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2:06 AM
Ohio o/
@Saitama yo
Belated, but I see that id-req is off-topic now, yay ^_^
@Sp3000 yep, gave been for well over a year so very belated
2:21 AM
Ahaha well you can probably tell that most of my lurking happens here rather than the main site then :P
@Sp3000 well we can't really see if you're lurking on the main site as easily as we have here
2 hours later…
4:50 AM
most points are pretty obvious but I don't entirely agree with the point 4 coz sometimes the story is almost entirely about describing the setting, and nothing really happens, so I wonder how many classical works which a lot of people have read this guy would reject
reddit.com/r/tea/comments/69nqrn/where_does_your_tea_take_you − to the fucking toilet you dumbasses!
also if your tea is that opaque, I can see why you're having problems
user image
user image
in all the right places
5:25 AM
Q: What do the names represent in Koe no Katachi soundtrack?

54DIn Disc 1 of Koe no Katachi OST, the name of every soundtrack is a 3-letter "word" (except 38. Invention No. 1 C dur), such as "tre", "rev", "lit", etc.. The names seem random to me. What do the names actually represent? The composer won't just put random letters as the names, right?

5:57 AM
man there was a real hard choice in Nier: Automata today. in a sidequest i was asked to find a missing combat unit by a Defense unit on the Bunker. i find out that the missing Unit faked getting shit down so she could go AWOL. i get back to report and had to choose whether or not i would tell the girl her friend was going to go AWOL
i think i chose right. the two were in a relationship so by with holding her memories or her partner are untainted, after all i don't know why her partner was going to go AWOL
> Error establishing a database connection
yep, i really disagree with that point
6:17 AM
huh, pretty sure I saw that picture just recently
6:35 AM
user image
@Darjeeling for a moment that i thought she was going to push a leash on him, until i saw her collar
2 hours later…
8:40 AM
@Memor-X you playing Nier?
@Saitama yes
I was thinking about buying it... is it any good?
@Saitama i believe so
8:57 AM
Q: What anime is this?

KeKi My friend asked me what anime is this. So i wonder if anyone could help my with what anime is this. I havent watch this one yet. Thanks!

9:49 AM
I wonder if we can do something to prevent IDs from coming our way
it didn't use to be like this before we allowed them explicitly, I think
but I don't remember how they appeared here in the first place
@Tosh do you remember?
1 hour later…
11:19 AM
@Memor-X is the season 3 of code geass released?
@ColdFire don't think so. even then i wouldn't watch it until it's localized
@Memor-X localized in what?
english you mean
I'm so excited for CG:R3
also @krazer posts an image each airing season which we pin and i don't recall see it for this season
meeh lelouch will be back
11:24 AM
@ColdFire yes
i am gonna watch subbed
subbed or dubbed doesn't matter, though i would like dubbed
@Saitama likewise
cant wait till they dubbed
me too prefer dubbed always
also Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is a good anime?
i was thinking of watching it
sub for life <3
@ColdFire yes. i love it
and if you watch it you have to watch the Rebellion Movie
@Saitama dubbed home releases generally always come with subs so best of both
11:34 AM
@Memor-X wow really?
i have never seen one dubbed with subs also :(
@ColdFire i'm talking about the DVDs/Bluray, they generally have the option to watch it with Japanese Dubs and English Subs
i see
11:51 AM
@ColdFire no it's not
it's great anime
dips @Darjeeling in magic water
@Darjeeling :D
@Darjeeling i am ashamed as myself for not picking up on that
@ColdFire then I would be magical darjeeling
@Memor-X yea you should
goddamit I forgot to buy darjeeling >.<
@Darjeeling true
1 hour later…
1:41 PM
Q: I can't find for which anime this picture belongs

hasan i was just wondering from what anime is this if anybody can help me it would be great. thanks in advance

1:56 PM
2:19 PM
2 hours later…
3:54 PM
Q: What is the name of the anime character that often says (something something something) - let's keep it PG

RexWhat is the name of an anime character that often says (something something something) - let's keep it PG And what anime is that from, I watched tons of anime and now I can't remember

4:37 PM
@Sakamoto downvote, close and delete pls
5:12 PM
Q: Can't find the name of this particular track from the anime Parasyte

ZoddoCan't find the track in the OST, it's played during the fight scene in episode 22 where migi slices the neck of Gotou and tells Shinichi to run away. If anyone know what this track is called, that'll be great.

2 hours later…
7:05 PM
user image
1 hour later…
8:18 PM
@Memor-X @Darjeeling indeed it was awesome anime
1 hour later…
9:26 PM
@LoganM you approved that edit but that "one missing movie" was there all along, at the end of the list anime.stackexchange.com/posts/2927/revisions
@ColdFire have you watched the entire season?
or just one movie
also that talk about not being a good fit for a partner between Togusa and Bato makes me think the Innocence movie is set before the SAC series
coz you'd think they would have found the time to talk about that stuff in the ~25 episodes of the tv series, and not in one of the movies
it seems like I haven't seen the "new movie" yet
I'll be rewatching the whole arise thing
good thing the new batch torrent combined all the proper episodes together
there was a mess with the reformat of the OVAs into tv series with the 2 added new episodes which are the only ones worth watching according to everyone on the internet
10:13 PM
Q: Is Junko Enoshima masochist?

swswswsIs she masochist? Her mental behaviour indicated that she is masochist by obsessed with despair. Spoiler ahead Killing her sister. Killing her lover. Killing her classmates. By killing her family member, lover and he classmate she feels sexual despair pleasure I guess? Does it mean she's e...

10:26 PM
Q: Why don't characters keep fighting and not give their enemies a break when fighting in a life or death battle?

Annoying ErrorIt just doesn't make much sense to me when the character has the upper hand for a moment and then they end up getting beat cause they were not relentless in attacking and don't use their full strength

@ColdFire yeh what @Hakase did you watch all the series and the Rebellion Movie?
the first 2 Movies just go over the series again with some altered scenes
11:05 PM
@Taisho now it's working
and i agree. you can learn so much of the protagonist or the world with a "never beginning"
Yo, rather than asking an off-topic question, is asking "What's the difference between streaming anime via Steam and Crunchyroll?" on-topic, just as it's not really mentioned on the help center
@Peilonrayz Steam streams Anime?
Yeah, I found out in the Steam anime sale
@Peilonrayz you sure that's anime and not anime themed games?
they had an anime sale like last month which was for anime themed games
@Memor-X They also had a Crunchyroll section for streams, such as Gintama
11:23 PM
@Peilonrayz huh. in my opinion i would say it's on-topic
especially since Steam lists the website for Gintama to Crunchyroll
@Memor-X Great, thanks, :)
11:35 PM
Q: What's the difference between streaming anime via Steam and Crunchyroll?

PeilonrayzOn the Steam anime sale a little while back, I noticed that Steam has added support for steaming anime. One example is Gintama. When this sale was on, there was a large banner saying these streams have something to do with Crunchyroll, whilst not as apparent anymore, you can still see this connec...


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