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1:45 AM
@Derpy This all is very interesting! Thanks! What I found most unusual is the availability of sushi vs. the availability of manga/anime. In the U.S. for instance, I can sushi almost anywhere in the country. But I'd really have to know places in order to get physical copies of manga. But what about online manga platforms in Italy? A lot of American and Asian licensees only have online presence via their apps/sites. It is 2020, and I'd think reading paperless should be the default
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4:10 AM
@EddieKal have you seen the manga collectors subreddit?
some people looooove those shelves
"as seen on tv" (but animated, in anime, on japanese tv)
in other news, I just wanted to share the thought about why I don't read reviews and don't ask if something I am likely to review at a certain point is good or not - I think it's because no matter how tame the positive recommendation will be, I will overhype it in my own head ten times over and it will not meet my expectations, and if I just go into something blind, it's not tainted with these negative thoughts or underreceived viewing/reading/gaming/listening pleasure
that's what you get when you're a fun addict
don't do fun, kids
Q: I am looking for two different manwha's that I cannot figure out the name for

xlovinglyThe first one starts with a guy who is in a game type world and he runs past this boss fight to mine some rocks and I think gets a really rare drop or something. The second is the main character is on a quest in another game type world and he gets an S class item right as he dies. It has a simila...

4:50 AM
@Hakase I gave it a look-see and yeah... I know people like that. I will never hoard books like that
@Hakase Blind tasting is fun. I agree. But I tend to make sure I know what I am getting myself into roughly. I like surprises. If 15 minutes into what I thought was a gakuen/romance anime it turns completely dark, I wouldn't mind it. But before I get into it I'd make sure it has been positively received by some people.
Q: I am looking for a fantasy manwha that isnt really an isekai

xlovinglybasically the main character is on a quest in a game type world and he gets an S class item right as he dies. It has a similar world I believe to hardcore leveling warrior where the top players are super famous and one notable famous one is this girl he runs into. On top of that I know he crashes...

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I do hoard digital stuff though and I would gladly download an entire mangarock site archive if it was possible :p
well, I do still look at the overall score, to make sure it's above 6.0/10 threshold, because sometimes even a 6.3/10 work is good for something, but mostly I prefer the old trusty 8.5+ cutoff line if I'm in a hurry and don't want to spend 3 hours browsing and not watching anything at all as it usually happens
it's been a long time since I sat down and read/watched something
not that it's a problem but yea if I can't spend quality time picking something, I'd rather stick to what I am familiar with these days, which is just more reddit and youtube shows like pc tech reviews and "internet drama recaps" for the week
things are changing though and I might have more time to relax and... work on my entertainment intake
coz it does feel like a kind of preparatory work
@Hakase Yeah it's like essential food groups: shounen, fantasy, isekai, gakuen...
Need a balanced diet
@Dimitrimx Morning, and with that I am off to bed...
@EddieKal Have a good night then ~
8:23 AM
@Hakase don't know, haven't really though about that. Only thing that I remember reading while looking at the game forums is someone commenting that apparently at some point some "censorship" was applied to some of the character clothes.
And people pointed out that there were subtle changes in some of the official character artworks.
ha mornin
@Kiki'sExpressDelivery how other people look for manga: ask; how I look for manga: download all manga and browse
at this point it's more about a balanced diet of "cooking food" and "actually eating cooked food"
coz I've been collecting titles for literal years and not actually enjoying either games, anime or mangas or artists, be it the image kind or musicians
I keep telling myself "soon" but it never happens, and I find myself doing other things which I do actually enjoy more than if I focus and force myself to read an odd chapter of something or binge-watch some 5-6 episodes of something that is ~20 minute per episode
same with those hundreds of games in my steam library, and I don't even remember the last time I launched steam
I think it was in april when HL Alyx came out
the problem with playing TF2 every other day still is gone tho so lol
I just feel like it's kinda suspicious in some way, or just that I'm not used to living like this but I don't feel particularly bad or anything, just unusual
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Q: Who is this man from the picture?

nichole !!!!!!! Hi! i’ve been finding this man for half an hour already and i still don’t know the anime name or who he is. Is there someone here who knows which anime the guy from the picture is from?

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10:10 PM
Q: Trying to find a manga

YellowI came across this manga and just saw some slides. I need to find the manga name if anyone can help me. All I remember is this girl falls and breaks her heel and this guy see her but this girl gets up breaks her other heels throws her stained coat and washes her hair in a water fountain and walks...


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