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12:30 AM
Q: Why didn’t Lelouch use Geass on himself sooner

insaneyagamiBefore the Mao thing happened, couldn’t Lelouch order himself: “Achieve all your goals.” (provide a happy life for Nunally etc.) or is that in some kind too risky? I know he didn’t use some logical orders on people because of moral but using Geass on himself to just achieve his goals seems good...

12:55 AM
@Tonepoet been over a year so it's fine
1:07 AM
1:29 AM
1:48 AM
^ bigger version
after the .com the number there controlled the size
2:10 AM
Q: Why did the Leaf Village invite the Village Hidden by Sound for the Chunin exams?

Jay DesaiContains spoilers for Naruto Shippuden Okay, so I am currently watching Naruto Shippuden and just watched the episode where in the past, Orochimaru said to Kabuto that he is going to create the Village Hidden by Sound. My question is if the people from Konoha (Hidden Leaf Village) know that the ...

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3:29 AM
Q: What is the song that play's at (Starts) 23:00 of The Ancient Magus Bride OVA Episode 3?

EjahI've Listened to the entire ost on youtube, I've tried a google chrome extension that allows me to identify a song, and I still can't find it. Please help me!

3 hours later…
@Gallifreyan Looks like Mitsuru from Persona 3. well Mitsuru when she's formed the Shadow Operatives which is after the events of Persona 3
6:55 AM
7:50 AM
@Memor-X Well, defo the videocard, but that's probably a regional thing. network adaptor and most storage disks ;p
5 hours later…
1:03 PM
@Dimitrimx yeh about 200 of it was postage alone because it was coming from the states which was about 1k US$ but when converted to AU$ it was 1.3k. if it wasn't sold out everywhere i proably could have gotten it much cheaper
speaking of which, my tower and video card came in. spend the past 5 hours putting it together
still hasn't got the cooling system in yet, might do that on the weekend or when i get more parts
1:59 PM
looking sweet :)
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3:09 PM
Q: How to copy the FULL SCRIPT from visual novel game?

Such_LeeSo a few days ago, I and my friend share a price for a game and decide to share an account so both of us can play. I already finished the game and the story is so good (Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart) But the point is his family has only 1 Pc and they share it with the rest so his mom doesn't all...

@Memor-X Wow, you had to import everything?
I find myself already nitpicking on the prices as is.
3:48 PM
Q: Naruto correct order of manga series

H0RS3I just wanna know what is the order for reading the naruto manga’s, since there r various ones . So what order should i follow while reading ? (No anime)

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6:29 PM
Q: In Sword Art Online, why do Kirito and Asuna never refer to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend?

David HobsI'm relying entirely on the English Dubbed version. As far as I know, they only refer to each other as friends when speaking to other people. Is there an explanation as to why?

4 hours later…
10:47 PM
@Mysticial not everything, the motherboard came from PC Case Gear which is a Melbourne store. the other sites that i had brought from appeared to be Australian though with the GPU the site clearly said that it was coming from the US, which was fine because at that time with was that or Amazon US and i know from experience you're more likely to get into the cart and find out only then that the seller doesn't ship to Australia
i do try to buy local if i can to save up on the postage

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