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8:11 AM
Remember, it's your fault. You asked for it :P
8:27 AM
wait... can do worse....
9:20 AM
9:37 AM
how's things @JNat
@Derpy that's Aile isn't it
barely remember ZX Advent other than Axel's Biometal being in it. ZX i remember a fair bit more because i kept playing until i could get Biometal O
@Derpy that's not legit right?
because Kemono Friends + Paper Mario wouldn't be bad
@Memor-X both are fan made.
But Kemono Crossing seems more likely to actually happen.
@Memor-X good; was away for a week
how 'bout yourself?
@JNat taking a break from work and the internet?
@JNat good, back in the office so work effort's improved. played No Man's Sky most of the weekend. 1st day just getting to the point where i get the Overseer, 2nd day trying to find a good planet to set up my base. couldn't find earth like but found a nice close enough. better then my fallback which was very orange and blue. still blue rocks but not as bright of a orange ground, more pale savanna yellow
@JNat what did you get up to during your break?
9:47 AM
@Memor-X visited family, mostly
@Memor-X is No Man's Sky any good? I only remember hearing about it around its release
which, if I recall correctly, didn't go too well?
@JNat the release was incomplete basically, many things shown in trailers not getting in the actual product.
@JNat you recall correctly. it's decent now from what i've heard since i picked it up when it was dirt cheap on GOG
Portals weren't working, not actual multiplayer in any form, missing features....
had a lot of backslash, refunds, cancelled orders....
Not great. But at least they somehow took responsibility, actually apologized and have been updating the game since.
Game was released in 2016, we had four years of free updates so far. Some quite substantial, would probably fit as paid DLC for some games.
And based on what they said, they aren't going to stop soon.
@JNat you in the UK aren't you? been following the Sith's Rule of 6?
@Derpy i would agree it's almost DLC level, but you should have a complete featured game before doing paid DLC
(But I totally expect them to at least try to get some money by re-releasing the game on PS5 or the new Xbox with enhanced graphic settings)
9:53 AM
@Memor-X haven't been in the UK this past week, so decided to not read about any of that during that time :P I'm aware it's a thing, though, yeah
@JNat oh you've been out of the country?
@Memor-X I meant.... It is not like Mighty #9 which tried to do a kickstarter for a second game while still not delivering what promised for the first one.
@Memor-X I have, yes
4 hours later…
2:19 PM
@Memor-X the pillar planet base didn't undergo any big change, the sky color and everything were basically the same.
But now I have giant big watermelons rolling around everywhere.
2:53 PM
@Derpy pillar planet?
3:16 PM
Q: First anime which introduces "nose bleed"

TheLittleNarutoWhich was the first anime which introduces concept of "nose bleed"?

2 hours later…
4:57 PM
Q: i want a couple of theories confirmed on my re zero starting life in another world theory think you could spare some time

Timothy Thomasi have a question what if subaru is from another timeline were he and the witch of envy fall in love and he dies and she goes on a rampage do you think that is y amelia is drawn to him every time he dies and do you think the reason the witch wont let him tell anyone because in order for that retu...

5:34 PM
@Memor-X My bad, "Fissured" to be precise. Pillar is another glitch type
This is a fissured planet
5:49 PM
previously, it only had one animal like almost every "glitch" category planet.
Now it has.. 5 or 4, can't remember.
The most common one near the base I had built there (trying to do a sort of lab near a boundary fracture) being some weird giant rolling balls of light that kinda looks like giant rolling watermelons.
So, now I have watermelons rolling around my base.
Better than the small moving fissures I had before who where kinda redundant with the general landscape as you can see in the picture.

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