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actual source: “An Elder Sister” by Pochi.
ye it's got lame art :p
2:32 AM
uhh, it's hentai
well of course
was going to take the entire weekend to finish Angel Beats. decided to finish it today
there was feels at the end but i feel i was more affected by Yuuki's death in SAO than how Angel Beats finished\
that being said it did feel like every else passing on was more rushed
yea it's too short for that many character
should either have less character or more episode
2:55 AM
3:34 AM
@Darjeeling more episodes for sure
for a moment there at the end i thought that otonashi, or a version of him would end up being the programmer of Angel Player
Otonashi should have graduate with Kanade right after she graduate
after all, there's a scene where Otonashi meets Kanade outside the afterlife world after they graduate
3:50 AM
Q: What is the complete story of King Artoria in Fate?

FrosteezeThe story of King Artoria differs from the real world story of King Arthur, although even the latter have a lot of variations. In the Fate series, there are bits and pieces of Artoria's life being revealed in each iteration of the game. But is there a complete story of the King Arthur story in Fa...

@Sakamoto isn't there a complete story in her wikia page?
although I haven't read all of it
4:21 AM
I don't understand why she feels more and more pressure
these are marvelous things
4:42 AM
youtu.be/iZe_zmyCTZg nsfw but pretty fun
@Taisho it's implied that she has no life, but I don't know I do that everyday
@Taisho that would be more awkward if she hold her dakimakura
some internal meta-meme from r/animemes
ye I've seen a meme pic yesterday made from a template "would you rather" and it juxtaposed liking anime vs "not being a fucking weirdo" or something of that caliber, on an anime-related sub
from what I've seen, not many people really meme about liking anime means you're weird, but a lot of people would say that walking around out on the streets with the body pillows is actually pretty weird
tl;dr I'm spending way too much time on reddit
I've been thinking about finding a more filtered source of news, interesting things and other higher quality content, but I don't think anything is better at aggregation of these things than reddit at this time, and I've got RES addon which lets me filter out all the bad subs which I don't ever wanna see like politics, sports, wrestling, subs specific to events happening in american states, etc
user image
oh yea I watched that bullshit dub, but only the supercut of the funny moments, and most of the time it wasn't really that funny
I imagine watching the full show would be completely not worth these few rare funny moments
t's called Ghost Stories, look for the english wacko dub
5:46 AM
she wouldn't be sad if the subtitles said "she's gay"
oh man
6:48 AM
@Taisho someone was looking Hakuoki.
funny how it's anime Harada is what google shows
if you google kongou, most picture on the right will show kancolle
@Taisho while i would love that Usagi need to be with Mamoru so that Chibi-Usa can be born and fall in love with Hotaru
@Darjeeling i assume if you do that with any ship from Kantai Collection you'll get that
^ i wonder if that's actually from Mahou Tsukai no Yoru
if it is....well i always thought Touko's Aoko Puppet was made to look like shit
sure it's still freaky but still, not as bad i would have thought
@Memor-X not really, like Yamato and her sister ship Musashi
@Darjeeling maybe you need your google results corrupted
7:27 AM
all I got is battleship
but not with kongou
well she's one of the most popular kanmusu
8:07 AM
@Darjeeling Kaga still wins
8:44 AM
@Memor-X I never said she was the most popular
9:01 AM
@Darjeeling i know
9:55 AM
user image
10:26 AM
user image
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11:49 AM
@Memor-X is it her birthday?
who's the other girl
12:01 PM
@Darjeeling not that i know of
@Darjeeling Admiral-sama
12:13 PM
@Darjeeling man, that loli gil is da best gil
5 hours later…
5:40 PM
dips @Darjeeling
Q: My hero academia special appearances

MansuroIn Boku no hero academia, there are many people have a special appearance, different from a human appearance, like Tokoyami for example. Is this something normal in the world of my hero academia where someone can have a different appearance caused by their quirks? or is it more like in Dragon B...

@Darjeeling o/
@AnkitSharma lol not quite like that
3 hours later…
8:32 PM
Q: How did Reiner Braun captured Eren?

PabloEn the end of episode 7 season 2 of Attack on Titan, Eren was about to break Reiner Braun's neck. Then, in the following episoding, the Collosus titan starts to fall, we see a shot that seems to show now Reiner is above Eren and has him grabbed, and later we hear that Reiner captured Eren. What h...

8:46 PM
Q: i want to re watch an anime but i forgot the name

corbinThe best description of the anime is this kid is on a bus and he gets a seed in his arm and then his arm gets big and strong then he goes onto a mail ship and works for them? sorry for the bad English not my first language.

1 hour later…
10:14 PM
@Darjeeling you know you can hide all the unused buttons on the right
10:44 PM
11:37 PM
@Taisho i can't understand what Maki is saying in that last frame. the joke gets ruined then

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