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@Tonepoet Ocarina and Majora had the same "style" but they weren't direct sequels because you had to do some wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff and there's still debate as to weather Termina was actually like Limbo or a dream world
Then again, Majora's mask is kind of strange insofar as sequels go, in that it only retains the hero from its immediate predecessor.
@Tonepoet also Epona and the Ocarina
and the Happy Mask Shop guy
^ can't forget the most important character
Fair enough.
It's possible that the Skull Kid is also the Ocarina of Time Skull Kid as well come to think about it.
@Tonepoet yeh, one theory is that at the start Link was in The Lost Woods and that the 4 Giants are actually 4 other Skull Kids, 2 of which being the ones you play that Ocarina Mining game
If only Link had saved that blue Cuccoo.
12:49 AM
@Tonepoet Little Marisa? or Reimu's and Marisa's daughter?
@Memor-X Rumia: She's the stage 1 boss of Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil. She tries to eat Reimu.
@Tonepoet i see
it's still adorable
Rumia is also known for t-posing, which she explains as emulating "the crucified saint" in Marisa's story-line:
She's the youkai of Darkness, which makes her position as a stage 1 boss conspicuously weak, but unofficially there is also Ex-Rumia, which is the form she takes once that ribbon, which supposedly seals her true powers, is removed from her head. She looks more like an adult in that form. Ex-Reimu is associated with Sendai no Hakurei Miko because of Osana Reimu:
"A story from when Reimu Hakurei was still small and the flesh eating youkai was still big."
1:23 AM
how that i think about it, that previous strip looks like it's from the same artist who did those sickening adorable Chen ones
@Memor-X That is correct, sir.
Your prize is Chen, ready to pounce on her prey.
> 403 Forbidden
You don't have permission to access the URL on this server.
Q: Why is Motoko Kusanagi usually the only one with thermoptic camouflage?

ryanttbI'm finally watching Stand Alone Complex and I expected more use of the technology, especially by Section 9 and underground groups who care not about the moral/legal reasons. Is there a specific reason why these two groups do not use it all the time? Expense? Controlled substance? Spoilers are ...

1:38 AM
@Tonepoet awwwwwww
is Chen like normally as small as the artist makes her?
@Memor-X I think I was going over this the other day. Zun put her in the shortest height class in one of his emails, but even so she's supposed to be about as tall as a ten year old girl, normally.
These toddler height depictions are younger looking than normal.
With that having been said though, that doesn't stop Chen from being adorable:
Though the very shortest character is the thumb sized Shinmyoumaru:
Unless you count Suika, who can resize herself at will. Suika's still admittedly quite small in her natural state though, especially for an Oni.
2:01 AM
@Tonepoet still prefer the toddler one to adopt as my baby sister and/or daughter
just give her pats and hugs and kisses and hug and treats and hugs and pats and hugs all the time
@Tonepoet yeh that's cheating
she than takes biggest and smallest character titles
power to change size should be instant disqualification
@Memor-X Technically I think it's the power of gathering, but the end result is the same. I probably wouldn't go so far as to disqualify her from the running as rank her according to her natural size though.
Here's a near comprehensive height chart Since it's not Shanghai Alice's or Tasofaro's work, it's obviously not going to be exact, but it gives you a rough idea of how tall everybody is.
It might be worth noting that I wasn't factoring in the dolls, for hopefully obvious reasons.
2:18 AM
Q: What song is it?? season 2 episode 25

OptimusAnyone know the name of the song that played at the 10:00 mark? Starting to think it doesn't exist.

And speaking of dolls, that brings us full circle:
@Tonepoet why doesn't anyone hold the mermaid up
also who's the guy in the box? or is that just the artists's avatar
@Memor-X The guy in the box is from Forbidden Scrollery. He's a Jinyou fortune teller, involved with one of Reimu's most out of character moments...
2:58 AM
@Memor-X I'm not sure, but I doubt she has friends to hold her up. Many of the bosses in Touhou have no relation to the plot, and many of the relationships are artificial. She's not childish enough to be grouped in with Team ⑨, which is where most of the misfits get placed.
3:18 AM
Q: Why did Uraraka say this?

W. AreIn Chapter 21, after the villains escaped from the USJ, the detective friend of All Might left the rest of their work to one of his officers, Sansa. However, as he called Sansa by name, Uraraka remarked 'But he's not a dog...' Why did she say this? Or why would the mangaka show Uraraka making...

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Q: Dragon Ball Super - Moro - SPOILER ALERT

mph85Next chapter comes out next month, but anyone know what the 3rd and final wish Moro made that he's so confident about? Or some speculation? Immortality?

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@Sakamoto anyone up to date with Dragonball Super and know if this is asking about future events? i get the feeling it is
that's what it reads like, yeah
though the unnanounced future events reason is not the most suitable reason for closure here, in my opinion
I'd close it as primarily opinion-based
'cause the off-topic reason is more about news and stuff
and this question is more about "what is gonna happen in the next epi?"
that's a good distinction there. was actually just wondering the difference there when you suggested primarily opinion-based
dam, was just about to vote @JNat
sorry ;P
11:52 AM
I do not know if Yugi just got his hair wet, or if his barbar decided to go for a slightly more normal hair style. Either way, Yugi looks frustrated, and I find this image hilarious for some strange reason:
@Tonepoet i feel as if i've seen that file before
It looks like a kaiba x yugi crossover ._.
12:15 PM
@Dimitrimx Well, it looks like there has been a relatively high influx of gender-swapped Kaiba images lately, so maybe they finally consummated their love and that's the resultant child? But wait, that's impossible: They're both girls!
I have questions I do not want answered ._.
@Dimitrimx Yes, it is cheating on the Blue Eyes White Dragon:
@Tonepoet to be honest that one looks better
12:30 PM
@Memor-X Yeah, that artist seems to like Genderswapped Kaiba. In terms of what looks best I like this one most though:
@Tonepoet looks too much like Mitsuru from Persona
or at least after she created the Shadow Operatives
Well, I can see a resemblance but that's Kaiba's trademark coat ever since the Battle City ark started, and if I am being honest it actually seems to fit the feminized version better? I usually see women wearing open coats more often than men.
@Tonepoet i like how they look on women better than men
want to get one of those coats myself to wear
'course I suppose you could also show Female Kaiba off in the Season 1 blue coat, but for some reason I'm not seeing too much of her in that.
I'm seeing more of her without a jacket, which is somewhat of strange since he's never without one.
Also, Kaiba in a Sailor Scout Fuku looks somewhat like Sailor Uranus, albeit with darker hair...
12:52 PM
@Tonepoet at the start when he was at school and when he dueled Yugi
@Memor-X Okay, y'got me. But I think forever thereafter we see him in a coat. I guess that first duel with Yugi ended up being a little too windy for his liking and ended up giving him the chills:
@Tonepoet i know it's a gender bend and i'm not into guys but *blush*
@Tonepoet this was the moment in a certain someone's life that they hunkered down and studied all the time......until a notebook of death dropped from the sky
> Yugi Moto, dies from a heart attack
@Memor-X More like Yugi Muto dies from being pushed off the ledge of a castle from a holographic shockwave while losing all of his lifepoints in a duel with Kaiba. XP
'course, in Yu-gi-oh I suppose a deathnote wouldn't be too terribly effective. I mean if the cards are real, then you've got Monster Reborn...
And yeah, humans count as monsters, e.g. Dark Magician or Flame Swordsman.
It makes you wonder why they can't use any of that ancient Egyptian magic outside of children's card games.
1:08 PM
@Tonepoet explained at the start. or at least in the dub. Atem sealed it all with the Millennium Items and while Pegasus made Duel Monsters based off from what he discovered on Egypt, the only way to unleash their power is with a Millennium Item or something close to that power like the Seal of Orichalcos
the only exception is Odion VS Mai but i think Marik used his staff for that
@Memor-X That makes sense for the mostpart, although Yugi does have that Puzzle and it sure would make his life so much easier.
@Tonepoet yeh but Atem was missing memories at first and even after that he sealed them for a reason and generally the actualisation of monsters is done by the bad guys but it works both ways when they do it
1:26 PM
@Memor-X Oh, so you think you're blushing now? Well, then, take a look at these two for a moment:
And then take a look at Sailor Adena, cough, if you dare. XP
Because goshdarnit Mokuba, you sure do look an awful lot like a cross between the two of 'em in that sailor fuku
1:47 PM
> Her design was created by Seto Kaiba, based off his little brother, Mokuba Kaiba
@Memor-X Yeah, it seems a little strange at first consideration, but to be fair, I think it's probably more of a joke than anything. Video game princesses are frequently kidnapped and their heroes have to rescue them repeatedly, which more or less spells out the relationship between Seto and Mokuba.
Q: Why Midoriya said he remembered All for One's memories?

PabloIn manga chapter #194 Why Midoriya said he remembered All for One's memories? I understand him having One for All former owners memories, but All for One's ??

2:09 PM
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Q: Is there any reason why Shota Aizawa and Hitoshi Shinso use the same clothes?

PabloIn chapter 197th of the manga Hitoshi Shinso use the same clothes "capturing weapon" than Shota Aizawa. Is there any reason why Shota Aizawa and Hitoshi Shinso use the same clothes? Were these clothes given to Hitoshi Shinso by Shota Aizawa?

Q: Is Ranpo part of the hunting dogs?

Yeehaw*Bugou stray dogs * So apparently in the light novel (and some fan art of Ranpo) in bsd, he seem to be wearing some uniform that looks similar to the hunting dogs. Might be a school uniform or is he a former hunting dog?

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7:46 PM
Q: What was the song the played when Naruto first used the one tail cloak?

James PattersonWhen Naruto and Sasuke were kids at final valley, the same song played twice. The first time was when the nine tails chakra seeped out, and the second was when he used the one tail cloak. I've been searching and searching, but I can't find it.

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Q: I need to finish this manga, but I don't remember the name of it

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11:09 PM
Q: Need help with identifying a anime

secretpersonThere is this anime in which at the first episode at the mc's school, the students would be turned into monsters, because of a girl (using a flute I believe) which was together with a other guy. What's the name of the anime?


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