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12:00 AM
Holy fucking loli star spam.
Kuroneko FTW
@Mysticial the only Kuroneko i know is Train from Black Cat and i don't like him because he tried to kill Eve
@Mysticial lol I found your query from exactly 1 year ago, which is good enough for now.
@Eric Not spam. All those stars are deserved.
(FWIW, I didn't do it)
@LoganM Spam is spam, good or bad. :P
I just realized that Kuroneko is Kuro-Neko - Black cat...
I never really tried to understand that name until apparently after I learned that Kuro = black and Neko = cat.
12:06 AM
@LoganM first question in my result query is that cooling a cup of coffee with a spoon, small world
@Memor-X That one was posted on xkcd recently, but it was already the top before that.
@Mysticial i used to think his name was Coraneko and used him as a character in a game i was making before i scrapped it because it was just having everyone from Black Cat and Speed Grapher fight Suitengu and save the world from Meteor
didn't know that it was actually just the old man saying Black Cat's name in japanese
@LoganM should go back and read all the comics again cause i don't remember that....really the internet make the world so much smaller
@LoganM sometimes the alt text is funnier than the image itself
@Memor-X ruri from oremo
12:17 AM
I don't know anything about xkcd. It doesn't seem to have cute girls so I don't really care about it.
this is kuroneko
everyone else are just posers
@ton.yeung that's a Kuroneko i would like add oremo? to "to get" list....sometimes i wish the Yuko/Senko existed, would mind a girlfriend who had ears like that
@ton.yeung ok, that's oremo, (delete duplicate entry of My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute from list), i only recognize the full name
kuroneko = black cat. Just like arigatou = thank you and osushi = sushi.
12:22 AM
@LoganM that last one i don't get, did we just drop the O?
srsly guise lrn 2 japoneez
@LoganM I thought that was "I'm too Japanese" at first. I was slightly scared.
@LoganM is it bad i could read that as "seriously guys learn to Japanese" without thinking to hard
@Memor-X For a lot of nouns in Japanese, you almost always add "o" or "go" to the beginning of the word when you use it. Essentially it's a more respectful form. Prepared food items like sushi often fall in that category, so while the actual word is sushi, osushi is far more common in practice.
@LoganM oh, makes sense, though us English speakers were just lazy, like how we invented txt msg language
1:09 AM
@Memor-X wat u tlkin abt?
i spk englsh prfectly
@ton.yeung i c u r gr8 peep
it takes me longer to read that than it is to type up the full sentence
@Memor-X really? just say it out loud
@ton.yeung i can voice text in my mind quicker than outload so it would be even slower for me to say it outload, also, the example is an easy one, try and full answer to "how was your day, what did you get up to"
@Memor-X i dun get watchu sayin
shironeko imo
1:23 AM
@ton.yeung just saying that we have an English language which is abbreviated so much because some people are just too lazy to form proper sentences when sometimes it's just quicker to just use normal english
@Memor-X is there such a thing as "normal" english?
@Krazer ahhhh, the reason why i love places like this, i get images for my collection which i can turn into posters/desktop wallpapers/calendars for my own use (currently working an a Canvas 2/Sono Hanabira/Katahane 52 page calendar)
@Krazer anime name?
@Memor-X of the cosplay or the character?
@Krazer both
@Krazer i think your trying to mind fuck me with that
lol, she's the same girl - its ruri
except she's white cat instead of black cat now, hence the shiro (shiro == white)
1:32 AM
@ton.yeung oh.....i should really get the anime once season 2 is out cause it's starting to climb my priorities on anime to get, it's past complete Bleach and getting close to Shoujo Ai/Yuri collection
@Memor-X Ruri Gokou from Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai cosplaying as Holy Angel Kamineko:
@Memor-X yea, the girls are seriously cute
I am thinking about going back through the full chat archive and starring every cute girl I find.
Opinions? Volunteers to help out?
@LoganM I will, but how do we define cute?
@Krazer UPDATE SET post_star = true FROM chat_archive
no WHERE clause
1:37 AM
@Krazer I doubt there's a universal definition. Most of the time common sense will be sufficient, and if not we can decide individually.
@Krazer there is no we in the definition of cute
its all in the eye of the beholder
Incidentally, while I'm proposing this now, I definitely won't have time to do it at least until tomorrow, probably later.
@ton.yeung actually there is, google definition cute and you see there's a W and an E, so there is a we but you have to rearrange the letters first
it's like "there's no I in TEAM"...."but there is an M and an E"
2:08 AM
3:03 AM
Just realized anyone can access content from closed beta sites (both meta and main). Of course a lot of it is accessible through the dumps, and the sites are pretty broken, but it definitely is nice to be able to see related questions and other internal links.
For example, here's the SmugMug closing announcement which I missed when they posted it.
SE knows about this and it could be fixed as early as tomorrow, so I suggest looking now if there's anything you want.
wtf is a smugmug? and how did they actually get it into beta?
@ton.yeung Some sort of online photo sharing and editing software.
@LoganM the entire thing has a dump sstatic.net/area51/datadumps/062013%20Smugmug.zip
btw, the phrase of the day is.... ALL LOLIS ARE MAGIC!
They had a big push to get an SE site from within their own user base. However, very few of their users were experienced with SE, and the site was at the bottom of almost all of the stats for most of its lifetime.
Q: Let's get critical: Nov 2013 Site Self-Evaluation

CommunityWe all love Anime & Manga Stack Exchange, but there is a whole world of people out there who need answers to their questions and don't even know that this site exists. When they arrive from Google, what will their first impression be? Let's try to look at this site through the eyes of someone who...

3:13 AM
@LoganM i see... meh...
there should be a smugmug tag outhere...
@Braiam Yes I know that, but I don't think it's as convenient, and I don't know of any way to view the data in the native SE interface.
@HellButterfly We have a week to do this, right?
3:28 AM
@LoganM We did for the last, so I assume so.
I'm not going to check bing results!
Q: Where do the movies fit within there series timeline?

Memor-XI have all three seasons of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and the two movies. I am wondering where the movies occur chronologically within in the series. So I can watch them in the proper order.

> Scammers troll county records to find consumers who are behind on their taxes in order to send them deceptive offers
this is on a government website
i found the use of "troll" amusing
@Eric you got a tooth pulled and some nerves exposed, right?
@Braiam Me? No. o.o
3:43 AM
@ton.yeung funny how the action "troll" has changed thanks to facebook and twitter
or social media in general
This suggest that you did D:
@Braiam Oh, haha. No, I just got to be there when my dad had one pulled. And he screamed louder than my mom in labor. In addition to the fact that he plays hockey, and is pretty damn tough.
4/10 today....
@Sakamoto @Memor-X srly?
4:01 AM
I forgot how good Nanoha is (especially for the first 2 seasons). If all anime were that good I'd probably quit my job to watch anime all the time.
yeah, first two got me hooked... I watched latter just hoping that were as good :/
@LoganM if i could get $10,000,000 in a savings account with a 1% P.A inflation i would do just that, ofcause the initial amount can be less with a greater inflation, all that matter is that every year my saving inflate by $100,000 to cover the bills and buy anime when i need it
I remember someone here that use blender... what have to do installing CUDA with blender?
4:18 AM
@iKlsR Halp. ^
@Braiam You're looking for @iKlsR.
@iKlsR can help you.
@iKlsR uses Blender a lot.
any of you guys ever buy a house?
@ton.yeung I bought a Lego house.
@Eric amended - any of you guys ever buy residential real estate
I have in The Sims.
@Braiam If you want to use CUDA for rendering with a Blender release, just use the NVidia driver of your graphics card
4:19 AM
Though that's probably more like fake estate.
@Krazer no, I just want to figure out what is the problem with this guy
@Eric i agree
@Eric ಠ_ಠ
@iKlsR :D
You woke me.. forgot this laptop was on..
4:23 AM
@ton.yeung no need to, it's in my inheritance and it's almost paid off, and the rest of the people in my generation will still be paying for these in the next 20 years
@Braiam Basically, it makes you get the best out of your GPU when rendering with Cycles.
@Memor-X my gf has two for the same reason
@ton.yeung no.
I'm not so fortunate
@Memor-X do you live in europe???
4:24 AM
though I plan on hitting it big and buying a bunch of small houses to rent out
@iKlsR Sorry.
I know what that's like. I left my sound on one night and got woken up like 4 times.
What timezone are you in?
dunno.. lulz. GMT +5???
it's 11:25 here
> if i can have your skype would be nice
no thanks...
4:26 AM
Indians.. people on so..
@iKlsR What country?
@ton.yeung we got a second which i was going to start living in by my self after the loneliness was too much even though my parents was just down the road, i clawed at my chest and when my mum called on the phone i broke down, now if i want to live alone i need someone to live with me which is why i want to find a girlfriend before my parents do die, so i wont be alone, this second place we're fixing up and going to sell
@Braiam Australia
@Eric Mars
@iKlsR That's your planet, numbskull. The COUNTRY, please.
4:27 AM
@Eric danr! don't' type so fast!
@Braiam lol
@Braiam He was probably expecting that.. lulz
@Memor-X errr.. how about a room mate?
@Eric Jamaica
@iKlsR meh.. near me...
4:28 AM
@iKlsR Oh, GMT-5, then. I didn't realize you were so close.
@Braiam Jupiter?
@iKlsR Uranus
@Eric Stalking distance close.. o.o
@iKlsR ... I need an adult.
@Eric those are hard to come by
4:30 AM
@Krazer Indeed. Too many youngsters here.
Mysticial should be our adult.
@iKlsR o_o
My face when your window is open.. o.o
@iKlsR And here's mine:
@Eric you... have a cute scared face D:
4:33 AM
@Braiam Thank you very much, darling.
It's not rape if you yell surprise. It's surprise sex.
I wonder if @LoganM keeps lolis in his briefcase/desk.
@ton.yeung i only have 3 friends, 2 already own their own places with one having her sister and her sister's girlfriend living with her while and the 3rd live interstate and is my junior but i think of her as my sister, i can't have anyone as a roommate unless i can trust them with my life which my friend i do and a girlfriend i can
We've had over 1,100 anime-related GIFs posted in Thrills and Spills.
@Memor-X i dunno about trusting those girlfriends with your life...
did you just say one of them has a sister that has a girlfriend?
4:37 AM
I had to read that part... twice
@ton.yeung i'm the kind of guy who wants a long term relationship which will lead to marriage and a family
@ton.yeung yes, also my friend is also my ex who dumped me because she didn't feel the same as me, she is also Bi
@Memor-X and I'm just saying that just cuz you think that way, doesn't mean your girlfriend will
@Memor-X hence why she didn't feel the same
is she hot?
I should stop reading this chat...
@Braiam This chat channel is very, very strange.
@Braiam why?
4:42 AM
@ton.yeung it's kinda complicated but i want to find someone who i can trust like that and also they trust me the same, i've had my heart broken too many times...lost count after 7
@ton.yeung it wasn't like that, anyway, it was a more honest answer to why she dumped me, every other girl i've been with has dumped me in less than a week because "they wasn't ready for a relationship" even though they asked me out, my last ex was the first girl i asked out myself
@ton.yeung i don't use that term but i find her beautiful
that just means you need to be more selective
I was dating about 4 girls before I decided I wanted to seriously go after my current girlfriend
that was about 9 years ago
@iKlsR Yes
@ton.yeung well it's not possible for me if they dump me before the end of the week before we even go for a date, in internet dating whenever i ask a girl's opinion on anime they ignore me
@Memor-X well that's what "dating" is all about
which is also why girls that ask you out don't count
not unless they were like.. stalker-ish before hand i guess, since then they already know you're an otaku
5:00 AM
@ton.yeung i was a closet Otaku back in high school because i was already getting bullied enough but i started to become more open in my final years because i was able to seclude myself in the library in the senior areas during recess and lunch, ofcause me being open that i'm an otaku hasn't improved anything really
@ton.yeung i would mind a stalker-ish girl like Shoko from Baka and Test
had a daydream which had a girl like Shoko in it when i was in the car on the way home

Shoko : what are these
Me: plushies, they are Yomi, Index and Fate
Shoko: why do you have them, am i not enough
Me: what are you on about
Shoko: you are being unfaithful to me with plush dolls
Me: how can i with our children
Shoko: what?
Me: we can't get married yet, even if we did we cant start a family so until we get married and we are ready to being out future daughter into the world then you can these of these plushies as our children
5:24 AM
Did you guys know that Pokemon XY has 2 female companions? One is a little girl, and the other seems to be the standard 10 years old for Pokemon. It's looking to be a pretty awesome show.
@LoganM is the girl (not the 10 year old) Cynthia? i want to see more of her outside Diamond and Pearl
@Memor-X Cynthia as in the E4 champion? No way, she's way too old. The female travelling companions are Bonnie (significantly younger than 10) and Serena (probably ~10).
@LoganM oh, didn't know the other was younger than 10, was kinda hoping that because Cynthia shows up in the games they may maker her reappear in the series since she is the first champion to be shown in the anime
Doesn't seem like ages are known for either the anime or game characters, but it's pretty clear that Serena is ~10 and Bonnie is definitely younger than any of the other heroines, probably 5-7 or so.
@Memor-X I wouldn't usually use "little girl" to refer to someone older than 10.
@LoganM Bonnie is probably either Serena's sister or a Pokemon genius, that or Broke has finally given up on older women
5:37 AM
@Memor-X No, she's Clemont's sister. Clemont is Ash's other travelling partner in XY.
Seems like a total brocon from the little I've seen.
@LoganM so brock is gone again, maybe i should watch Black and White since i stopped watching it on TV when they repeated Diamond and Pearl after Team Galactic tried to capture Palkia and Dialaga to see if he went back to Ivy or something
it seems that it's just like with May and Max but this time the genders are reversed
The problem with May and Max was that there was only 1 female in the whole party. Now there are 2 so it's twice as much worth watching.
@LoganM it's still the same in the basics, Clemont replaces Brock, Serena replaces Dawn/Misty/May and just like May one has a younger sibling to tag along
also i don't want to think what you mean by "twice as much worth watching"
@Memor-X I've said many times that the only reason I watch anime is for the cute girls. I don't care about action, drama, story, or anything else so long as the girls are cute.
5:53 AM
@LoganM i can understand that but less than 8 year old, i hope you only thinking about adopting them so you can live with a protect that cuteness
6:05 AM
Q: What happens to Mr 3?

Märmîk ŠhâhAs everyone knows that Mr 3 had helped Luffy to release Ace from the Kairoseki handcuffs by using his clay power. Once they were free, luffy catches hold of Mr 3 and they move down towards the ground. As you can see, the three of them in the pic. But what happened to Mr 3 when Luffy and Ace s...

2 hours later…
7:41 AM
Q: What does "It will restart in issue #1" mean?

Nix R. EyesIn the last chapter of Naruto(ch.655), It says "Next week the series will take a break. It will restart in issue #1." but I don't understand what issue #1 means. Can someone kindly explain what it means? =) I do not know if I put the right tag, please edit it if necessary.

6 hours later…
1:27 PM
Q: What happened to Bon Clay after the Impel Down arc?

HappySPOILER ALERT: Contains spoilers for those who have not read or watched the end of Impel Down arc. In the anime episode 451, Bon Clay disguises himself as Magellan to help Luffy and the prisoners escape on the Marine ship. Magellan gets very angry when he finds out, and attacks Bon Clay. The ...

1:50 PM
Q: How to deal with minor factual inaccuracy in questions?

HappyThis question What happens to Mr 3? contains a minor factual inaccuracy (Mr. 3's ability is wax, not clay). It doesn't affect the core of the question though. The answer points it out, and then answers the core question. From an etiquette perspective, I have two questions: Is it better to edi...

2:33 PM
Q: Which animation style is used in kingdom?

Dimitri mxIf been watching kingdom and kingdom2 for a while now and I cant help but be a bit distracted by how differntly it is animated compared to most animes these days. Which animation style is used to achieve this more 3d like feeling? And why did they pick this over the ussual animation style ?

3:04 PM
@Sakamoto I say cell shading
3:22 PM
@ton.yeung A note: It's actually spelled "cel shading".
@Eric -san!
@JNat -sama!
@Eric Sama? Wow, there's no need for that :P
@JNat Of course there is~ cuz JNat is the best.
@Eric You keep forgetting about @Krazer -dono
3:24 PM
@JNat I just call him sensei :D
How can I be the best when he's around?
@JNat But you already are the best!
@JNat It's just a tie!
@Eric That's right @Eric and @ JNat are tied for best!
@Krazer What, no, I'm not worthy!
3:26 PM
@Eric Everyone is worthy if they grasp the opportunity~
@Eric oops
This chain of "no, you're the best" ends as soon as one of us says that @MadaraUchiha -sama is the best. Then he'll say "Yeah, I know".
@JNat No, @Madara -sama is the Master. The Master transcends adjectives and other descriptors
@Krazer The master, you mean?
3:33 PM
@JNat Master like Master Keaton
Q: What does kurotsuchi do to nemu in Bleach episode 200?

MayankMy question is : what does captain kurotsuchi do to bring nemu back to consciousness after her spirit particles have been absorbed by szayel aporro? I remember ishida saying it couldn't be aired? what exactly did he do? does anyone know?

4:14 PM
is it just me, or is he basically describing shinto-ism? wired.com/wiredscience/2013/11/…
also, it reminds me of a conversation we had, @LoganM
5:11 PM
@iKlsR I liked that game a lot
1 hour later…
6:28 PM
@ton.yeung There's one for the DS IIRC
@MadaraUchiha I know.. i'm not sure I want to buy a DS just to play it
@ton.yeung Emulator?
@MadaraUchiha maybe after I buy a wacom

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