeriously why is Lounge C++ being frozen by Mod Gordon? I mean really? Because we're not on-topic?

My answer is +7/-6 :P
... in which case i think i break every rule about chat rooms when i come here on physics!
Not really
@CodyGray Doesn't have to be strictly C++. But the topic should return to that eventually. On Physics Chat we talk about all sorts of things --we've even had long discussions about programming--but we always come back to some physics discussion. I don't know whether or not LCPP does, but there used to be a bunch of rooms that basically existed only because the users had gtalk and facebook blocked at work. And problems were arising with those (flags, etc). — Manishearth 12 mins ago
But good point. From this point on, @Gugg is banned from the room (j/k)
ah, fixed
For that matter, I ought to ban myself and Crazy too
brb banning everyone
1:02 PM
just close the room ;)
ManishEarth has frozen this room.
Now it's a monologue
Hi Manish
How are you doing?
Why, I'm fine. How are things?
gets bored
ManishEarth has unfrozen this room.
@RhysW See? I'm boring, and I get bored if I freeze the room :P
:P how do you timeout rooms?
mod only?
1:04 PM
timeout, freeze, delete, message migration/deletion, and some other cools stuff
ah, yeah i presumed delete would be, and freeze too, but timeout i thought might not be
timeout is cool
got to go, be back in half an hour
maybe less
kk cya around!
ill bother @CrazyBuddy for a while then :P
2 hours later…
2:49 PM
@ManishEarth cough :P
I was back
But I left again
hah, i totally read that in my head to the tune of "I got knocked down, but i got up again"
3:07 PM
wait I still get rep for tag wiki edits? shouldn't that stop at some point?
3:32 PM
@ManishEarth ?
3:47 PM
@RhysW Who me..? Ohh... I am now :D
@CrazyBuddy ?
@ShuklaSannidhya Hi there :)
@ChrisWhite Until 20k...
@CrazyBuddy :P Crazy as ever
@ManishEarth @ChrisWhite: BTW, SE is totally crazy... Tag wikis by 10k user, are approved by 5k users... :P
@CrazyBuddy Ohai... I did something - shuklasannidhya.github.io ...
You may wanna see it.
3:49 PM
@ShuklaSannidhya Doesn't do for Cr... Damn...! Stupid code :P
@CrazyBuddy i prefer that, means you cant make the screw up of the edit, but you can tell if someoen elses is obviously wrong
@RhysW What..? wrong..? Yeah... Those written by grads are very wrong, whereas undergrads can check that and enlighten them it's really wrong..! :O
@CrazyBuddy exactly! If i can look at your edit and think 'ew' then you shouldnt be doing it! :P
If I'd have known that, I'd have rejected a couple of edits so that Chris can never suggest edits for a week :P
(actually, not really..!!! I suspect it requires a few other people too)
requires 3 i think
same as approving anormal edit
3:56 PM
@RhysW IIRC, normal edits require 2, unless they've been rejected by someone else (maybe, I'm wrong) :)
@ShuklaSannidhya i think i broke it :L
@CrazyBuddy :(
@RhysW What was your input?
my fav element was UUU before they renamed it :(
@ShuklaSannidhya 70000 :P
@ShuklaSannidhya Haha... BTW, you should definitely make it look quite bigger... I stuck my face into my laptop :P
@CrazyBuddy really? invest in glasses my man!
@ShuklaSannidhya doesnt like when i do scientific notation either :(
4:01 PM
@CrazyBuddy Ctrl + + (Zoom in)
@RhysW Son.. you probably should go to high school first..! before advising a sophomore..! :P
@ShuklaSannidhya Aargh... Websites should be user-friendly..! >:(
(Grr...) you shouldn't tell what user must do..! He'll press Alt+F4 instead :P
@CrazyBuddy Your aarghument is invalid. Users should must be website-friendly.
@CrazyBuddy i've decided you are a female from now on :P seems more fitting!
@ShuklaSannidhya as a developer i support this 100%
@RhysW @ShuklaSannidhya: I'll kill you both..! You're terrorists to Physics.SE (spamming around) I'll mod-chat this, call someone (wat abt Shog9?) :P
Anyone who can work with MKVs around..?
@CrazyBuddy i believe you are supposed to call ghost busters
and hey, im only here because you told me to come back :P your own fault!
4:06 PM
@CrazyBuddy Hahaha... BTW, that reminds me, today Gordon froze the biggest chat room of SO.
@ShuklaSannidhya manish forwarded me the SO meta post on the fallout, lots of unhappy people
Stupid people around...
Crazy Buddy has frozen this room :P
it doesnt work like that xd
What-IF I had mod powers..? o.O
i would leave...
4:08 PM
@RhysW Hah..! Just wait for a few years... That will happen soon for sure :D
@CrazyBuddy if(crazyBuddy.isMod) { crazyBuddy.isMod = false;}
:P im just pulling your leg, if anything i would be even harsher on you for a laugh xD
@CrazyBuddy i think i scared her away :(
@RhysW No... Thinking File system corrupted :)
@CrazyBuddy true, false, file not found?
@CrazyBuddy oh dear, thinking? not trying to get rid of me are you? :P
@RhysW Crazy Buddy got away for a while..!
4:16 PM
@CrazyBuddy hehe, we cant have that! you wanted to bring me here now you have to take me for walks and remember to feed me and clean up after me, @ManishEarth warned you about this and you said you would be able to do it!
@RhysW What..? He didn't tell me... Crazy Buddy is deaf blind :)
@CrazyBuddy deaf blind and dumb? sucks to be you :P
sorry, i get insulty when im happy :L
@RhysW But, without him, h-bar struggles ya know..! It still needs this guy..!
What is the meaning of this name?
something physics-y
4:20 PM
@ShuklaSannidhya Whose..? Wait a min... Do names have a meaning at all..?
What's Shuklasannidhya..? :P
@CrazyBuddy why is it called h bar s/he means :P
@CrazyBuddy "h-bar"...
@CrazyBuddy It has a meaning, a meaning deeper than your shallow mind.
@ShuklaSannidhya does it mean 'stop asking silly questions crazy buddy' ? because that would be awesome :P
@RhysW well... kinda... yes
4:21 PM
@CrazyBuddy so, i asked my wormhole questions, what physicsy thing should take my fancy next? :P
@ShuklaSannidhya haha, no way!
@RhysW @ShuklaSannidhya: What abt this..?
H-bar or h-bar can refer to: * H with stroke, a Latin letter H with a doubled horizontal stroke (Ħ ħ) * reduced Planck constant, which the above symbol represents as a mathematical symbol * Antihydrogen, an antimatter element represented by the symbol * Steyr AUG H-bar, the light machine gun version of the AUG assault rifle
(whatever you people like...)
@CrazyBuddy hahaha.... I just had that open in the next tab...
@RhysW Go for M-theory.... It has 6 extra space dimensions, multiverses, etc... :P
Apparently, we don't have an active string theorist here...! :)
@CrazyBuddy ooh string theory, ok anywhere i can start? :P
@RhysW Shoot out Lubos Motl..! :P
4:24 PM
@CrazyBuddy ahh, might be hard for me to get answers to my questions then!
@RhysW Yeah... Try making your own crackpot theory then..! :D
@CrazyBuddy hey, my last crackpot theory proved popular! :P
hmm, i probably should get a better understanding of 'basic' physics, but jumping right into the hard stuff is more fun xD
@RhysW Yeah... Learn Newton's laws..!
rule 1) dont talk about newtons laws
2) do NOT talk about newtons laws
those ones?
@RhysW You should talk abt them actually..! :)
4:28 PM
@CrazyBuddy i was referencing fight club for humour though :(
p.s good call on reading about string theory, interesting so far
@RhysW I know..! (one of my favorites)
@RhysW Try searching "Brian Greene"... His videos are easily understandable for almost anyone :)
@CrazyBuddy what are you trying to say! :P
Duh... -_-
noob question number one, do the strings that describe matter vibrate digitally or analogue? :P
@RhysW They're actually shaken by angels which you don't know..! :D
4:32 PM
@CrazyBuddy ¬_¬
what saddens me is that there is someone out there that is using that as a legitimate argument to make m theory still fit in with religion
@RhysW Who's that? o.O
@CrazyBuddy shrug i dunno, someone :P
@RhysW Was that Gugg..? :D
@CrazyBuddy i mean there probably is soemone using it
not there is :P
ahh... too bad to understand phrases :)
4:37 PM
i noticed :P
just tell me to shh if im being too mean, i dont mean to be! :P
@RhysW Are you? Tell me... Is this how you behave..? Don't you guys have manners..? :P
5:00 PM
@CrazyBuddy yes this is how i behave :P dontknow what you mean by you guys though :P
@RhysW I meant every other people who're chit-chatting..! :D
@CrazyBuddy thats just us atm, we talk alot
5:34 PM
y u ppl discuss stuff when i'm busy?
That's it, I'm freezing this room whenever I'm not here :P
5:49 PM
@ShuklaSannidhya nice! Next up, make it plot the actual wavefunctions (Not so hard to do, I did that years ago -- there are analytic solutions to the 1-electron H-atom system)
Or just fix the Chromium thing
6:08 PM
@ShuklaSannidhya Ctrl-Scroll is waay more fun :P
@ManishEarth yeah,nothing on topic though :P
well, apart from the next topic im gonna plague people with :P
Q: How does interference move energy from destructive to constructive regions?

HelenI recently read (sorry but I don’t have a reference) that interference is not only about destructive and constructive interference but moving energy from destructive to constructive regions according to conservation of energy. The place where this really bothers me is when light is being transmit...

^ a topic on which I've never been totally clear about
7:01 PM
Is it just me or are we being asked to find how to maximise enjoyment on a roller coaster?
7:41 PM
@ManishEarth make the wait shorter

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