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12:09 AM
Q: What does "Why didn't she ask EBA" mean in Hyouka?

Max LiAt the end of the episodes involving the movie, 10-11 iirc, just before the ending credits there is the subtitled text "Why didn't she ask EBA?" which I don't understand. This wast touched on at this Yahoo Answers link but did not help my understanding. Is this a joke from the translator? If so...

12:27 AM
Q: Hobi-Hobi no mi on Yonka

LordbalmonDo the fruits in one piece have a limit based on the user vs victim strength? Could someone like Sugar just sneak up on Big Mom or Kaido and turn them into a toy?

12:40 AM
Q: Did Dragon cause the lightning at Lougetown

LordbalmonI watched the anime at least twice but I don't understand. I know Dragon saved Luffy from Smoker but did he save Luffy at the execution stand? Bartholomew said he was stunned when he saw the lightning save Luffy. That makes me think it was Luffy's unexplainable luck, like when Fujitora rolled the...

1:27 AM
user image
@ColdFire what city is that
@Tyhja somewhere in Turkey i assume since @Avery is talking about hearing lightning and asking if @Gallifreyan can hear it too
1:48 AM
I've been laughing at this for about two minutes
@Taisho Why are you just standing there watching it? run like fuck!
have you seen anyone run during these moments in TTGL?
@Taisho having not seen it yet i assume the answer is no......but this isn't Gurren Lagann, it's World War I so standard rules of engagement apply like not using planets as ammo
and spinning explosions of death will kill you
to be fair during WWI even not taking part in the war would still kill you way too often
might as well enjoy the spectacle
have you seen the tech specs of the upcoming apple hardware?
it's the top shit actually this time
microsoft's studio is lagging behind with its 980m graphics
I'm honestly surprised they haven't secured a deal to get the new 1080s in there
now apple probably has a timed exclusive contract with amd for their graphics cards
what's ms gonna do for its studio refresh
2:06 AM
@Taisho you talking about that new iMac Pro?
I guess, I'm not sure about their namings
@Memor-X ...
when people say "…" after a bunch of messages, I imagine someone coming over to my place, opening the door, giving me a silent gaze for 3 seconds, closing the door and going back away
if you gonna come over after such a long time, maybe say something
this is a chat room, not a silent judging gaze room
@Taisho i imagine that and also in their minds going "banana banana banana banana banana banana banana"
holy shit 1080m is twice as fast as 980m
wtf did they do
3:11 AM
@Taisho what does the number mean
@Taisho oh she's good
Q: how did deva path pain get killed by a rasengan

watermelonHe got hit by a double meat tank and tanked tailed beast ball easily. And he's able to block sage mode taijutsu. But how did he get killed by a stupid rasengan?

3:32 AM
i've got to stop doing that
@Darjeeling did you work it out?
what do you mean?
27 mins ago, by Darjeeling
@Taisho what does the number mean
oh, no I didn't
@Darjeeling i think it might be to do with the date. ignoring the 2016 it's 03/09
3:51 AM
@Darjeeling ahhhh ok
1 hour later…
4:51 AM
to show that i'm not biased
1 hour later…
6:02 AM
@Hakase @JNat @Memor-X It still feels like SE is saying that its not their problem and that users are the ones to post a counter notification, not SE. And even then, there's no support from SE with that - for example, non-US citizens or mentioning how the tag pages will be dealt with.
For example, unless I want to allow the DMCA to legally apply to me, I have no way to fight it
The way the post was poised, no offence to Jnat - still bffs, it seemed a bit 'we've complied and now its your issue' rather than 'we're trying to fight this (how), here's how you can help'
And as I mentioned earlier, SE has a legal team/advisors - its much more impractical for individual users to fight this stuff
it's SE's platform and they should show protection
a further description of what SE is doing would really help - those questions that haven't been deleted, are they being delayed, ignored, contested, etc.
And further to that, why are only some of the flagged pages SE's responsiblity and not others?
I don't know about the others who had posts deleted but I'm pretty annoyed about it all.
Anyway, g'morning
@ToshinouKyouko i'm kinda annoyed as well but that's because i get the feeling that the DMCA Request doesn't seem to have been issued by a human
@ToshinouKyouko morning. you still sick?
There's that too, evil copyright robots
@Memor-X yeah :( feeling much better though
@ToshinouKyouko well it should be summer up there so you shouldn't be getting sick now
oh yeh @ToshinouKyouko, how did you get a background image on you're Steam Profile?
6:19 AM
@Memor-X you can buy them in the or from crafting cards
In the marketplace
@ToshinouKyouko ahhhh
going to have to start getting some shoujo ai/yuri cards then
so aside from getting better how's thing with you @tosh
@ToshinouKyouko oy
@Memor-X okay, doing my driving test soon (yet again :( )
@Tyhja yo
@ToshinouKyouko practical?
Once I pass though, no more exams ever
6:34 AM
@ToshinouKyouko so what does a practical exam over there entail? in Australia, or at least when i did it it was to drive around town on a set route
@Memor-X yup same, its strict though
7:16 AM
@ColdFire \o
1 hour later…
8:32 AM
8:43 AM
8:54 AM
Are we posting shoujo ai now? I can do that too.
we are posting anything related to anime but sure you can do that
also Mornin'
^ Did anyone here read Sunstone?
9:11 AM
dips @Darjeeling in fresh water
at last.. a refreshing water
10:13 AM
No one read Sunstone :(
The DMCA safe harbor protections provide limited remedies for content hosts and we will pursue any such remedies to their fullest extent where warranted. You will have noticed we only took action on 17 of the over 190 links submitted, as we're still reviewing all others for legal sufficiency and we will respond as permitted by law following review. — JNat ♦ May 31 at 15:06
As for the rest, and as I told Hakase yesterday: once we know something, you'll know something.
But in the meantime, you can file a counter-claim, yeah — that's what I intend to do for my post that was deleted too
@Gallifreyan well generally it's me doing it....or @Taisho doing it because i've infected it with the power of Shoujo Ai/Yuri
@Gallifreyan i assume it's this?
@Memor-X Yes.
10:30 AM
@Gallifreyan how much BDSM stuff is there in it? not really my thing but i can tolerate it so long as it's limited
@Memor-X Pretty tolerable, and mostly tangential to the plot.
It's tasteful, really, so it's not really an "erotic" comic.
@Gallifreyan not sure what that last word means
BDSM is sort of a big part of their lives, but it's not there only for the sake of BDSM, it's used to frame their romance.
@Gallifreyan errrrrr might look into it
@Memor-X Start here to get a taste of it.
It's the author's page - he originally published it as a webcomic there.
10:52 AM
@Gallifreyan i assume the order of left to right, top to bottom is the read order aswell?
(times like this i wish i could download it all)
@Memor-X I think the first volume was available for free download as a part of promotion.
user image
@Memor-X Top Cow has a page with their free promotions, and you can download the chapters from the author's DeviantArt here. It's not the best quality, but I guess it can serve as a preview.
And there are some changes from the webcomic version to the book version.
@Gallifreyan how do you mean?
11:03 AM
@Gallifreyan so the better quality one is?
@Memor-X Webcomic has higher resolution, but the book fixes some mistakes and goofy things. I'd advise reading the first volume (doesn't matter where) and then deciding whether you want to read the rest, but in the printed/collected form.
11:23 AM
@Gallifreyan well at the moment i'm playing catchup with the work i wanted to do yesterday but couldn't because i didn't have a full night to work with after doing the backup of Mai so i'll start reading it later
Good luck ;)
3 hours later…
1:58 PM
user image
@Taisho a shame that it aint a tomato, otherwise we could say that @Darjeeling is being dipped in @ToshinouKyouko
2:55 PM
it's not a tomato tea it's a cup of borsch
if you want a weird savory time, heat up a cup of tomato juice and add a spoon of that smooth creamy white cheese
maybe sprinkle in some herbs and spices
sounds... interesting
maybe yummy, but im not sure
you could use mayo instead of creamy cheese but it would be a bit different kind of experience
3:13 PM
1 hour later…
4:50 PM
bought some smoked cheese
savory af
@Taisho Rise of the machines? Bots gaining self-awareness?
it's a me! hakase!
sometimes I use taisho's gui chat tab to talk
@Gallifreyan you're e v e r y w h e r e
@Gallifreyan lmao
@Taisho lies
you are skynet in disguise
imgur keeps making it more and more difficult to upload images quickly i.imgur.com/PsegvSx.png
@Avery he's in like 5 rooms and you're in 4
4:57 PM
@Taisho we keep stumbling upon each other in random rooms
4th or 5th room now
I wonder how that could possibly be happening
@Avery 3rd.
Ask Ubuntu, Arqade, and here.
he's counting! obviously a stalker!!!!!!!!
Argh! My cover has been blown! My evil plan is foiled!
5:18 PM
@Gallifreyan BAKA
well i am in 15+ chatrooms
So many good arts but they're NSFW.
Most of them, at least.
5:54 PM
youtu.be/jKU0LpSHXTM nice channel
6:30 PM
Q: What is the name of this anime?

olumide idowuI saw an anime scene on dailymotion.com, i am trying to found what anime the scene is from. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x39tkei_new-cartoon-crazy-scenes-elsa-frozen_fun

@Sakamoto FLAGS AWAY!
I'm just watching that british accent guy on autoplay
so much tasty stuff he's showing
@Gallifreyan what flags? it should be close votes
@user1306322 I'm a <2k noob here, so it's flags for me :)
@Taisho Noice accent :)
wtf is wrong with SE
6:56 PM
where did my avatar and shit go
@Gallifreyan anyway, downvotes also help coz they bringit closer to -3 where we can cast delete votes
@user1306322 Not even 125 here :(
do I need to post on meta about this avatar bullshit?
@user1306322 Wait, Taisho got deleted?!
taisho's account got fucked several years ago
too long to explain, but short story: make sure not to accidentally vote from more than one account on the same post twice
Then how do you keep posting from it?
6:59 PM
wait @user1306322 is hakase?
Just FYI, a couple of days ago a user from SFF got his bot account merged with his main for no reason at all, without any prompt or anything. Maybe the SE is acting up.
you can click to see my profile
@Gallifreyan it's complicated but it's working and I'm not touching anything to not break it
oh yeah hakase indeed
@Gallifreyan no this is not a thing that is happening, this is my main se network avatar and picture, which shouldn't be here coz I'm using anime's profile as a parent for the chat
maybe I gotta log in through anime
yeah try that
7:03 PM
@user1306322 You can change your parent user in your chat account page.
but guess what I've never changed it before
this happened just now on its own
@Taisho Sh*t, that's an interesting channel.
Colour me impressed and hooked.
yea that's what I've been telling
I thought I had other plans but no, I'm gonna watch these vids for a while
7:37 PM
As well as Sakamoto, there's the cute little bird from Nichijou too — Matt 6 mins ago
I just updated my post with a bunch of typical japanese stuff
Q: List of icons/symbols we'd like to see in our repeating background pattern

HakaseThere are a number of SE sites which have some relevant to the topic of the site icons, symbols and graphics in the header or the repeating background pattern. I'm not exactly sure how much our designers are in on the anime topic, but just to give them some ideas, I'd like to compile a list of th...

7:48 PM
more test
oh shit look there's no rep under taisho's name
oh no there it is again :I
false alarm
for some reason my rep only shows my anime's rep and not the total on all sites
test test test
more tests!
@Hakase Are we actually graduating? We've been "almost" graduating for how many years now?
testing all day all the way
lalala can't hear you testing underway
asdfasdf need 4 messages in a row
aaand 4
ok seems to be fixed now
@Mysticial we've graduated 2 years ago I think?
we just didn't get a design coz it's too hard to make it for us and we're not that important anyway
nobody cares about anime as much as programming unfortunately
@Hakase No we haven't because I still have my 10k tools at 4.8k rep.
and raising reputation requirements like for big sites has been a touchy topic which I have my views about and others have theirs
that's called staged graduation and you can read about it on metas
7:56 PM
Last time I checked, they didn't grandfather privileges.
first they remove the "beta" text, then they increase the rep requirements and add a design
the fact that we have graduated is supported by having had moderator elections
Oh I see, we don't have the beta text anymore.
Not obvious at all.
A: Retain earned user privileges after rep requirement threshold raise

MakotoIf we're worried about this, it means one very clear thing: we're not yet ready to become a fully-fledged site. Whatever efforts we have to undertake to accomplish this should be our next focus, and should be where our energies are spent. The rep levels will change, and as has been mentioned b...

Downvote, @eric - make sure you're ranking them lower than the exemplary ones. — Shog9 ♦ Mar 8 '14 at 17:08
I've been saying for a while that we're not SO and there can't be as much activity here as on SO
it's unrealistic to just shift gears from 2 to 5 and expect us to get up to speed with the likes of the most active SE sites
you know what happens with cars when you do that? the gearbox gets stressed over time and the car breaks sooner rather than later
or something, I'm not a mechanic
I'm more of a psychology person, and I can see how sudden removal of convenient privileges the users have gotten used to could lead to a lot of people reducing their activity on the site
and you know what that leads to
Q: What's the Matter with these new rep requirements?

AlagarosThis morning I stumbled upon a change in the review system, the reputation requirements have been raised. With this change only 42 users (162 with the old threshold) can do Close, Reopen & Low Quality reviews. What exactly is the point behind this? I created a data query that shows how many ...

I don't side with Logan on this one
I don't think he "feels" the activity here
yeah, typical butthurt. No shortage of that SO.
SO is made for solving problems people encounter at work, so obviously they won't be leaving any time soon, and angry people are there to stay
here we don't deal with topics related to work, this is all purely for fun and entertainment
angry people just don't stay here
and if it gets difficult to earn rep, they'll leave
there's no incentive to "become more active" and earn rep to gain privileges like on SO
I don't get how so many users on meta don't understand this simple difference
we shouldn't be encouraging users to pull anime questions out of their ass because that would result in lots of dumb/obvious questions that aren't of use to anyone
it's not a good idea to incentivize farming rep on a low quantity, high quality site
(these are my arguments against raising the rep requirement threshold for privileges)
@JNat a bit of feedback from me ^ (starting here)
also my comments to Makoto's answer here
8:16 PM
wonder whose hand that is from that ending
did you know that WhatAnime.Ga shows a short clip with sound of the anime surrounding the image?
so it appears that it's a non-descript "kid from that medical facility"
and she's thinking about them
8:34 PM
chat room
1 hour later…
9:44 PM
I wonder how much a whole dictionary site's database of definitions and relationships between words takes up on a hard drive
people are saying a dictionary site needs caching for max performance, but I'm thinking it needs maybe 32 gigs of ram total to hold the whole thing in ultra fast access all the time
I'd like to get some expert answers but idk where a question like that would fit
10:02 PM
10:14 PM
@Taisho IDK if it'd fit on SE, however being a bit liberal, assuming 16gigabytes are available, 16e10 bytes, and you're making a dictionary of the 354,984 single words listed in the Moby Words dictionary would give ~44 kibibits per word. Which IMO would be feasible. I'd however still use a LRU cache, as some words are very unlikely to be searched, whilst allowing for you to easily extend to other languages.
well, ahem, I HAVE DATA
indexed wiktionary (the whole thing) is 2.8GB
non-indexed is 1.7gb
both include images.
1.3gb - 2.5gb if you want no images.
@Taisho your answer ^
@Avery Nice, not even that big.
@Peilonrayz I have the whole wikipedia and wiktionary downloaded in turkish and english
@Avery I was thinking of doing that at one point... But I'm lazy af
Oh yeah I forgot about that, is that still a thing? As in has it not been unblocked yet?
10:27 PM
@Avery you can still do google translate "proxy", right?
@Gallifreyan Narcissu comes with a Season Pass......a Visual Novel with a Season Pass....what the fuck as the west done to the japanese market
@Peilonrayz cool info, thanks
@Peilonrayz still no unblock
@Taisho yeah, I have a VPN too, but just in case.
11:01 PM
rewatched yesterday but still couldn't focus on the moves for more than 5 seconds at a time
idk it's just a relaxing movie for me, I keep spacing out and thinking about random stuff
11:31 PM

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