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Q: If Konoha was all about the Will of Fire, team work and never leaving behind comrades in need, why was Sakumo Hatake punished so bad?

VivianThere's so much emphasis on being there for your team members, I don't understand why Sakumo Hatake was looked down on for saving his comrades and abandoning his mission, to the point he committed suicide. It's a part of the story I find inconsistent.

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9:22 AM
how is everyone?
9:50 AM
how are you?
@JNat good aswell. it's raining here so things are being kept cool for the time being. also learned there's a third season of Thunderbolt Fantasy coming soon which i am excited for
ah neat
y'all see all Ghibli catalogue will be available on Netflix from February?
@JNat i saw someone posted an off-topic question about that here the other day lol
ahah, yeah, saw that too
i'm not too fussed with it because i prefer to get them on DVD, more so if they are the Anniversary Editions which have the Production Books with the Story Boarding in it
speaking of which, i have 3 under my bed i should watch
10:18 AM
good. How are you?
oh you wrote it already :D
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11:22 AM
@Proxy lol
@Proxy how's work treating you?
its okay. Nothing special
its bot bad just boring.
this entire IT field is kinda meh
i have a feeling like i am not doing anything meaningful
@Proxy might just be where you work than the field itself
nah i do not think so
but i got an option to work two days from home as well
so thats nice
how is your game progressing? @Memor-X
11:40 AM
@Proxy slowly. at the moment i'm working on my website's wiki so that the person i got doing the art work for some characters, if they want to post the artwork online they can link back to my wiki
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1:25 PM
good morning
2:19 PM
Q: I cannot for the life of me remember this anime

Esper OHonestly at this point I’m half convinced it was a fever dream of some sort but here goes. The anime’s protagonists are two girls, a young blue haired girl and a older red haired girl. It’s a space anime and they are with the military in some capacity. I have a distinct memory of a scene where t...

3:00 PM

jin matsumotoIt will be boom! if they make anime for this manga. hope they make it

3:13 PM
@Sakamoto no.
3:47 PM
this isnt even a question
4:01 PM
Q: Can Tanjiro See The Dead?

heroinfatherIn the first few episodes of Demon Slayer as Tanjiro trains he sees 2 dead apprentice Demon Slayers, Sabito & Makomo. I was wondering if Tanjiro had some sort of ability that connects him to the dead or the reason behind him being able to see the ghosts. So can Tanjiro see the dead?

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9:53 PM
@Sakamoto do we even have anyone on the site who has any sway in anime production? lol
@xpert belated morning
well it was still morning then since it was after midnight for me lol
10:10 PM
well good almost midnight~
11:07 PM
Q: I’m looking for an anime. Do you know it?

Red-XSo... I watched an episode or two, years ago (3+) but haven’t been able to find it. All I remember is that it’s about a boy/guy that left his home to join some sort of group. The group was had 10-ish members that were known for there great powers, and (if I remember correctly) they were the only ...

11:26 PM
Q: Do we have any information on where pigs in Spirited Away come from?

Misha RSpirited Away has a bath house full of spirits who serve and feed their spirit visitors. And one of the sources of their food are the pigs they keep in pig pans. We know that those pigs are edible, because Yubaba at some point implies that Chihiro's parents (turned into pigs) may be ready to eat....

Q: Yodo and shikadai

user51703I know this might seem like a idiotic question but it has been bothering me lately. Are shikadai and yodo cousins? I see a lot of fanart with them being shipped together,so i was just trying to clarify this.


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