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12:47 AM
Q: What's the song that plays in season 1 episode 11 at 16:33

NikolaiDoes anyone know the song that plays in season 1 episode 11 at 16:33 where bakugo reassures kirishima that his classmates will be ok?

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2:07 AM
Q: Evillious Chronicles: What is the reference / wordplay with the "United States of Maistia"?

MaladyIn regards to the Evillious Chronicles, what is the reference / wordplay with the "United States of Maistia", the counterpart to the United States of America? The other countries are mainly based on other countries and demons... (Vocaloid Wiki Trivia for Seven Deadly Sins) Asmodean - Saudi Ara...

2:25 AM
The pardoner has no more pardons left to give, and has turned her back to the world:
2:39 AM
@Tonepoet would i be correct in assuming she's from Touhou?
1 hour later…
3:43 AM
@Memor-X No: She's from Momodora: Moonlight Reverie. She does vaguely look like a Touhou character in some ways. Maybe something like a grown up Youmu if she was aligned with the Scarlet Devil Mansion, rather than Yuyuko.
@Tonepoet i guessed Touhou because i didn't know who she was and know you post a bunch of Touhou stuff so chances was high it was Touhou
@Memor-X Eh, fair to an extent, but I am sure there is more to it than that. If we discount the fandom for a moment, Touhou has a distinct traditionalist theme to it, especially in the garments. Touhou Project doesn't have characters wearing modern attire, or even eroticized re-imaginings of traditionalist attire. Nobody's going to be in a t-shirt, or a chain-mail bikini.
So there is more of a foundation to that guess than it just coming from me.
@Tonepoet trust me, that was not what i was thinking
my mind: image of Girl i don't know, posted by @Tonepoet, must be another Touhou character so i'll guess that
@Memor-X Not consciously perhaps, but I doubt you would have thrown that guess out if it was obviously not Touhou. XP
@Tonepoet true
but isn't there a Touhou series set in the future
3:55 AM
@Memor-X Strangely enough though, the series is set in the present day and even has present day characters on the other side of the boundary.
@Tonepoet no i mean in the future, all scifi-y and stuff. i think it goes under another name but it connects back to Touhou
Yet still, Maribel and Renko still wear that fanciful attire reminiscent of yester-year.
@Memor-X Oh, I thought you were saying there wasn't. Well, I guess you might count Seihou Project, but I don't think that's precisely Zun's work.
Seihou and Touhou are about as related as Super Mario and Donkey Kong Country, if even that.
@Tonepoet yeh i think that's what i was thinking of
Then there's Uwabami Breakers.
And Beerko:
4:18 AM
Zun loves alcohol:
@Tonepoet maybe the idea of Touhou was conceived while Zun was drunk
> Zun: you know what would be AWESOME! if you was playing a game and saw a wall of death making the player shit breaks! NA DIT HAS CUTE ANIME GIRLS
@Memor-X You're not the first person to suppose that, but...
@Memor-X The first Touhou game was not a Danmaku shooter. That only started up with the second game.
It's somewhat like Arkanoid or Breakout, in that Reimu hits the Taijitu with her gohei or slides into it like Megaman to hit the cards.
Granted, there were shots fired at her, even from boss type characters:
But it's clearly nothing like the kaleidoscopic mazes of death you would come to see from later games in the series.
4:42 AM
@Tonepoet ok, the second game was done by Zun drinking then
@Memor-X I'm not so sure I would go that far. It's still a pretty weird concept to be honest. I mean it's not even entirely like Arkanoid or Breakout. The Taijitu orb bounces if Reimu doesn't catch it, but there may be some caveats to that.
Also, always remember that Yukari is scary. XP
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7:30 AM
@Memor-X We sorta upgraded their search engine, significantly.
7:53 AM
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11:21 AM
@Dimitrimx doesn't sound like hacking. mor maybe i'm taking the name hackathon too literally
@Memor-X Hackathon is more like a play on words: Hack something together in a short time, to fix big issues some X is facing
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12:34 PM
Q: Is it natu and zatu's cry sound like the anime

Kyle Tanner ** You must be correct you have ten seconds - **

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9:09 PM
9:37 PM
Q: March Comes in like a Lion season 1 ep 6

Nathan KhienWhat is the song that plays during the scene where it cuts to a red ocean and we see kiriyama swimming through it?

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10:57 PM
@Tonepoet i don't know who the girl on the left is
the one on the top is Kirakishou and the girl on the right is i believe Tomoe Kashiwaba
@Tonepoet i don't know that character but looking her up i see she's Corinne Fosset's grand-daughter
which explains why they are all fawning over Hina-ichigo
Tomoe is Hina's Medium. Kara takes over Hina's body and Odille is the grand-daugfhter of Hina's Medium before Tomoe
@Memor-X Now explain why Kirakishou has a fork. XP
11:40 PM
@Tonepoet yes, that
like i don't know if Hina comes back at the end, but i did read Kara devours her to get her body and the thought alone is horrifying given how scared Hina was in the original anime when she was shutting down before the final Alice Game
on another topic, anyone know the origin of this apparent meme?
like i've seen various endowed characters drinking something that's been resting on the chest like that
another character i have seen is the new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Zelda with the short hair trying and failing (though her pouting is so cute, reminds me of Nero)
@Memor-X They're just calling it Breath of the Wild 2, or is that a working title?
11:55 PM
@Tonepoet i believe that's the working title because it comes after the events of the previous one
@Memor-X I see. It seems almost unprecedented for a Zelda game to use the numbering system. They're all subtitled, and only one was marked with a number.
I'd be worried that Nintendo is just getting lazy if they really just called it Breath of the Wild 2. XD
@Tonepoet but then again they generally aren't direct sequels with the same art style (or atleast it looks the same)
@Memor-X Eh, yeah, that's true but this principle still applies in even those cases: Majora's Mask isn't Orcarina of Time 2. XP

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