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@Tonepoet blame Zelretch. like Kaleido Ruby was his doing. i suspect all Magical Girls in the Nasuverse like Magical Amber and Phantasmoon are his doing aswell and the Second Magic is "Operation of Parallel Worlds" so he might be able to show up in Touhou?
Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg - Friend of True Ancestors, Ally of Humanity, Breaker of Students, Magical Girl Otaku
12:40 AM
in The Bridge, 2 mins ago, by Private Pansy
Konohana Kitan is so good. It has

- Fluffy tails
- An adorable main character that's too pure for this world
- So much yuri
- Fluffy tails
- Japanese folklore and mythology
- Surprisingly deep allegories about life
- Did I mention it has fluffy tails?
Q: A different version of a song near the end of season 2 episode 12

C. DarkSo I heard this song in Attack on Titan towards the end of season 2 episode 12 and I when I compared it to the soundtrack, I found out it was called "Attack on D". However, the song in the actual episode (episode 12) has a piano part in it and the 'la la la' part only comes in towards the end of...

i recommend Konohana Kitan too!
I recommend going to bed early
but do as I say, not as I do
I'm gonna read some mangos for a while longer
and get drunkdn on tea
1:16 AM
Report: Ryan Reynolds To Voice Detective Pikachu In Live Action Film - http://bit.ly/2B7lOEN
courteously yoinked from The Bridge
blend s is pretty meh
girlish number animation is great but also pretty meh
gamer! is also meh :/
1:34 AM
oha you
aho you
2:09 AM
@EarlGrey meh story but good animation?
what, gamer? no, girlish number
the guys are loud, annoying and overreacting, except one. The girls is better but overall it's average
from watching up to 10 eps
@EarlGrey was asking about both
you said games was also meh
ah gamer doesn't have great animation. it's average. story wise it's funny at first but they keep repeat the same joke it's boring and forgettable. Also it has almost nothing to do with game really. They discus game, surely, but it only serve as plot.
I'd say girlish number is better than gamer! overall but both are pretty meh :/
@EarlGrey i obviously watch a series for plot (shut up) so if it's meh it's not something that goes high up on my list under the shoujo ai/yuri titles
2:27 AM
none of those are yuri.. but you might want to try girlish number if you don't have anything else to watch..
@EarlGrey "if you don't have anything else to watch.." lol which is never the case
but yeh i knew that. it's more for priority for buying. shoujo ai/yuri tops the list then other series bellow that
ie. if i have Naruto on the top then the 3rd season of Yuri Yuri comes out it becomes no. 1
though might not really mean anything when the list is worth over $20k
so much anime. not enough moneys
I always have time where I don't have anything to watch even when I have a lot of backlog. Like, I still haven't watch this anime but I don't fell like watching it now.. let's try something else.
2:50 AM
Thursday, 7th of December 2017. Postal Service is doing a "national search" for my missing Danganronpa V3 Limited Edition parcel
after it was sent from NISA Europe in October
3:06 AM
@Memor-X And one for here:
Okay, that was a lie. Two, just to show that Ran's fluffiness can't be beat. I mean she does have nine of them after all:
2 hours later…
5:21 AM
@Avery morning
why green
5:37 AM
@EarlGrey yeh. first form is pink and third is white and blue
oh wait those logos on the shirts
i don't play Grand Order enough to know but is Okita Souji primarily a quick attacker?
tbh I know nothing about her except that she is male irl
@EarlGrey all of the proper Saberfaces are
wait, except Grey, Alter, Lily and Heroine X
Alter and Lily still King Arthur, no?
and I see you still won't acknowledge Jeanne as saberface
@EarlGrey because she doesn't actually have the face. it's just Gilles de Rais being a creep
@EarlGrey yeh but i was thinking on where i think it was Nasu talking about if they had their own game Lily would be the antagonist and Alter the protagonist so they became their own people
well to be fair. almost all girl look the same.. that's how anime usually is
if we think like that Rin and Arcueid also saberface
so is Iri
5:47 AM
@EarlGrey Original, Alter, Nero and, hmm, is that Lily in the green shirt?
Sakura saber
She is Okita Souji
@EarlGrey but if you dress Jeanne in Arturia's outfit she's still look like Jeanne. atleast with Nero and Okita they would look the same
Nero have different hairstyle actually. Similar but different
same with Okita
her hair is shorter
5:51 AM
well, Jeanne is the only one without ahoge tho
@EarlGrey you have a point there but
Q: Why do red Saber and blue Saber look so alike?

кяαzєяOn the surface, red Saber (from Fate/Extra) and blue Saber (from Fate/Stay Night) look almost identical. Was it ever explained why they look so similar? What noticeable differences do the two have, aside from their abilities and attire?

hair isn't so different there
atleast for those 2
@EarlGrey Iri and Ilya are Justeazeface
I think here, Takeuchi make her hairstyle similar with Saber for whatever reason
@EarlGrey and Takeuchi created Saberface from his Reality Marble
user image
it's still different here. Like it was supposed to
yes, lets us debate long into the night about Saberface hair and who's is better!
5:58 AM
the original ftw
actually.. all saberface ftw
@Tonepoet wait till she saw her alter self with Rhongomyniad. She might regret choosing Excalibur
6:18 AM
@Memor-X what's that
oh their anchestor
@EarlGrey Oh geeze, how does that even work?
It's definitely the weapon, and not the Alter form contributing to her cup size, because Saber Alter with the Excalibur has the normal sized bust.
6:33 AM
> There are various opinions about the body weight or figure of Artoria Alter when she is a Lancer. According to differing opinions, when manifesting as a Lancer, the King of Knights is said to take on a figure that differs "in portion" to what she was while alive. Whatever that is, whether because the eternally youthful body has grown "in portion" due to possessing the holy lance instead of the holy sword and scabbard, or because the magical power of the lancer made "a portion" of the body grow
it's magic
I'm guessing this version of Saber isn't especially concerned with hiding her femininity, which has some major implications for the main timeline: Most particularly it suggests that it was unnecessary for her to even try in the first place.
Even the non-alter form seems to have an enhanced chest looking at pictures of it, but I'm more distracted by another difference, which is namely her armor:
user image
Particularly, I can't help but notice that her thighs are exposed, unlike the original design. I'm not sure why. The original armor was split down the middle, so it's not like it would really interfere with riding the horse and it seems to me as if you could amputate her legs quite easily.
Granted, this armor has better torso coverage, but I'm not so sure that'd be as important on horseback, 'cause the horse's head blocks frontal attacks.
6:49 AM
maybe so we know that her chest is actually grown somehow and her personality change or whatever. But even if it was part in the middle it's hard to imagine anyone wearing a long skirt while riding a horse to battle
@EarlGrey I'm not really talking about the skirt itself, so much as the plates alongside the skirt.
Heck, since she's wearing those boots, it doesn't even have to be as long I suppose. You'd only need one or two of the plates out of the three.
@EarlGrey Aww, poor thing. Her face looks as if somebody stepped on her cat (if she ever had one). XP
her lion cub probably xD
just noticed her armor looks a bit different than the real saber. well, probably she need a new one to cover her bigger chest
7:10 AM
@EarlGrey Eeh, usually realistic armor should nevertheless be quite flat, because armor mostly works by dispersing the force of the blow evenly. I don't think the armor changes can be justified by anything other than eroticizing her appearance. That's somewhat of a shame because Saber's original design was somewhat respectable in that it was relatively chaste for lack of a better word, but then again we already have that design I suppose, so I guess why not.
Also, for what it is, it looks rather good though.
@ColdFire Hi.
Q: Kokor Connect, Toradora, Clannad.

iamawesome4everI was just wondering what to watch after these animes in this same Genre. (drama/romance/high school romance)

Q: what would shinigami eyes show above the head of someone without a name?

Clay Herondalelike a nameless newborn baby. or someone who haven't lived in a society, someone living in the woods who have never met any other human being has no reason to give himself a name, and no one has given him a name, and let's say his mother didn't know she was pregnant with him so she haven't even t...

7:34 AM
@Tonepoet well yeah obviously but we're not talking about realistic armor. Even the original one doesn't use realistic armor. She left her upper arm and shoulder exposed. If any anime character use realistic armor we won't be able to identified them as female until she take off her armor (or helmet). So these girls, for whatever reason can not wear a flat armor
unless, she's a reverse trap, of course, but it's different matter
@Memor-X how about Red x Blue
@EarlGrey Which would make more sense in the circumstances of the story come to think of it, but yes, I concede that the armor isn't completely realistic.
> This work was deleted.
@EarlGrey Also, that reminds me, somebody commented that if you combined the armor of Agrias Oaks and Saber that you'd actually have a halfway decent set of armor. XD
http://iqdb.org/?url=http://img0.reactor.cc/pics/post/full/Anime-Fate-%28series%29-Artoria-Pendragon-Lancer-%28Fategrand-order%29-FateGrand-Order-4077864.jpeg | https://whatanime.ga/?url=http://img0.reactor.cc/pics/post/full/Anime-Fate-%28series%29-Artoria-Pendragon-Lancer-%28Fategrand-order%29-FateGrand-Order-4077864.jpeg | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=http://img0.reactor.cc/pics/post/full/Anime-Fate-%28series%29-Artoria-Pendragon-Lancer-%28Fategrand-order%29-FateGrand-Order-4077864.jpeg | http://tineye.com/search?url=http://img0.reactor.cc/pics/post/full/Anime-Fate-%28se
lol yeah
it's like her opposite self
even her cowlick xD
@Taisho nice it's from pixiv
@EarlGrey That's a bit of artistic license. The official Agrias design has a different hair style. XD
oic :p
I don't know her tbh
7:49 AM
and the girl in red look like Nero xD
They're both Final Fantasy Tactics characters. F.F.T. predates even Fate/Stay Night by quite a number of years. It was released in 1998, whereas Fate/Stay Night was released in 2005.
It's a very fun game for the original playstation, and a port is also available on PSP and Android.
then maybe Takeuchi use them as his inspiration. Or just coincident. Who knows. Red is often seen as the opposite of blue
I don't play game much
@EarlGrey Might be worth looking into for that rare occasion when you do.
maybe :p
8:03 AM
It's like Disgaea if Disgaea took itself seriously, and had the Final Fantasy V job system. XP
I never play any FF game either :p
@Gallifreyan who are they
user image
user image
user image
^ まとめ | みずあそう #pixiv pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=53532797&mode=medium cc @EarlGrey
the first picture is not there. But @Memor-X would definitely love that ^
8:19 AM
@EarlGrey memento mori | 梅ねこ #pixiv pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=59968586&mode=medium my bad
@EarlGrey Normally, I'd try to explain it, but my mind is stuck on Flonne ever since I mentioned Disgaea. XP
8:38 AM
@EarlGrey yep, the original for Iris who's still in the Greater Grail
see, you should really think her for Arturia since if she wasn't the engine for the Holy Grail War, no Arturia, no Ilya
@Tonepoet normal Arturia stopped regarding herself as a woman or even human when she took Excalibur
ohayou v2 o/
Excalibur locked Arturia's body at the age she was when she pulled it from the stone. from my understanding she took up the spear which didn't do that so she aged normally
people didn't complain about her being a woman because the spear is actually a pillar that separates the normal world from, i think it's called the boundary plane, it's the world where Avalon is which is populated by spirits and humans can not exist there as such Arturia was worshiped not as a king but as a Goddess and became divine
@EarlGrey in other words Mordred?
@EarlGrey yes i do!!!!!
@Tonepoet yeh, she's like a Prinny. when you start thinking about her you can't think of anything else for a while
except Flonne doesn't explode when you throw her
8:53 AM
@Memor-X yea well, her armor still have curve tho
@EarlGrey true but is it possible to ignore that if you didn't know she was female?
and wear iron plate that look a bit like skirt
well probably
her armor look like villain's
8:59 AM
@Tonepoet @EarlGrey there is also Battle Moon Wars which has a similar tactics system but less on the classes
@EarlGrey i used up all my stars....again
Hi :)
@Memor-X lol
well i'll just have to find Hakuno and Nero tomorrow when i get them back
@Dimitrimx morning
@EarlGrey ......you know you're kicking me while i am down with this
@EarlGrey yes :o
9:43 AM
@ToshinouKyouko morning
i will star for u
@ToshinouKyouko thanks
@ToshinouKyouko Heeeey :D
@Morwenn hiya :)
9:51 AM
Q: Manga written by a female mangaka about a high school

Chris WilliamsI read this manga a while ago, in my school library. It was a romance/horror manga and at the back of each volume there would be an appendix in which the writer (who was female) would detail how she got ideas, with herself drawn as a chibi character. It was not particularly popular, but I remem...

my new job made me figure out, azure is a pain in the xd
@Dimitrimx yes it is
and i was just looking into it's database stuff
you were mistaken i suspect @EarlGrey?
no... but it's a bit..
@Memor-X The databases are o-k, besides their lack of descriptive errors.
10:05 AM
@EarlGrey this isn't that NTR one is it
However, azure function apps with CI-CD & integration tets, i cry.
@Memor-X well.. yea
wait a sec, how many NTR yuri out there
@EarlGrey i mean it's title is NTR
something Trap: NTR
oh yea that one
it's about one girl getting the girl who's got a crush on to practice bring intimate for her boyfriend with her
like unless i know if it end with the 2 girls being together, despite it being shoujo ai/yuri i can't bring myself to want to read/watch it
in terms of how many NTR Shoujo Ai/Yuri ones there are.....i don't know
i hope not many
@Dimitrimx didn't get that far. more the most part i was looking into T-SQL to Azure Migration Compatibility
10:11 AM
@Memor-X well then, it's not really worth to mention right. So I deleted it
iirc they have some databases that are nearly 1on1 compatible for that
@EarlGrey i saw the deleted message. if i'm right you was going to ask if i have head of it before but warn me of some of the stuff in it
@Dimitrimx now-a-days it is but before it didn't
what language are you using?
10:19 AM
oh dammit didnt realize @Darjeeling has changed his name to @EarlGrey
dips @EarlGrey for that
@ColdFire finally worked it out lol
10:34 AM
yo whatsup guys?
what kind of reaction is :I?
how am I supposed to react then
why dip
why cold fire
I mean what does :I mean?
holding breath, trying to survive from being dipped
10:37 AM
oh that seem like a good reaction
so you tried to kill me ._.
and thus why i don't dip
lol no
but anyways, i think @EarlGrey's name change came just short from meme level achievement
10:42 AM
@EarlGrey you know, getting a meta Memes post like @ToshinouKyouko's Tomato. Eric's Hate Hating and my Shoujo Ai/Yuri Mastership
Nov 14 at 0:42, by Memor-X
@EarlGrey is that you @Darjeeling?
welp looks like i was away for quite a while from this chat
@ColdFire yes but this time i was around during the name change
@Memor-X oooh.. that, yea sure
last time i thought something had happened to @EarlGrey and was worried. opened up about caring and went all tsundere when i learned the truth
10:45 AM
i just forget to open this tab looks like i have to adjust this tab position next to SO chat
dam you was just sitting there smiling until you went "i am Shinobu"
i was sitting where?
@ColdFire oh no i was talking about @EarlGrey
(how many pings so far @EarlGrey)
10:49 AM
err 5?
@EarlGrey dam, not @Mysticial level yet
how are you anyway @ColdFire
i am good what about you and @EarlGrey?
i heard there is volcano eruption in bali @EarlGrey?
@ColdFire why you're talking like we live together or something
lol i am not
@ColdFire been a while like that
10:52 AM
@EarlGrey close enough timezone?
unless you too live in the Maid Cafe
oh that is true lots of australian in indonesia
I guess yea
I never asked their nationality tho
@EarlGrey no need to. we're loud, getting drunk and causing trouble
think you can pick us out in a crowd
10:55 AM
the boobs/bandage perspective seems strange
@Morwenn yes, a bit too low
generally those bandages are over the chest
not sure the head angle is natural either, but the colours are pretty :p
@Morwenn a relative of Hitagi i assume
10:59 AM
@Morwenn ^ Hitagi
oh, ok x)
proportionally.. it's wrong, her kimono and obi also look bit wrong. seems like he color-filled the wrong line or something
@Memor-X should've say Senjougahara instead
Obi (帯, おび) is a sash for traditional Japanese dress, keikogi (uniforms for Japanese martial arts), and part of kimono outfits. The obi for men's kimono is rather narrow, 10 centimetres (3.9 in) wide at most, but a woman's formal obi can be 30 centimetres (12 in) wide and more than 4 metres (13 ft) long. Nowadays, a woman's wide and decorative obi does not keep the kimono closed; this is done by different undersashes and ribbons worn underneath the obi. The obi itself often requires the use of stiffeners and ribbons for definition of shape and decoration. There are many types of obi, most for women...
@EarlGrey yeh i havn't memorized that
@Memor-X Araragi mention it countless time
11:07 AM
@Avery hi, hows things
@Avery o/
@EarlGrey i was only half-way though......bakemonogatari? (the one with Karen Bee and Tsukihi Pheonix) before i stopped and decided to wait for more
that's Nisemonogatari. And that's just season 2 anime.
there are already a lot more
@EarlGrey i know. should buy the rest at some point
have you watched Nekomonogatari (Black)
11:11 AM
especially since Kizumonogatari is out
@EarlGrey no
is that the one with Hitagi and Hanekawa showering together?
why is that's the one you know lol
I think that was Monogatari Series Second Season
@EarlGrey because i do see some shots of it sometimes when i look up shoujo ai/yuri of it
@Memor-X doing fine, what about you?
@Avery i'm ok. building an abomination of a doujin lookup php page using tables for layouts, heaps of echos and dynamically generated queries with no input sanitizing
@EarlGrey isn't Nekomonogatari (Black) part of second season?
No it's Nekomonogatari (White)
11:15 AM
@EarlGrey so black is still first season
no... it's a movie
prequel to Bakemonogatari
It aired after Bakemonogatari tho
well light novel wise it's first season, with Bake, Nise and Kizu
the last one i brought was, Kabuki or Hana
think it was right before Tsuki
I should catch up on ReLIFE, I haven't read a chapter in months
@Morwenn you watched the anime?
@Memor-X no, I mostly don't watch animes
that said I'm not reading much anymore either ._____.
11:21 AM
Kabuki, Hana, 3 other arc then final season, Tsuki. But anime wise Hana is right before Tsuki. it's confusing really
@EarlGrey is this plot chronological order or the light novel release order?
light novel release
some of those 3 arcs haven't got anime adaptation so I don't know if the light novel actually follow chronological order or not
Uploaded (UTC): 03.09.2017 10:13:27 by (132581) Gao, tag: knights-of-sidonia
http://iqdb.org/?url=https://pomf.pyonpyon.moe/tzbvrs.jpg | https://whatanime.ga/?url=https://pomf.pyonpyon.moe/tzbvrs.jpg | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=https://pomf.pyonpyon.moe/tzbvrs.jpg | http://tineye.com/search?url=https://pomf.pyonpyon.moe/tzbvrs.jpg | http://saucenao.com/search.php?url=https://pomf.pyonpyon.moe/tzbvrs.jpg
@Avery hey o/
i just finished mirai nikki few days back the end was kinda strange
11:57 AM
anime or manga
i read the manga, but not watched the anime
did u see the spinoff
@JNat Little Witch Academia for the win
12:13 PM
I enjoyed the Rakugo one a lot
there's season 2 too
lol dat vote tho
why do you gotta vote
these are all just the best ones, they all win my screen time
except for attack on titan coz I got tired of waiting for the very few interesting bits scattered throughout the hours of uninteresting content
I get it that it's so intense for these kids that they are animated in very rough and thick lines but it's just not connecting with me on that level, nothing I can do about it
@Taisho yeah, the second season is the one that came out this year, so the actual one being nominated on that article
the other one's 2 years old or something
I enjoyed both, regardless
I just started watching the second season, I already forgot almost everything about the first
@ToshinouKyouko no
I still haven't seen any of the witch academia coz I've been putting it off for later when I wanna really enjoy it, hope I'm not overhyping it for myself
only seen the original movie
life is strange presequel episode 3 trailer appeared :I
I don't wanna have to wait for these episodes to all come out
also I don't think my computer can run the new one this time around
might have to upgrade some hardware next year
there are rumors of nvidia releasing new gpus in Q1 2018
if the prices for 1070 drop because of that I'll probably get one
12:34 PM
I want a plaid, and then I want a pillow, and I want to doze off and sleep :3
I keep feeling like referring to myself in third person
Such a weird feeling
@Morwenn i could use a pillow and some sleep
@Avery let's make a group order :D
@Avery « they do seem like they want hug today »
Hugs for all!
12:38 PM
one ring to hug them all and in the darkness [...] them
Cuddle them!
Drink tea with them
a bit hazardous in the darkness though
Dip @EarlGrey into them
Wait that sounded lewd
Cc @gal
12:47 PM
user image
that cute
that lack of stars!
how is it i used up 30-40 in less than a day
@Memor-X I was reading about the spear on the Wiki., and there's a major plothole in what you just suggested. Only Merlin and Arturia actually knew what the spear was. Not even the other knights of the round knew that. They couldn't have possibly known to worship her as anything because she possesses an absolutely ordinary weapon:
> Bedivere states that none of the Knights of the Round Table ever questioned the spear's nature, and so never learned of its significance or power, meaning that only King Arthur and Merlin among them were ever aware of what it is.
> Due to the properties concealed in the holy spear, she has changed or mutated into an existence closer to a Divine Spirit; a goddess if anything. Her bodily age actually grows without intervention of Excalibur. However, merely using it for ten years hasn't changed her mentality and spiritual construction too much
my mistake, Arturia herself changed rather being worshipped
i must be confusing the difference between that and The Church's magecraft which increases with worship
in a sense even if God does not exist the Church can create it like how Angra Mainyu ended up being created as All the World's Evil
Well, the point remains then though. Why does she have to conceal her gender with the sword, yet not with the spear?
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