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1:04 AM
Q: Why would a Japanese adult be embarrassed to use the word "friends"?

RichFI am watching a current anime, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. The protagonist, now a reincarnated slime in the isekai story, is making friends with a dragon. The specific conversation begins at time code 20:30 of chapter 1. (Link is to Crunchyroll, an American streaming service. I don...

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2:04 AM
> Dragon Ball Super: Broly
The Greatest Super Saiyan Battle Begins!

from Madman email so it would be the Australian air dates, meaning the US is proably going to get it sooner
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3:08 AM
Q: Will Luffy die at the end of One Piece?

Best BibekMany theories indicate he will die at the end. Are there really some chances?

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6:12 AM
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7:48 AM
@Dimitrimx yeah it was the wrong epoch that i was sending
although i am not sure why
8:11 AM
Well, good to know you pinpointed it ;)
yeah kind of
Did you end up fixing it though? Or still did not ?
yeah i did, i submitted it yesterday. I kind of forgot about it almost
sent it before i went to bed last night. The last part of the application was to write a motivation letter. I am terrible at that, so i guess that is a certain elimination.
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2:30 PM
Q: how do you mod dragon balls budokai tenkaichi 3?

Larry Leehow do you mod dragon balls budokai tenkaichi 3? I hate how the tutorials are just scattered all over youtube, and its difficult to find exactly what you're looking for. i just to know how to mod everything piece by piece. i want to make a mod so bead and become a creator like the other great mod...

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8:35 PM
Q: Is the talisman a form of cursed seal?

The Anime ScientistDuring Kabuto's chat with Obito, Kabuto spoke about a talisman that he usually puts in his Reanimated pawns to inhibit their personality. I noticed that the talisman was very similar to the types of curse seals that Danzo and Orochimaru used (except that those cursed seals are put on the skin ...

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9:50 PM
Memor-X, just like Taisho except extremely biased towards yuri

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