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8:36 AM
Q: Studio Ghibli Films Head to Netflix. Who is ready and will watch?

April GrahamNetflix launches Ghibli studio films in its vast spaces. In many languages. This is a very good birthday present. Who is ready and will watch? https://www.cnet.com/news/netflix-to-stream-studio-ghibli-films-but-with-one-catch/

9:06 AM
2 hours later…
10:58 AM
Anybody on?
Sorry last but i waiyed for half an hour last time
i'm on now lol
at that time i was fast alseep
@aryanbansal I usually am, albeit unless pinged, I mostly lurk
11:34 AM
Hi all of u nice to meet u
11:56 AM
@aryanbansal likewise
12:07 PM
So what do one talk about here?
12:23 PM
@aryanbansal anime, programming, other random stuff
Nice to meet you as well~
Wat r ur fav anime?
@aryanbansal Tossup between Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. but those might be replaced with some yuri like Kase-san, Citrus or Bloom Into You when i get around to watching them
@aryanbansal I kinda watch/read to much to properly recall. But I keep my listings/ratings on myanimelist.net/profile/d3ullist
12:53 PM
Wow hardcore fans here
@aryanbansal and you, what's your faves?
1:16 PM
I like one piece , attack on titans, black clover , naruto, psycho pass , death note , mirrai nikki, no game no life, diamond no ace , haikyuu, major, kouroko no basket , giant killing, hajime no ippo, dr stone, food wars,
1:33 PM
Some fine titles indeed
1:51 PM
I guess
But according to me everyone of them is
2:31 PM
Q: Why Orochimaru tries to steal other people's bodies instead of just reincarnating into his own offspring?

Scrooge McDuckI do not get it. This guy has discovered how to be immortal by reincarnating in other people's bodies. Why he nor anyone near him and even other people just knowing it do not suggest him to reincarnate into his own toddlers? It would be totally legit in a world in which children are already b...

Q: How did the girls' team manage to shut down Sora's driving skills?

aryan bansalIn the starting episodes of Ahiru no Sora, it was shown that Sora had excellent drives and dribbling skills also along with shooting skills (when he played 5-on-1). Now in these episodes, he is just a good shooter and does not show those skills at all. When they played Shinmaruko High, I can un...

1 hour later…
3:32 PM
Q: Why was Nero able to return to her human form?

PabloSupposedly Nero was turned into a bird for using forbidden magic 500 years ago. But in the present she was able to turn human again. Why was Nero able to return to her human form?

3:52 PM
Q: Why Licht and Patry look the same when reincarnated?

PabloBoth elfs Licht and Patry look the same when reincarnated. That's the reason why Patry could impersonate Licht and to pretend to be him. Why Licht and Patry look the same when reincarnated?

Q: Why Patry is so powerful, if he isnt the true elf leader?

PabloPatry impersonated the true elf leader, but he isnt him. Yet, he was able to defeat a magic emperor and he was shown to be very powerful. Why Patry is so powerful, if he isnt the true elf leader?

4:13 PM
Q: Why does Muzan Kibutsuji Crossdress? Demon Slayer

heroinfatherAt the end of season 1 of Demon Slayer you can see Muzan Kibutsuji the demon who looks like Michael Jackson dressed in a yukata of some sort wearing makeup and lipstick. Has anyone who read the manga know about anything related to this topic?

wew questions
3 hours later…
7:16 PM
Q: What is the reason behind the revenge of obito on the uchiha clan?

Ayoub niamaI can't find any reason why obito want revenge of his clan on the uchiha massacre.. Any ideas?? But at this moment writing this.. I thought about obito was telling itachi that he is madara.. So maybe obito said those words about the revenge because the uchiha clan has betrayed madara..

7:36 PM
Q: Is Death Gods in Death Note are that useless?

USerNAmeIn Death Note, the shinigami (death gods) need the use of the Death Note to kill people, especially in order to continue their lives, so if they won't use it, they will die, and the only means of killing for them is only the Death Note, and that is the source for my next question. If for example...

1 hour later…
8:58 PM
Q: What Dragon Ball episode Bulma used Surgical Mask?

Jalmari TurunenIf someone watched Dragon Ball's first season, then that's good

1 hour later…
10:06 PM
@Sakamoto yeh this one seems very familiar to a string of questions another user was asking
or maybe it was this user
1 hour later…
11:21 PM
My very first real site! \o/
Turned in my blue today, for anyone who remembers me. Cheers and all the best.
11:37 PM
@iKlsR you're stepping down as a mod too?
7 years
Feels wasted now
Heh, not really did a lot but just tired in general.
@iKlsR yeh just saw your post on Blender, you're quitting the network like Madara?
Pretty much.
As I said not vengeful, just literally tired. Felt like a weight got lifted off me just now.
@iKlsR well if you still want to hang out with Maid Cafe users but not be on the network, we do have a discord server
think that invite works
Alright, thanks

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