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1:43 AM
> Relive the story of Goku in DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT! Beyond the epic battles, experience life in the DRAGON BALL Z world as you fight, fish, eat, and train with Goku. Explore the new areas and adventures as you advance through the story and form powerful bonds with other heroes from the DRAGON BALL Z universe.
so you'll spend most of your time eating given how much he eats
7 hours later…
8:21 AM
i think there is a minigame about it :P
ohayou btw
8:50 AM
@Proxy that spans the entire game because that's all Goku does lol
@Proxy oh hi, yo
hows ya doin ^^?
@Dimitrimx really good. so peaceful this morning with most of the sheep gone, been so relaxed i forgot what day it was, slept in for an extra hour when i shouldn't that forgot Doctor Who comes on in a couple of minutes
slept pretty good as well. Public transport was a pain this morning though.

Started with the tram not showing up, so i took the buss. And half way through the commute it started leaking it's cooling fluids. So I had to walk litle over 50 minutes to get to work today ;/
2 hours later…
10:55 AM
Q: Manga with a boy who is modified and turned into a skeleton monster thing

Matisse DuncanI've read it before but i forgot the name and i want to read it again i only remember a bit of the star where he got hit by a train trying to save some girl then was kidnapped with a half a body and was turned into a skeleton monster but managed to keep his sanity and turned back into mostly huma...

11:16 AM
Q: Anime Which Tells the Story of One MC Contested by Two Heroines

Benz Iskanthis is related to the romance genre anime. Can you provide 10 lists of anime that tell the story of one mc contested by two heroines? Please, I need a reference on this, thanks

so how's stuffs
I finally managed to launch the template for a blazor web app
I had some borkd .net core 3.0 or 3.1 install, reinstalling them a couple times fixed the issue inexplicably
so I might be able to do some local web dev and figure out if blazor is something good or not
if anyone has any suggestions for quick and easy way to create a web app for someone who mostly uses Visual Studio (not code) and c#, ping me with em
for now I've been making .net framework 2.2 webapp work, and I haven't touched MVC at home at all yet
11:35 AM
use the pre-provided template?
do let me know if blazor is any good though, haven't had the time to touch it myself yet ;)
thing is I have no idea what "blazor" even is
I think it just means the code file syntax
like the c# mixed with html
12:01 PM
Q: You want recommendations? Here's a list of them

HakaseThis is the special meta post where we post our recommendations. It's not for asking, just for posting whatever you feel like others would be interested in watching/reading/playing/hearing. Also, below is a list of third-party sites which may be helpful in finding recommendations. Third-party l...

anyone wants to add something recent?
@Hakase afaik it's the evelotion of razor, which I personally didn't find too great.
for what reasons was it bad?
and what do you think of MVC separate file approach?
@Dimitrimx dang. you don't drive yourself?
@Memor-X I work in a city centre, parking is exspansive, and my commute would be ~50 minutes. As opposed to public transport which costs 1/6th of the parking costs, and takes 37 minutes total.
yay public transport economics!
nay crappy transport upkeep :s
12:13 PM
@Hakase Not necessarily bad, it intertwinse frontend and backend very closely. I prefer the seperation by means of API more. It allows for a better overview overall in my sense, and the abillity to create something reusable as opposed to platform specific
hmm I see
But that prefference is probably also due to most of the things I make needing to be consumed from multiple platforms in the end, and not just a webpage itself
gankutsuou is on the list, nice @Hakase
@Proxy still haven't watched that one, tis' too much for meh eyes >.<
one day for sure, just not soon
@Hakase Not sure, I only worked with 'custom mvc implementations'.
12:15 PM
the visual style is unique and i guess hard for some to get into. But the series is pretty great
And most of those migrated away to full on seperated front/back-end solutions half way through
I kinda make stuff like games and console apps and services which do the thing they're supposed to do without trying to "generalize" or "multipurpose" it
at the beginning I tried following the recommended coding approach to create interfaces and stuff but then I realized I never actually use them in my entire life, so what am I doing
In gamedev I agree, more often then not you do not need interfacing and such.
For software engineering I do prefer it
I guess I don't work for that type of IT company or at least not in that capacity to have to know how to do that
I've specifically been screening for companies who don't make you a cog in their well oiled "ideal programming approaches from 2012" machine, and instead something that just has to work, no matter how, just please help us
it's been great for me so far
I can see that I and some other coders live in different worlds, I'm fine with that, not everyone must wear a full suit and a tie and go to office every day :p
well, I'm not sure i'll be able to describe if it's good or not, I'm sure I'll misuse the hell out of it, and it's just either going to work for me or not, I can't provide granular feedback in terms that actual proper devs speak lol
As far as that goes I am also at a pretty good place ;)
Also not a suit-n-tie company, but we do work for those
12:40 PM
@Memor-X is this a 3d rendered background noise?
now that I look at it it looks like it could be a poor quality 3d model render with a cartoon filter applied and then with a smudge/brush filter on top, and then with 3d render noise added on top
that'd be wack if I guessed that right
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3:00 PM
Q: Which is the highest recorded power level in Nanatsu no Taizai?

PabloI was reading the Nanatsu no Taizai wikia and I saw there Chandler's power level is listed to be 173,000 , which is over Meliodas' power level of 142,000 , which I thought to be the highest. Which is the highest recorded power level in Nanatsu no Taizai?

3:41 PM
Q: Searching for an Anime

lajen13First of all, sorry for my english:) but I'm searching for an anime, since it has been a long time and I forgot the name. I don't remember the plot correctly but I think there's a girl who meets a handsome boy, but then she realises that he is only 12,13,14ish. I think she starts to live in his h...

Q: What’s the song that plays on my hero academia Season 2 EP 24 at the 4:42 mark

DexusblazeThe song is super epic I hear it in a bunch of episodes but I can’t ever find it. It plays for a small portion of the fight between all might midoriya and bakugo in this episode

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5:04 PM
Q: Why did Saiba Joichiro take some time off cooking?

Alex01106Back in his youth Saiba was the best cook in Totsuki, but after he had a 50 vs 1 shokugeki match it's like he stopped having fun cooking, why?

2 hours later…
6:49 PM
Q: How did reanimated Haku and Zabuza die?

Fumikage TokoyamiAccording to Naruto wiki, a reanimated body can die from any of the following ways: Remove the soul from the reincarnated body, such as with the Dead Demon Consuming Seal. Have the summoner end the technique. As they are unlikely to do this voluntarily, using a genjutsu to trick them...

7:30 PM
Q: Black butler, helppppppppppppppppppppppppppp plz

bangtan nakuI want to watch black butler but crunchyroll won't let me!!! Do you kno another site where i can watch it? I tried crunchyroll and youtube and i don't know what to do (I'm very sorry if I have spelling mistakes, i'm not a native english speaker😅)

Q: What song was played in Noragami episode 12 when Rabo falls?

Nathan60What song was played in Noragami episode 12 when Rabo falls? Nathan UltraCore Power Arlong Park

3 hours later…
10:46 PM
@Hakase no idea to be honest
1 hour later…
11:47 PM
Q: Why didn't Kirito report to the police?

user51629Why didn't Kirito report Sugou to the police or call Asuna's father? Sugou's "Don't ever contact her family" from the anime doesn't seem persuasive enough, especially if Kirito didn't know about Sugou's experiments, and so Kirito didn't know anything about possible IRL risks.


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