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@Memor-X wikipedia has some cultural impact notes listing how it's been a big thing in the indie gaming scene but I wouldn't know, it seems to be more local to Japan more than the western indie gamedev scene, but I could be wrong, I don't follow the "scene" of indie gamedevs overall
@EddieKal oh there's a second image there I thought you went to the site and found something
yea idk about realistic art styles, I get that some artists value them but if it's a photorealistic, just take a photo and edit it at that point, imo
maybe it's a "prove things to myself/others" thing, idk
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Q: What's the manga/manhwa where a girl falls in love with a guy after he shaves

Percy JacksonThe nerd normally looks ugly/unhealthy but looks good after pushing his hair back and shaving. The nerd works at a company and the girl falls in love without realising that the handsome guy and nerd are the same person.

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@EddieKal I don't think any Italian TV station has ever considered broadcasting a subbed version of an anime. Original language version are probably only available either as paid DVD box sets or on online streaming services (very few local ones from what I know.)
Also, keep in mind that basically you have only TWO companies that broadcast anime on "free" tv air time.
One is the country state-based TV station (basically the equivalent of Japan NHK) - very few animes, usualy "children stuff".... for a while, they where quite fond of Digimon. They have a story of buying distribution licenses and never use them.... I think they bought Patlabor and never aired it, and the same happened for Love Hina.
I guess I could understand them not realizing the amount of fanservice in Hina and never broadcasting it, I don't know what evil they saw in Patlabor....
Anyway, in the recent years they have almost stopped broadcasting anything new, and even re-air of old shows is close to 0.
They are also famous for doing Sony's Metropolis level of errors again and again.
For example, they apparently aired Popolocrois 2 times and both times they "forgot" to air the last episode.
(And if you don't get the reference, the original box version of Tezuka's Metropolis, published by Sony, didn't include the after credit scene. The one that changes the movie outcome...)
The second Tv station is a private company. They used to air quite a bit of anime in the past, even if the "localization" work was horrendous.
Notice that I say "localization" with the quotes because that was actually the anime-fan definition of butchering work: random censoring, name changes, cultural reference removal... just say a sin, they probably did it.
As a recap, they where the ones who tried to claim that the Uranus/Neptune were sisters.
@Derpy Oh I didn't know that
8:48 AM
Nowadays, even the private broadcasting has switched to American low-cost shows so --NEW-- anime on free TV station is basically 0
@Derpy What? They buried Love Hina? How dare they...
from my local friends stories I know that the private TV station I mentioned is quite fond of Dragonball, which gets constant re-air.
Naruto and One Piece are also "favorite" but both are stuck in a limbo.
I don't know where Naruto stops, but I know One Piece is stuck at the end of Fishman island. Every time they reach that point they either switch to re-air #3578884 of Dragonball Z or they simply restart One Piece from the beginning....
Local online streaming offer some more options, but still quite few. You get thing like One Punch or My Hero Accademia... but try to find something still good but not quite popular and you only option will be either foreign streaming - often not available for legal licensing reasons (see: Crunchy can't air One Piece in italy, they just manage to have simulcast, but simulcast means you can only watch current episodes and have no way to "catch up" on older ones).
DVD boxed sets aren't that better. Fair overpriced and some anime are just missing.
My understanding is that Europe anime-fan paradise is France.
@Derpy I feel like Dragonball gets crazy amount of airtime in North American and Asian countries as well. It is sort of a go-to anime for teen-oriented programming.
@EddieKal right, but when the 5 "cartoon" channels that private company owns all broadcase the same Dragonball serie at different points, so for example one channel is at Frieza saga, one is at Majin Bu and so on... it becomes TOO MUCH DRAGONBALL.
@Hakase the official Amber art on the site...
Glasses on head as you can see.
In game, the 3d model has them hanging around her neck.
@Memor-X Cave Story started as a free indie game. Had nothing to do with NISA. Afterward, the game became quite famous until the lone dev was able to have it published in a paid-for version.
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Yeah that sounds crazy. This reminds me of a Japanese reality TV show I watched a while ago about an Italian guy who grew up with manga and anime, dreaming of becoming a manga artist. He eventually goes to Japan and becomes a real manga-ka (manga artist). Now I can't even imagine how he did that, knowing what you shared here about how limiting anime resources are in Italy.
@EddieKal Well, you can get manga, it is anime that is is harder to get because either it isn't aired anywhere, box set don't exist or cost simply too much (Naruto 10 episodes DVD set, 39.99 €..... yeah, right....) and so on.
Just.. don't even think to find MANGA in book stores and/or newspaper stands.
But that probably is true for every Not-Japan country.
You have specialized stores and that's it.
Usually the ones that also sell CCG packs (Magic, Yugi, etc), RPG tabletop games, etc
"Ye Oldie Nerd Shoppe"
That said, I think France is still on top, even on Manga.
I believe they are the only country that publish some rare titles in Europe.
See Automaton for example
(Notice: has nothing to do with Nier Automata)
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@EddieKal that said, I think that some Anime are probably just impossible to get in a local-language legal format outside Japan in the first place.
Anyway, if you have any question feel free to ask and I will try to reply base on what I know.
9:48 AM
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Q: Why Nanatsu no Taizai members didnt recognize each other at first in season #1?

PabloI'm rewatching Nanatsu no Taizai and many of the members (Meliodas, Bang, King, Gowther) didnt recognize each other at first, or they werent sure about the others really being who they were. Why did this happen? Supposedly people like Meliodas and Ban didnt change his appearence and they only sep...

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@Hakase "This is not available to you"
@Derpy hmm...
try f5
sometimes twitter says that just coz it's dumb
oh works
I guess artists tend to lookup official art for reference but haven't actually played the game so they don't have the alternate reference points

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