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1:22 AM
Q: Does anhyone know the background battle music playing in the sci-fi anime Sekirei?

Russ RainfordFor years now, I've tried checking compilations of the original Sekirei sound track to find it, but no luck. With the talent and minds of the folks here, I thought we might be able to find it out. I've included a short clip of a fight scene where the music starts, here: ...

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10:09 AM
Q: Goku crossover Toriko

VenoThere was a crossover where Goku could not use his full power because he was limited. I do not think that is the Toriko, Luffy one from episode 590. Is there another crossover ?

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3:31 PM
Q: Tsuki ga Kirei's book : Josei Gakkou(Highschool Girl)

Sinyo_1015GIn some episode of Tsuki Ga Kirei, I got noticed that the main MC is borrowing some book called "Josei Gakkou(Highschool Girl) by Osamu Dazai". I started looking at those book at the internet, and I found this book which is kinda related to? Anyway, is this the correct book and is there any tra...

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10:33 PM
Q: How are the Monogatari manga and light novels related?

PeilonrayzBack on the 10th of January 2018 it was announced on Twitter that Bakemonogatari would be getting a manga. 【解禁】 『化物語』 漫 画 化 決 定 3月14日(水)発売「週刊少年マガジン」2018年15号ヨリ Where the first Japanese volume was released on the 15th of June 2018, and has garnered 7 volumes in Japanese. The first E...

11:26 PM
great~, a couple more hours gonna meet a friend of mine from highschool before he went back to Australia.
@kit you'll see him for the first time in a long while and you'll find him ripped and poison immune
*laughing facepalm.
What is this plot? hahahah
11:54 PM
Q: Naruto Discussion about Hashirama's sage mode

Josh I was wondering if you could direct me to the manga panels/ anime episodes where it was mentioned that he trained at Shikkotsu Forest?


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