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3:29 AM
Q: Help finding an anime movie about things born from teeth (tough one)

thinkingI had a flashback of a memory about an anime movie I once watched a few years ago, I been trying to think of what it was but I cant remember the name. I originally stumbled upon a clip of this film on youtube (the algorithm giveth and taketh) and watched the movie, thought it was really weird, an...

4:17 AM
@Sakamoto i'll deal with you after i've shared today's Yuri
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5:34 AM
Q: What's the meaning of ending credit of Great Pretender that have cat on it?

GagantousIn the Great Pretender anime, there is something that bothering me. What's the meaning of the ending credit scene that represent a bunch of cat? I mean the anime is about fraud and swindling, but why they put cat instead of other than in the ending credit scene? Does it have a meaning at all wit...

6:17 AM
found out this today
> However, only 31 episodes from seasons 4 and 5 were dubbed into English by 4Kids Entertainment, due to low ratings, pressure to air Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, and an ongoing lawsuit from TV Tokyo and NAS.
i've only seen up to the end of Season 2: Earthbound Immortals (at least i assume i am, the title does suggest it) but i recalled seeing screenshots of Yusei and Akiza standing in that dilapidated room we see when the Dark Signers gathered at one point so i knew there was more than what i had seen
but not only is a second of Season 4 missing (near the end), they also only did the first 2 episodes of Season 5
like the hell? do it properly or not at all
might now see if i can get fan subs of the entire series as opposed to buying the dub and filling in the gabs with the fan subs
3 hours later…
9:08 AM
That sounds like the epitome of bad dubbing ;o
@Dimitrimx well the dubs themselves i don't think are bad, however 4Kids isn't the best when it comes to production. notably removing gun in the original season. but this and how they didn't finish GX really sucks
the news article that's used as a reference for the lawsuit seems to also imply that 4Kids tried to cheat the japanese companies out of their cut by working with Funimation and having them make more of the money
9:52 AM
Don't worry, as I told you before, thanks to some friends living there.... Italy can be worse.
Misogynistic censorship like removing the relationship between Sailor Saturn & Uranus and turned them into sisters? Check.
Anime stuck in limbo forever with exclusive broadcasting right in the hand of companies who won't air new episodes for more than 6 years (See: One Piece, Naruto etc)? Check.
Ban of the word "death"? Check.
Cut episodes? Check.
Thinly-Veiled Dub Cultural Change that make Ace Attorney look like an amateur work by comparison (gotta love Doraemon being a fan of... krapfen.)? Check.
Tried to cheat japanese companies by broadcasting unlicensed anime in the past? Check, they managed to receive a ban on Gundam licensing because of that....
(or at least that is a recurring tale, never managed to check if that's true. But I saw unlicensed manga magazines being a thing there in the past)
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1:56 PM
Q: I got spoiled about AoT Should I still wait for the anime?

Crunchy_woodI got spoiled on Reddit. He said I didn't read past that. Now the real question is How much of a spoiler is this really? Is it still worth waiting for the new season, or is this basically the plot of this season.

2:21 PM
Q: Would you consider Fullmetal Achemist to be a magical realist type story?

InotreallyabotI have a project due where I have to compare and contrast two magical realist stories. I thought that it would be better to include a manga because they are very different from normal books.

4 hours later…
6:33 PM
Q: Akame ga Kill new season?

Kuro_Demon_KIngThis probably makes no sense. I don't care. Will there be another season? I mean, in the anime, only Akame and Najenda are alive. In the manga, Tatsumi and Mine are alive, but retired...because they had a kid. So could there be a second season?

4 hours later…
11:02 PM
@Derpy turning Haruka and Michiru into sisters could be an improvement to DiC's lol
@Derpy it's happened in other countries with other series so would not be surprising
will have to find it but MovieBob did an episode on a film in what clearly rips off Goku

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