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12:25 AM
Q: Can conquerors Haki give someone brain damage?

Jet JaguarI always wondered does conquerors Haki have any long term eff

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7:20 AM
8:09 AM
Q: Unknown scene based on the little match girl

Allumette LinstockThis has been haunting me ever since I read about the little match girl. There is a certain scene which I couldn't tell if it was a fight scene or an illusion scene, but the main plot was that the villian used fire and slowly caused the character he fought against to hallucinate (don't know if it...

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9:22 AM
9:38 AM
yes, not as late as usal
though still missing @Proxy
how's things @JNat @Dimitrimx
busy busy
Busy, but pretty good.
im old
forgetting shortcuts on keyboard, taking time to write sql queries
Taking your time on queries is a good thing, usually ;')
9:46 AM
@JNat sorta busy. we has a bit of a "security breach" being that someone finally took issue about passwords being stored in plain text in TFS (after one of my colleague had been complaining out it for years), so this sprint we're fixing up the passwords so that only managers can input them and out deployment platform stores them but they are obscured once entered. my work is full and repetitive while my colleague has got the task to alter the deployment process
the issue is a problem because everyone on the account can access the files in TFS
@Proxy i only remember Ctrl + C/V/A
looks like only @Proxy is the one that's not busy, unless it's busy being old lol
haven't watched any anime in a while... T_T
any suggestions, anyone?
@JNat A specific genre you looking for ?
@JNat Thunderbolt Fantasy, Bloom Into You, there's also a small new series of Yuru Yuri
9:55 AM
@Dimitrimx no quite... the latest ones I watched were FMA:B (for the 4th time), the latest Attack on Titan, One Punch-Man...
Kinda been moving away from the Shounen-y type of stuff
@Memor-X can't find the first on MAL — is it being released now, or...?
im busy kind as well
it was meant as a joke for being old
slow day
10:16 AM
there is kind a lot of stuff that has to be done. We had an meeting for the entire morning.
Hm, I would originally have suggested Shield hero, but that's also shounen-y.
Perhaps darwin's game, if that's out already
10:58 AM
@Proxy ahhhh, yeh it makes sense now. have had those kind of days too
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1:11 PM
Q: What is the Giant Straw hat in episode 885?

MasterOne of the world leaders walks up to a giant straw hat in the episode in one of the major world government institutions. What is it and how is it related to Luffy.

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7:12 PM
@Memor-X it depends how you run it
if it's directly to the exe, if it's to the link, if it's from start menu text input field, if it's from the Win+R run box, if it's by dropping the link onto exe...
@Sakamoto brain damage is a constant blight on ninja's life
@JNat are you up to date on Mushishi?
I can't recommend anything recent, haven't had time to dedicate to a good anime viewing session yet also
I'm reading manga here and there though, but I can't recommend anything in good conscience :s
I'll watch the upcoming re-zero season but I was thinking of rewatching previous ones and... it doesn't seem like a fun time
@JNat if you want something exciting, myanimelist.net/anime/37779/Yakusoku_no_Neverland
if you are in the mood, maybe play this store.steampowered.com/app/447530/…
it's 90% reading text, 5% picking jukebox tracks for the day and 5% mixing drinks
@Hakase no! But it is, indeed, on my list — I'm thinking catching up on older stuff might be a good idea, yeah
7:54 PM
Q: Is it rare to have an Absol with a bug type attack

MichaelEven though Absol is a dark type and weak against bug types I have and Absol with a bug type attack

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9:57 PM
@Gallifreyan not alot to go on but from the looks of it it's not produced by an American company so there's a + right there since US Companies trying to "make anime" are a hit or miss (Avatar and Castlevania = good, Deathu Noto = bad)
@Hakase if you're talking about the application, you can see from my script it's just youtube-dl "[URL]" with a bunch of arguments to specify video/sound/filename format and the github page lists a bunch of other options such as using proxies
@Hakase and there's yuri
2 hours later…
11:37 PM
i think being Queen Val's Bunny was a career prospect lol
exclusive footage of the recent discovery of Kaga and Akagi

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