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12:48 AM
@EroSɘnnin it's missing the theme and thus crap
@Gallifreyan oooooo, so smooth
user image
and in the event anyone has survived after seeing that
^ the girl sitting down looks like Mashiro from Engaged to the Unidentified
if it is then either she grows up to be a yuri or she's still the same age which makes her even cuter because of my obvious bias
2 hours later…
3:12 AM
Q: What song is playing in Boku no Hero Academia?

BritI've heard this song played multiple times throughout but can never find it whenever I search the soundtrack-- it plays clearly in Season 2, episode 25 at minute 13:39, it's an instrumental build up. Hope that helps, please let me know and thank you so much!

4:05 AM
Is it just me or is this season's Symphogear a hella lot bloodier than the previous ones?
1 hour later…
Q: Why isn't Raku Ichijou's mother's face never revealed in the manga?

AshrayWhy isn't Raku Ichijou's mother's face never revealed in the manga? I mean the manga ended, and she was the last character introduced in the series. What was the need to hide her face then?

6:09 AM
@Gallifreyan twitter onebox is broken
@Gallifreyan i saw this today on Discord but it was from Reddit with the caption
> A place where God can not see
by reply was "because Madoka-kami knows she'll start bleeding from the nose as she imagines herself and Homura doing the same thing"
yo, how's things
6:25 AM
okay. Had some work to finish over the weekend. Besides that played a bit of hollow knight again. After discovering that you can buy a map it became a bit easier.
I really like the game art style and hopefully i will eventually finish it
how are things at your side? @Memor-X
@Proxy sorta good, had to move cattle (shut up i'm not on a farm) but beyond that was able to get most of the mapping down for the first level of cottage in my game and i worked out how i can do stat+ items which makes them always relevant, by making them upgradable via events and have the play's stats increase at the same time if they used the items earlier on to make up the short fall
ie. if you use 5x 10 HP+ items and they got boosted to now give 100 HP. at the same time you gain an extra 450 HP and thus giving the stat+ items benefit though out the entire game (so long as you go off an explore)
@Proxy i brought that on Steam, just wanting for parts for my new PC before i can play it
yeah farm life is sometimes hard
you are making the game in rpg maker?
@Proxy RPG Maker XP using the XP Ace script which gives me the scripting benefits of RPG Maker VX Ace while retaining XP's superior mapping system
i hear RPG Maker MV has a custom editor called MOXIE that does XP's mapping which would really be good since XP suffers from being stuck with the win32.dll
i have started to make a simple battle city clone in plain js
+ html/css
@Proxy battle city as in Yu-Gi-Oh Battle City?
6:33 AM
so far i have a tank that is moving around and is able to destroy walls :)
the old nes game
i plan to make a simple level editor and the ability to play in mp over net
hopefully i will at least finish a prototype this time
@Proxy so long as you learn from each rebuild you'll get there eventually
this is my first attempt at it. Usually when i make a "mvp" i just drop the project. No will to finish it
1 hour later…
8:12 AM
Q: Kamisama no iutoori ni ending [Spoilers]

Réda SGHYARin the last 5 chapters and final game of the manga : but in the last chapter : So here is my question :

9:12 AM
Q: what's the origin of the "accidental boob grab" trope?

dolchspitzI was just wonder where the trope of the protagonist tripping and accidentally groping someone first came from.

4 hours later…
1:12 PM
@Memor-X I saw it on Reddit, thought it belonged here
@Gallifreyan might have been the same one i saw
1 hour later…
2:24 PM
hows life here
no idea, i don't live where you are lol
but seriously, it's been cold and wet. not so much of a problem if we didn't have all these sheep and cows
also my Motherborad, Cooling System and CPU came in today
still waiting on the GPU and Case to arrive and got to buy the rest which are HDDs (and one SSD), RAM, Power Supply, Bluray drive, wireless dongle and led control hub
Nice, then you are pretty close to having your new pc up n running ;)
2 hours later…
4:12 PM
@Memor-X sorry for the late reply, but yes, that’s the one!
Does anyone know some anime that is aimed at a old (50s-60s) audience, or has main characters that would be in that age group? I know of Howls Movine Castle, but I’m searching for a series or actual show instead of a movie atm.
1 hour later…
5:29 PM
@Toyu_Frey based on googling, Thermae Romae? Inuyashiki?
(also, wow, new chat design...)
Otherwise, a translation of this list on Yahoo! Chiebukuro...
(gotta go~)
5 hours later…
10:42 PM
@Dimitrimx yeh, and they were also the most expensive
any row with blue or green at the end, their price is final (incl. postage), the rest are just the prices of PC Part Picker without postage yet
video card was a pain because it was sold out everywhere where i could get it for 1k, took a bit to find
10:59 PM
Not a bad bargain on most of these parts ;O
All though some seem to be a tad more exspansive :thinking:

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