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1:32 AM
@Taisho I never bothered by them so never thought of hiding them
until now
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3:10 AM
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5:41 AM
check out the rest of that site wordpress.tokyotimes.org
man I got ten fucking million bookmarks which I gotta go through someday
2 hours later…
7:18 AM
Q: What manga is this? Couple kising

Yaquelin Serrano Picture of couple kissing... Tried to google image search but didn't work

that AM ripped me the fuck apart
still gathering my body parts
8:17 AM
white tea is like smooth darjeeling
gotta try both
8:27 AM
Q: will the androids in universe 7 be disqualified

shivercubHey i was wondering if androids 18 & 19 will get universe 7 disqualified bc they are not only modified humans but weapons all together. since frost was a modified being, he almost got got disqualified in the universe 6 tournament arc. 18&19 are made to be weapons! they could be erased killed or r...

8:56 AM
@Taisho true
9:23 AM
Q: Why would Aiz Wallenstein be upset upon being called "Aria"?

Ayase EriIn DanMachi Sword Oratoria anime, Ep. 5 and 6, a woman with red hair called Aiz "Aria". For some reason this makes Aiz upset. Do we know why Aiz got upset being called Aria?

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11:05 AM
@кяαzєя yeh @Taisho has been posting links to that one aswell. however it does fail at times even you provide episode screenshots
11:54 AM
@Taisho starred
12:12 PM
Q: Is the Manias version of "Sanki Tousen" available as a single?

senshinQuestion Has the Manias version of "Sanki Tousen" been made available for sale, or, alternatively, is there an announcement that it will not be made available for sale? It is, notably, not part of "Akiba's Collection", unlike all the other EDs. Background context So, in Akiba's Trip: The Anima...

12:34 PM
@Memor-X but most of the time it works
I think
1 hour later…
1:53 PM
@Darjeeling 90% of the time yeh
2:05 PM
youtube.com/watch?v=EZCaNGlh0zU idk if anyone here likes korean pop music
it's alright sometimes, but not always
Q: Why those "magical names" sound so much like forum handles?

MindwinMagicians show that they are serious by shouting their magical names. Poster child of this behaviour is shown in Endymion no Kiseki, when Is there any rule in making the magical names, or are they intended to look like forum/internet nicknames?

2:28 PM
Q: Who stole my candy?

kazThis question may not have a current answer but I want to be sure that I am not missing critical detail. In chapter 129 of Kuroshitsuji on page 13 there is an eerie message etched into a wall that reads Who stole the candy from my tummy? It is attached below with appropriate spoiler tags for a...

2:43 PM
Q: How do the adventurers know the floor boss's names?

Dan WhaleyIn Dan Machi on the side, Aiz faces off against a floor boss all by herself (with 1 observer). Yet, it seems apparent that everyone knows the monster's name. How would the adventurers know the floor boss's names? In this case, the particular floor boos doesn't make any verbal sound for some re...

source apparently this tapas.io/episode/489459
pic from r/cyberpunk titled Serial Experiments Lain
idk but that's not what this aesthetic associates with to me
source: myanimelist.net/manga/69441 not a hentai it seems but not particularly good either according to the rating of 6.38
review seems to explain it well
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9:35 PM
Q: Question about Garo OVA S1

Paperjoemy question is about the garo S1, OVA the spinningwheel song,who did it? my guess saxton/rial,but i cant find any answer,iam up for any info thanks

10:26 PM
Just got back from ACEN. And two days of painful phone-only internet nearing my data cap.
10:39 PM
@Mysticial ACEN? that a anime convention?
May'n was there for an outside concert. For the first time ever, they actually allowed recording of the concerts.
10:52 PM
@Mysticial maybe they just got tired in trying to police it since to do it right you'll need everyone to hand over their phone and that can cause problems
any photos?
Dunno, this is the first time I'm aware of they moved a concert outside. Probably because the con is big enough that the main ballrooms are running 24/7.
And the outside area was open to the public. You didn't need a badge to walk into it.
They had to schedule the masquerade at the same time as the May'n concert. That's how busy shit was.
@Mysticial anime Masquerade?
I was gonna take a peak as the masquerade this year, but no chance.
@Memor-X It's this thing where cosplayers go on stage and try to act out their characters.
I didn't really know about it until last year. Then I realized holy shit. It's a really big thing at every con.
user image
@Mysticial ahhhh. i generally thought of those as cosplay championships since acting you're role is apart of the cosplay
@Taisho see it's cute images like this that you forget that Nico is the senpai, not Maki

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