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1:42 AM
Q: Friend posted a manga neither of us know

Cippero_Ex-machinaFriend uploaded pictures of a manga neither of us know and we were curious hopefully someone can help. We dont know the artist or anything about the manga but the characters are very distinct someone should know) [PIC 1]https://i.ibb.co/BfyC9Nh/20200926-155633.jpg[/img] [PIC 2]https://i.ibb.co/SQ...

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5:50 AM
Q: What is the OST playing in Naruto Shippuden Ep 42 where Four-tailed Naruto fights Orochimaru

AvaI'm interested in finding the OST at the 9:05 minute mark in this particular video https://youtu.be/t4Tq-w5lYwY?t=548 I've searched on Youtube, but can't find anything.

6:02 AM
Is a Magical Girl still a Magical Girl if

a) the "magic" is just super advance technology
b) the technology is understood
ie. we find out that Sailor Mars is just using a small Mass Effect Field Generator to control her flames
5 hours later…
11:32 AM
I think the most important thing of Magical Girl is the transformation scene, not the magic...
11:42 AM
@AndrewT. is there something about the transformation sequence that separates them from Transformers?
i'm also thinking of the tech porn transformation sequences in Nanoha where alot of the transformation is just the Intelligent Device being constructed
... the transformation is magical? :D
@AndrewT. well how the All-Spark turns everyday machines into transformers i would say is a Magical Artefact in which i don't understand how it works
and in one of the live action movies, Merlin was aided by Transformers who turned into a dragon. in that age i would think people would see that as magic by Merlin
yeah, everything is magic until it's explainable with tech/science...
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1:15 PM
Q: What happened to Naruto's kyuubi seal after meeting kushina?

VinceWhy is the seal changed after Kushina helped Naruto in controlling the Kyuubi? There was no sticker seal in the Kyuubi's cage and it turned into a circle lock with red cage. It was like this before with a paper seal in the center After meeting kushina it turns into this, with tomoe lock in the c...


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