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12:53 AM
@Memor-X I know that's Sakura Saber. When I #id something I usually looking for the artist
@Darjeeling we really need an #id alias for you called #artist
lol yea but I would still use #id since it's shorter
@Darjeeling how about #art. the distance between all 3 characters is much shorter than #id
well, we could do that
I don't know how to make alias tho
@Darjeeling yeh i've forgotten too
3 hours later…
3:34 AM
@Memor-X I'd be more worried for the person's head or the sidewalk than the Nokia. Thanks. It's been quite a while. Been busy @.@
@CuddleBunny school? work?
bought a house
and work
@CuddleBunny ahhhh, that would have knocked you off the internet for quite some time
yeah, I mean I work on the internet so there's that. But I have to have the mind to open SO chats in a tab
@CuddleBunny you talking about at work?
3:45 AM
I work at home
@CuddleBunny oh
so I can do what I want
what work do you do?
e-learning courseware
and sometimes mobile apps or websites
and the occasional game
3:49 AM
@VanessaBrown i would be so jelly if that was the case. because of the fluency one would need (when then translate to being able to watch/read raws rather than waiting for translations)
I can watch raws, but I can't read anything
@CuddleBunny raw anime = no subs
since I've been watching subs for ~12 years now tons of it has rubbed off
there is many a time I forget to turn the subs on and don't notice for like 10 minutes or so
when I went to Japan I had a pretty easy time listening to people, but reading is still hard
good thing 90% of signage was in english
@CuddleBunny i get this odd image of you talking to a japanese person and they just keep holding up English signs instead of talking to you
lol, actually most people who knew English REALLY wanted to talk to us to practice it.
we would get stopped by random people in random places out of the blue and they'd be like "Are you American? Can we talk in English?"
3:57 AM
@CuddleBunny could have stayed there and taught english
@Taisho tags
Uploaded (UTC): 01.01.0001 0:00:00 by (1) redacted, tag:
@Taisho what
@Taisho holy crap, almost 10mb?
3:59 AM
yeah, one of my wife's friends from college was over there teaching English for 3 years
It was pretty great, but I don't know about permanently living there. The workaholic culture bothers me.
@CuddleBunny yeh, that can be a turn off
and the fact North Korea is close by who can't seem to grasp that their fireworks are way too large
I like fireworks though :P
@CuddleBunny yeh but North Korea's are way too big. a mis-fired one not only could take out your face but your body, the guy next to you and the rest of the town
also from the recent test a bunch of folks on twitter:
> “It is no coincidence that the giant Gundam in Odaiba disappeared at the same time the North Korean missile failed.”
anyways, off to bed. Will be on more often~
@CuddleBunny i knew that thing wasn't just a statue
4:59 AM
@JNat morning, now's things
Good. Got up early to play some FFxiv, taking advantage of the free login campaign :P
@JNat this to promote the upcoming expansion?
Nah, it's a campaign they run every once in a while to get people who haven't played in a while back in
5:18 AM
Q: does the Boruto anime have a different story line from the manga?

HenjinI've read the manga of "Boruto : Naruto next generation", and the story line is completely different, except for the first scene. So did they created a new story line for the anime, or the current episodes are simply fillers and we will catch up with the manga eventually? (And why don't we have t...

> And why don't we have the Boruto tag?
isn't that ?
6:19 AM
Q: How many people would have to be killed to make the streets 'run red with blood'?

FriendlysociopathFor example, a street this wide to have enough blood run down the length shown in this photo? Assume that the blood isn't going down storm-drains for whatever reason and assume the stretch of road is 100 feet long. There need not be literal 'rivers' of blood, just enough that the entire street is...

^ numbers can be reduced significantly if anime characters were used
6:41 AM
good grief its almost like there's people here again
6:59 AM
@Tyhja yay!
Q: what is the manga title of this picture?

Unum Diem Durantiai just want to know as to what manga are these pictures from? NSFW Link 1 NSFW Link 2

henneko != hentai
@Memor-X yea just give them a little bit panty shot
7:40 AM
Q: Why does the layout and design of the home page looks a bit dull compared to other Stack Exchange websites?

NightshadeThis may seem as a pointless question to many, but I'm new here and just wanted to know a bit more about the Stack Exchange websites. While visiting various other Stack Exchange websites, I noticed that the top of the home page over there looks far more attractive than the one on this website : ...

> asked 4 hours ago
you're late
2 hours later…
9:33 AM
user image
9:44 AM
well, we know Haruhi and Shinobu are girls. And top left and bottom right (forgot their name) are traps. but determine trap in real world is much harder.
10:05 AM
dips @Darjeeling in java island water
@ColdFire `-`a hmmmmmm
10:37 AM
dips @Darjeeling
27 mins ago, by Darjeeling
@Darjeeling but no useable id request tag either
yea but that mean OP tried to use hentai tag at first
10:51 AM
@Darjeeling good point, but i was more referring to the amount of blood that sprays when someone gets cut
@Taisho touhou? who
@Darjeeling while we don't have a hentai tag we go have tags with the word hentai in them
@Memor-X yea and we have another one with eromanga
good thing Senshin edited that with eromanga-sensei
2 hours later…
1:17 PM
@Tyhja hey yerself
Q: A different type of ID Request?

NightshadeWhile browsing the internet I saw an advertisement for anime merchandise. I saw a character (monster rather) in the ad that looked quite cool. So I drew it out real quick. (I don't have the original pic from the net anymore so I can't reverse search it). But I don't really know which anime that ...

1 hour later…
2:44 PM
the bottom middle pic from that capcha is cross play 2 hentai
it's kinda bleh coz of all the pinises, I prefer other kinds
Exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks. Guess I'll have to keep searching. Btw, the word Jaeger was written below it, and it looked like a giant humanoid, with some steam coming out of its mouth. And green eyes. Would you know something related to that ? — Nightshade 51 mins ago
also since when do comment urls contain "noredirect" stuff?
@Nightshade afaik the only "jaeger" out there these days is Attack on Titan
and steam coming out of its mouth is probably a titan transformation effect
chances are it's attack on titan
I'll google that. Thanks
especially if it's a recent ad
Wow. Perfect. It is attack on Titan. Thanks a ton : )
wow hakase is hakase today
3:06 PM
that's coz I logged in on the site to answer and chat caught wind of that and logged me in too
otherwise I'd never!
3:18 PM
What do you mean, Hakase is Hakase?
Left this chat for too long, it seems
Hakase have been abducted, is that it?
1 hour later…
4:41 PM
5:13 PM
@Hakase lol
5:55 PM
Just a quick question, but do we want tag? It's not existed yet, but considering now there's manga and anime...
6:06 PM
Q: why does goku not go super saiyan god when he versus omega at full power with all the balls

mykarlIn dragon ball gt goku kid go super saiyan 4 this is after batlle of gods and rurrrstion f so when he needs to fight why wont he go god form he needs more power and there is no time to how long he can be in it.

if there will be enough new questions about that specific title, I guess, but I'm not following either titles so idk
@ColdFire ~_~
3 hours later…
9:14 PM
9:30 PM
what is up with this lineup
10:06 PM
@Hakase Season 6 of Natsume's Book of Friends?
10:29 PM
It will never end~
Kaiba is certainly something
natsume is a nice series, I liked every season so far
not watching 6 until all eps are out tho
I watched part of the first, and it was amusing. Dunno if I'll ever bother to catch up though.
10:49 PM
@CuddleBunny not complain about that. just that i thought the new Season coming out in the same Airing Season as Attack on Titan Season 2 was Season 5, not 6
17 hours ago, by Memor-X
isn't that ?

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