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2:50 AM
@Gallifreyan bad :(
kuvshinov's characters all have dead faces, plus this cg animation... just why
@Memor-X I mean it's subtle and you might miss it if you're not looking
or if you have not been deeply infused in it for a decade
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11:08 AM
Q: Finding for anime

user50481Im finding an anime where the main character gets a phobia when a girl he knew attempts suicide, this girl has yellow hair then she cuts off knowing she survive, its because of jealousy, need answer thanks

4 hours later…
2:50 PM
Q: Does this seem right?

Sweet SerenitySo I have had this quetion for some time but, who elese thinks that Sebatian and Ciel should be shiped? Becuase by the look of thing that would be a better thing than Elizabeth and Ciel, I know it is gay but honesly, it is not bad.

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3:59 PM
@Memor-X Nice timing given that we have a new KanColle imitation this season.
5 hours later…
8:55 PM
Q: why does happy from fairy tail have wings?

G jarrellI was watching fairy tail the other day and I was like, hey why does happy have wings? he's a cat. jeez. also, like, how can he fly natsu around? he's puny.

9:52 PM
@Mysticial you mean the Azur Lane anime?
10:10 PM
@Memor-X yeah
@Mysticial well might be an imitation but it's surely more gay than Kantai Collection, particularly Kaga and Akagi
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11:38 PM
Q: How did the scouts know that Miche zacharias died?

xpertHow did the Scouts know that he died? I don't think people went to look for him. In season 3 part 2 erwrin ask Levi if he can se them. He is referring to the people who died. nd miche was in that picture. Which begs the question... How did they know that he died? When he died he was surrounded by...

11:58 PM
Q: DR movie credits in No Guns Life

RichFThe closing credits of the current (Oct 2019) anime series No Guns Life include credits to staff members of the Korean studio DR movie. (screen shot from Funimation, No Guns Life episode 1, @22:10) On other series I have noticed that, when non-Japanese staffers are given credit, it has been in...


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