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1:29 AM
Q: Why Meowth of Team Rocket hasn't evolved

USerNAmeA question I had been asked and wondered about - why Meowth of team rocket hasn't evolve, or even rather, (since it's kind of easy to answer that question) will he or can evolve? And the core to that question is that we see Meowth envy in Jeovany's Persian, and when he imagines himself petting w...

this is art
@xpert yeh, shame we can't have an irl gallery for just yuri because certain groups irl would ruin it
how's things anyway @xpert
2:04 AM
7 hours later…
9:17 AM
9:49 AM
@xpert lol, you that worn out?
3 hours later…
12:35 PM
morning guys and no @Memor-X im 90% sure that we live in different timezones, either that or you were on at 4 o'clock this morning.
1:01 PM
@xpert oh lol, i thought when you said rip you was expressing you was worn outfrom like work or university
1:28 PM
A: Happy Holidays, Anime & Manga SE Community!

JNatTook me a while to go pick it up with the holidays and all, I know, but I picked up this awesome Ukiyo-e styled Megaman illustration from the SE London office earlier this week: In addition to that, in late December I'd also received two CDs, shipped from Japan, with Megaman 1 and 2's soundtra...

<3 thanks, to all of you that took part in that :D
2:14 PM
well yea i had to go to a rifle team meet that was far away and didnt get bac home will till later but when i said rip i was expressing my disappointment @Memor-X
I just finished The Toll and I just found out that that was the last book...
2:57 PM
@JNat You earned it, enjoy it :)
3:50 PM
@Memor-X when you said "hows things anyway xpert" i thought you said that's how this is anyway xpert. I completely misread your question.
4 hours later…
7:39 PM
Looks like there's a small change on the site design, or I didn't notice it until now
Compare to the screenshot on the meta post
7:56 PM
Q: Goku black in History of Bardock?

ThomasWhen I watched a clip from Bardock Father of Goku.....I noticed a short vision where Goku destroys the world. What I first couldn't believe though was a pontara hanging from his ear...and the look was the same Goku Black had. Thus my question is: Did he really show up there or was that video a c...

8:16 PM
Q: What is the song in Parasyte Episode 1 at 1:57?

3DimitrijeSounds a bit like hypnotik but i cant find it anywhere


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