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12:20 AM
A wholesome Widowmaker art to finish everyone's day on a good note: deviantart.com/sciamano240/art/Widowmaker-OW-768404497
12:46 AM
@Gallifreyan *in Excalibur's voice* fool!, the day must always end on yuri
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2:08 AM
Q: Is Ash's explanation for the origins of his name correct?

MaroonIn vol. 11, Eiji asks Ash about his real name while they are on the Staten Island ferry. Ash claims that his first name, Aslan, is a Hebrew word referring to daybreak. Eiji: Remember what you told me once? That your mother gave you your name — your real name, "Aslan". It's not a common name …...

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6:29 AM
Q: I’m looking for an anime

Yurii ValentineA couple years ago I watched an anime on Netflix.. maybe 2015-2017... it was about a girl who’s mom I think worked at some government or intergalactic facility that kept an eye on aliens (who looked like regular people but just weren’t living on earth). The girl for some reason goes into the site...

@Memor-X how are you doing?
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8:02 AM
8:43 AM
Q: What's this manga's name?

NaesalaI've been trying to remember the name of this manga: 3 sisters (I think) and a brother get summoned to a different world. They get attacked by some sort of wicker monsters, but are saved by the nearby fortress. They need to form a team, consisting of 4 roles. But to gain the most power, you have ...

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11:55 AM
@Proxy good, testing of TFS 2018 is about done but still got i more kind of build definition to test but waiting on Office to be installed on the server. yourself?
12:09 PM
Q: Are other pirates than the strawhats able to find raftel?

ochs.tobiFor now we know you need the four road porneglpyh to get the location of raftel. Big Mom has one of them. Another one is held by Kaido. The third one is on the moving island Zou. The location of the last is unknown. So we could say Big Mom and Kaido have 1/4 information about the location of ...

12:22 PM
@Memor-X i am okay. I finished writing up my cv, so i am looking for something that is available and that seems okay. Also bayonetta is quite good, so far i am having a great time
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1:45 PM
user image
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4:34 PM
Q: Suspicious downvotes on recently asked questions

Aki TanakaI noticed that most of the recent questions that are not closed since Oct 12 until now (Oct 16) have been downvoted at least once: Can 2 elements be combined into a new release without a "clan based Kekkai Genkai"? Is Gaara able to control sand because of his mother or shukaku (the 1 tails) Try...

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9:23 PM
Q: Do Ghouls gain the kakuho they eat when they cannibalize?

user42938I'd really like to know cuz i recently watched the latest episode of tokyo ghoul and in kaneki's fight with arima he used a kagune that was really different from his usually rinkaku.

10:07 PM
@Proxy so what sort of job are you looking for?
10:34 PM
Q: Why All-For-One goes for a full frontal assault against All Might?

Victor RoninIt was very strange to see All-For-One (who make possess large number of different quirks) choosing a brute-force way (all kind of power-ups to increase strength). It feel like there should be amazing (almost unbeatable) combinations of quirks. As an example - Invisibility + Warp + Compression +...

11:12 PM
@Tonepoet probably my favorite pic since I have been in this room

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