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3:17 AM
you ever watch a music video and feel like you just finished watching an entire anime
still haven't entirely grasped what's happening in this one, but I like it
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9:35 AM
9:46 AM
@Derpy I thought she's always visible?
apparently it's a bug
idk I guess I've been playing bugged half the time with paimon out
I did do have internet connectivity issues coz my router died around that time so I guess it makes sense
it did do died
ded did it do
@ahiijny this is nice but also I've had like 20 bookmarks for various anime short vids since like 2014 which I never visited, which I think I should rectify sometime next year
bookmarked this channel too, juuust in case
@Derpy interesting facial feature sizing
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3:49 PM
Q: whos the masked man

Shawn BarillasObito Uchiha The Masked Man (仮面の男, Kamen no Otoko) may refer to one of the following articles: Obito Uchiha, who was also known as Tobi and Madara Uchiha. Menma Uzumaki, the alternate reality counterpart of Naruto Uzumaki in Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie.

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5:27 PM
Q: Why does the Shield Hero manga have the qualifier "The Manga Companion"?

DJ PirtuI was looking for manga adaptations of the Rising of the Shield Hero story and noticed something odd. Or at least something I haven't run into before. The tittle of the manga was often appended with the qualifier "The Manga Companion", like on Amazon. I also saw the following phrase repeated some...

6:07 PM
Let me just say, it was kinda jarring to suddenly get all the tutorial prompts when I was writing that question. I honestly hadn't realized that I had written 20 answers in this site before asking my first question.
@DJPirtu Well, congratulations on the first question then ;p
ye they added this stuff after I stopped asking questions frequently and I see how it can be trippy the first time around
If the engineers are smart, they'll CYA and let the manager take the fall. If the designs are obviously bad, the engineers should be smart enough to immediately predict the failure modes, then create a paper trail (email, messages, forms and signatures, whatever) to show that manager's decision to do X will cause Y, while alternative solution A was not chosen due to B. The manager needs to own up to her designs, otherwise it is worthless. — Nelson 15 hours ago
read this comment and thought: wow, you can actually like use your position as a manager to ask your crew for their opinion and input on the project's direction and actually very likely learn the better ways to solve a problem
like, you know, friends?
but also makes it feel like if the people under you know these things, maybe they deserve to be on par with you in the corporate hierarchy
Don't worry. I'll get back to answering some odd, old question again after this short downfall to the question pit. There's one Ushio to Tora question that's been bugging me for literal years.
reading workplace questions always feels somewhat alien, because I never worked in a "real" corporation before, nor do I plan to ever
@DJPirtu I've got some questions to which I don't think anyone will ever find an answer I'll find satisfactory, even if it is fair or reasonable in an objective way, so whatever
do what you enjoy in life
these random questions, who cares honestly
6:22 PM
Oh yeah. Office politics is a skill all onto itself. I'm lucky that my current employer has a very flat power structure and even my current project has a relatively sane client that values getting stuff done. Altough I do sometimes wish they'd take a bit more active role in certain things.
@Hakase Even in a non corporation settings, this can be a hard thing to do. Especially as people are so willing to just let somebody else take fall for something..
I recall not doing proper CYA, and basically getting thrown infront of a bus by managers ;/
@DJPirtu you can essentially "make them" take more action by acting as an analyst and writing a crap ton of questions to specify exact solutions to predictable problems you can already foresee from your experience, basically making them do more research now, or see this list of questions, think "ughhh" and tell you "just do whatever your experience says is best" and pick the easiest/best route you want
that's how my manager does it, I love reading their business emails
@Hakase It's mostly a matter of... Well, the application I'm making is kind at the crossroads of a lot of data from various sources, some less under the client's control, some more. More than once we've ended up practically taking the reigns on some integrations between these source, even tough we're just supposed to handle passing stuff between the two.
Those points are not imaginary. They have a real world impact on both the storage bits in the database and in how people respond to your posts. :) — Almo 2 days ago
I'm the reigning expert on several of those sources now, without ever seeing any documentation about them, only because I had to sort those things out for them.
6:31 PM
(yay but feels kinda lonely on this internet website with so few upvotes of good content on seemingly big sites with lots of visitors)
I feel like if you start doing more than your current position's description entails, it's time for a raise and the job title change
but personally I'm working on not having to work for anybody else anymore, so I don't have to think about things like that
this was the goal from the start, and for now work has been just an intermediate step to keep the lights on and some emergency savings to keep me calm about it
well, "just", but you know
an example of a questions of mine without a good answer lol
Q: How to apply blur effect to 2D textures using shaders?

user1306322I'm making a 2D game in Monogame and I'd like to learn how to apply the blur effect for layers that are "out of focus" in the deep background or very close in the foreground using shaders. By manipulating the bitmap array of a Texture2D (it's pretty slow), I figured it would be better to draw ea...

I get it, gamedev doesn't get much traffic, but this seems to be a rather simple question for someone who knows the answer
but the gamedev is programming, and answering on a Q&A site is volunteer work, and so few people are willing to put time and post a usable answer that such questions are best answered by random somewhat similar blog posts by enthusiasts, but not here
but whatever, it's cool, of course
6:50 PM
sometimes I feel like I know what I'm doing, if you can believe that

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