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12:09 AM
i haven't seen anything Japan dislikes that the US does...except maybe the US Military being good guys (cause a lot of anime i've seen their dicks or made to look bad, like in Axis Powers, Code Geass Britannia is practically the US, in Canaan the US was going to nuke everyone)
@Braiam For TV, Amurica
12:57 AM
Oh, I missed some important stuff today.
1:09 AM
@Eric Just be sure to go back through the transcript and star the cute girls when you get a chance.
@LoganM :P
1:36 AM
@Braiam Huh? What happened?
1:47 AM
@Yuki there hasn't been a new release of horimiya (manga) in awhile
@ton.yeung I could've sworn there was one about a month ago.
They release really slowly.
What's the most recent chapter then?
26 - released mid oct
@Yuki i just started recently, so i was reading them back to back
Okay, I'm current. But yeah, my experience for that manga has been that it's really slow updating.
Which is sad because I'm pretty sure it's my favorite right now.
Q: Why weren't the Uchiha's brought back with the Edo Tensei

TAAPSogekingWhy didn't Kabuto bring back the entire Uchiha clan? It was one of the four noble clans of Konohagakure, and was also reputed to be the village's most powerful clan, producing shinobi that were exceptionally talented and battle-oriented. -Naruto wiki Saskue and Obito were still alive and only It...

2:08 AM
@Krazer how long are the ova? they're like a movie each!
in terms of size
2:20 AM
@ton.yeung what is horimiya, all i can find is it listed in romance manga on wikipedia but i can't find no info on what it's like
@Memor-X its a manga that anyone would list in the romance section :D
@Memor-X the one you are finding is the original... Hori-san to Miyamura-kun
holy shit! it has an ova
in other news - is this a rabbit???
@ton.yeung (emails link to personal email) got dam work security, my anime list is blocked for social networking, sometimes i wonder what's wrong with this system, the translators of Galaxy Angel their forum is blocked because of occult, i don't think the Cult of Mint counts as a real cult otherwise alot of otakus would be cultists for lolis
@ton.yeung heck if it's
2:27 AM
@Braiam hmmm, sounds interesting, might check it out
@ton.yeung yay!
2:47 AM
oh, teru teru shounen is good
the last episode is sad though
3:09 AM
chapter.. not episode.. chapter
2 hours later…
4:55 AM
Does anyone know why this answer was auto-CW'd?
Question is wiki.
Not that I care, meta doesn't give rep anyway, and it does seem appropriate here, but I'm just curious.
@Mysticial Oh, interesting. I didn't know that auto-wiki'd answers.
Also hi!
1 hour later…
6:26 AM
@ton.yeung about an episode
@Memor-X VPN ;D
Hi gaiz do you what to have an impromptu chat cast on this saturday at the typical chat cast to exchange ideas on the site design?
post pix of lolis if you do. Otherwise do nothing!
3 hours later…
9:30 AM
Q: Are questions about fan works allowed?

Ansis MalinsAssuming an anime or manga fan work is reasonably well known, are questions about it allowed? For example: Sailor Nothing Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged

3 hours later…
12:55 PM
Alright, looking for an idea for tags
For badges (what do you think?)
1:41 PM
meta downvotes are so quick.. heh
@MadaraUchiha as a non japoneez speeker, that doesn't really appeal.
How about shurikens? Pretty neutral.
@iKlsR Yeah, I guess
1:55 PM
@iKlsR It doesn't? I don't know those kanji either but I still think they look rather cool.
all a matter of taste
Actually I do know the "gold" kanji but not the others.
A lot of silly derps on meta as usual.. lulz. Why downvote the initial proposal but upvote a slight variation as the answer.. ?
That's like stoning the man who suggested that you drink water to stay alive but praising the man who said to use a cup instead of a bottle.
@iKlsR ?
Q: Only alert a user in chat with notification sound on an odd number of replies

lazloI was in chat the other day and a user mentioned me with a typo riddled sentence. Unfortunately at the time, I had my headphones on and in the course of a few seconds, my ears were deafened by the sound twice. I thought it had ended as I wasn't even in that room at the time when it went off twice...

2:03 PM
@iKlsR major derp
@iKlsR Wow.
Absurd crap.
The idea?
No, the response.
2:26 PM
Yeah, that's the usual bullshit the "higher ups" on meta employ. Sometimes I wonder if Atwood is still calling the shots behind the scenes.. lulz.
Q: Looking for an Anime I saw when I was a child

user19658It was probably around 1982 or so when I watched this anime a couple of times at my uncles house. Can't remember the name and have been searching ever since. My uncle passed away (20 years ago) so I can't ask him. The story is about a boy who was raised by a robot. Later in the plot it turns o...

1 hour later…
3:34 PM
Removed for the final time. Can't be bothered to deal with idiots.
@iKlsR /soothe
@Krazer :3
3:54 PM
@MadaraUchiha right now it's "Kin" tama, "Gin" tama, and "Tou" tama~
1 hour later…
5:11 PM
Q: Who controls the mind after fusion in DBZ?

Hari NandhaIn dragon ball z,after fusion who controls the mind and the body? Is it both or a single person?

5:31 PM
Q: Why Ash does not grow up?

Hari NandhaIn all the series only the dress is changed. Ash doesn't grow up or does his maturity changes. What is the reason?

5:50 PM
Q: What does "Fullmetal" mean?

Zoltán SchmidtThe title is obviously the State Alchemist name of Edward Elric, but what does the word "Fullmetal" mean? I watched both series with dub in my mother language, and in that, Ed was referred as "Steel Alchemist". (translated to English)

6:06 PM
@Eric I'm confused why your answer to the site design question isn't this.
@LoganM The shade of green isn't moe enough.
@Eric I assume the background will just be hundreds of random lolis so the shade of green will provide good contrast.
@LoganM This is true. Our site will look best with hundreds of lolis.
@Eric Okay so should I edit your answer or will you fix it yourself.
@LoganM Perhaps you should post that one yourself. You know, so you can get all the credit for it. :P
6:11 PM
@Eric You did write it so I don't want to take all the credit :P
@LoganM But you deserve it! You are the loli king.
@iKlsR lol
@iKlsR Oh, @iKlsR, why are you a fox.
At least, I think that's a fox. It's fox-like.
6:19 PM
Oh, I has some mockups to make.
@iKlsR Do you now.
Please don't make the site pink.
6:32 PM
Could use a better shuriken but just an idea.
@iKlsR Oh, dude, that's cool.
@iKlsR that's a fluffy fox
@ton.yeung He actually wants to maul you.
@iKlsR a swift kick in the muzzle will fix that
6:34 PM
@ton.yeung mebbe
@Eric meta worthy?
@iKlsR I suggest you go ahead and post that on the site design question. The fact that my answer has only one "agree" vote tells me there will be a lot of differences in how people envision the site, but I think those shuriken will definitely be popular.
Ah. :)
@Eric I like blue, not too fond of the comic font
@ton.yeung Really? Interesting. I chose it simply for its use in scanlations. What would you have used?
edo sz looks good
or any of the levi fonts.. cuz.. you know.. its levi
6:40 PM
Levi fonts are pretty good. I use Rebrushed a lot.
@Eric What's wrong with pink?
@Eric no no... its LEVI
@Eric someone should post a pink barbie theme
@ton.yeung God no.
6:43 PM
Surprisingly, it seems that there isn't any barbie manga. I really thought there would be.
Added that slight gradient. It adds a bit more to it.
A: What should our site design look like?

iKlsRJust tossing this one out there. Here is my proposal for how the badges should look. A final design could be decided on but shuriken are pretty prevalent in anime.

plenty of barbie comics though
ugh, forgot to make CW.. @Krazer -san.
Maybe I'm just not watching the right shows, but are shuriken really all that common in anime/manga? I can think of maybe 5 shows that I've watched with any.
oh nvm, Post was already CW.
6:46 PM
@LoganM I'm not sure they're common, but they're popular.
@Eric Little girls are common and popular. We should have them for badges.
@LoganM lol... I actually thought so at first, too. Except they would look terrible in 16x16.
Considering your small-size avatar already looks like a red and yellow smudge in chat.
@Eric All chat avatars look like that.
@LoganM Indeed, but badges are even smaller.
6:49 PM
what the hell, i threw in my 2 cents
I thought some sites had bigger badges, eg scifi. However they're still pretty small.
7:09 PM
wow I actually saw flags disappear on their own. Normally I have to refresh the page for them to go away.
@LoganM Maybe they finally fixed that bug. I hate it.
3 hours later…
10:05 PM
squee.. it's that time.. mojo.
1 hour later…
11:33 PM
@iKlsR you're looking fiiiine today:
Q: "The World Will Turn To Ash" - How did this differ in the original Japanese?

ZibbobzIn Pokemon: The Movie 2000, part of the legend that tells of the balance of nature being wrecked goes "The World Will turn to Ash". This is the sort of pun-legend I'd expect from Japanese writing...yet this is Ash's given name, and the original legend must be in Japanese. So what, exactly, di...


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