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12:49 AM
@Memor-X wait what, they added shadow clone jutsu. XD
@Memor-X The reality of the situation is more or less the opposite isn't it? 1.5 million people express interest, but only 150 actually bother to show up even just at the gate.
Not that I expected much to be different, but still.
@Tonepoet it turn out that become an anime convention XD
@kit An extraterrestrial anime convention.
And that's enough for now.
1:34 AM
@kit who says they are the same person?
could be that they were all hiding there
*laughing facepalm.
@Tonepoet no idea. i assume that if there is a serious number of people storming Area 51, the next news we get from it is that there's been a massacre as the US Military carpet bombs the area as a defense response
it is a US Military Installation and the area between the known do not cross line and the fence is supposedly huge, not out of the realm of possibility to deploy any military hardware to defend US Assets
@Memor-X The date has already passed, and I just checked wikipedia which claims that 150 people showed up at the gates but did not try to pass them, and that a grand total of one person was actually arrested. Basically, the internet is more bark than bite, which isn't really surprising I suppose.
@Tonepoet ahhh, wasn't tracking the date
@Memor-X 20th.
1:40 AM
yeh not surprising since the idea was "they can't shoot us all" implying people are going to die and how many people would be willing to risk their lives for someone else to get the glory?
@Memor-X ooooof, this yuri pretty damn nice huh~
@kit what are you talking about, all yuri is nice
*looks at others* don't correct me!
1:59 AM
@Memor-X Goldie Musou...
Also, these:
@Tonepoet have not seen the series so can not say if using Kerasine is good or not or if the girls would still be with Goldie if they weren't on Kerasine
@Tonepoet sweet
@Tonepoet not yuri
@Memor-X That's Daiyosei. I think she's just being portrayed with Light Yagami's face for a moment because her sinister plan to make Cirno cry on her shoulder work.
@Tonepoet i see Light's face and thus not yuri
like there's nothing wrong with a "sinister plan to make Cirno cry on her shoulder work", so long as it's not cruel
playful teasing maybe
@Memor-X It goes a little too far. That's why I just skipped to the end.
@Tonepoet i see................*SMACKS WITH FAN* I SAID DON'T CORRECT ME!
at least leave me to my idealistic delusion
(that all girls in gensokyo are happy yuris)
2:10 AM
@Memor-X Sorry man, but I've got to keep you on guard, 'lest you be tricked by the white devil, and I don't mean any Englishmen or Nanoha.
@Tonepoet there's a third one?
@Memor-X Let's just say that Nanoha's not very pleased that her name is being tarnished:
@Tonepoet oh, that one
well i have the protection of the self proclaimed Black Devil (in reality the Dark Goddess of Love)
also you have to wonder what the white shit did to Fate trigger Nanoha like that
could suspect Vivio but Nanoha looks too young there to have had Vivio yet
Q: How can i remove the border graphics (and possibly window stretch) for Final Fantasy IX?

Memor-Xin the Steam version of Final Fantasy IX it seems most resolutions have these strange grey stone like gradient borders and i find them a little off-putting. Is there a way to remove these? and possibly stretch out the game screen in fullscreen?

there's a part of me that thinks the Emulator might be better
even though the models aren't as defined
2:22 AM
@Memor-X Dragonball G.T.?
but that higher definition of models dose sorta ruin the illusion in parts, such as when you first control Vivi you can see the crowd walking with him is fake because they are all blurry and he is nice and smooth
@Tonepoet Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. Vivio is the daughter she and Fate have
@Memor-X No, no... You don't get it. What happened to Goku in G.T?
@Tonepoet oh i can see it now, Yuuno makes a wish to take Fate's place but doesn't get nanoha's Memory fixed, so after killing Yuuno she goes after the Incubator next'
@Tonepoet oh that.........that's ummmm, bedroom play
@Memor-X Then kyuubey narrowly escapes and vows never to take a wish from a boy again, cue the events of Madoka Magica =P
Either that or Nanoha passingly wished to be young again within Kyubey's earshot, and now she is. >_>...
3:03 AM
Q: Fairy Tail Ep. 326 song name

Jecht Kunwhat is the name of that song in episode 326, when achnologia has them trapped. it plays when Cobra says he cant die yet because he has friends of his own too. please and thanks in advanced to any and all who help!

3 hours later…
6:12 AM
Stairway to heaven.
@Tonepoet this stair remind me the tom and jerry one of the episode
6:36 AM
So since Tom is taking the stairway to heaven, does that mean Jerry is taking the highway to hell? XP
@Tonepoet no because there is no Highway to there
it's just a road
in particular, the Patterson Lake Rd
@Memor-X i suppose it would have to be more of a low-way. XP
yo, how's things
6:47 AM
its okay i would say. Started to play a plague tale this weekend and the game is really atmospheric. Currently made it to the 8 chapter, will try to finish it this week. @Memor-X how are you?
7:03 AM
@Tonepoet yoyoyo oh hi
@Proxy good also. been working on the map data for my game moving that to a external data file and might as well work of fixing it up to work properly while i'm at it so been doing some experiments to make stat registration/counting as dynamic as possible.
been playing some more games which i can now play but got the first casualty which is Prototype which worked on my old computer very nicely but now there's FPS issues, i have to run a special compatibility argument in Steam to get it to even run, menus lag, it's broken on my new computer which is a disappointment. i'll double check if i have the pirated version and if i do will double check if it's not Steam
also started playing CrossCode at last. super fun game and am glad i've waited for it to get this developed before playing
7:20 AM
oh i played prototype. I really liked the movement they implemented in that game.
7:45 AM
Q: Could Dragon Ball Super's Enhanced Majin Buu Defeat Beerus?

Captain AwesomeThe latest entry of Dragon Ball Super's manga has shown Majin Buu go through some serious changes. Brought to the Planet Namek by the Galactic Patrol, Buu assisted in fighting the ancient wizard Moro, who collected the Dragon Balls to make his nefarious wishes. When the initial fight between Moro...

8:23 AM
1 hour later…
9:46 AM
Q: Which anime of the present generation will become classics in the future?

T TOFASo what are your opinions of anime that are released 2010 - present that will be classics in a decade that people will look back to like shows like Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailor Moon and Akira.

2 hours later…
11:29 AM
@Sakamoto i get the feeling there was some vote minipulation there. the user who posted the answer there also got their own question answered in the previous question and the timing for the question/answer seems very suspicious
@Proxy yeh and i liked the concept of the game. i got both on Steam but while trying to get the first one to work i read the second one is just as broken
i did originally play the first one on a modded 360 so it wasn't legit so might look to get it and the second one on console where it's more guaranteed that it'll work
@Memor-X it's been dealt with ;)
@JNat ahhh that's good
I saw Sakamoto post it here, and was gonna look into it just to close it
but, like you, I felt something was fishy...
5 hours later…
4:43 PM
@Sakamoto I'd bet on Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica being on a hypothetical list. It was widely considered to be the best anime of 2011, rivaled only by Fate Zero, but unlike Fate/Zero it was not only its own original installment, but its own original series and of course imitators came soon thereafter. People will probably be describing Kyubey as "Faustian" and noting some of the more emotional scenes for some time to come.
Heh, it looks like it even won an award for being the best anime of 2011 from the Tokyo Anime Award Festival, in 2017.
Beyond that though, I'm not so sure. It's not always a safe bet to assume that what's well regarded today will withstand the test of time, and then you have any number of so-called sleeper hits.
5:52 PM
Q: What is the name of the song playing in Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) in episode 6 at 21:07

CentaiaI've been looking for this song for years, tried looking through the entire soundtrack and just haven't found it. This is from the original Full Metal Alchemist series which aired in 2003. thanks in advance!

6:41 PM
YOLo guys, there is something I'm not sure is it sure to ask at here.
Is Sakamoto is a bot?
@kit Yes, so is Taisho, Kiki's Delivery Service, Planet Express and Hoihoi-san. Sometimes Hakase takes control of Taisho though, when he is around.
5 hours later…
11:21 PM
@kit ^ that but there are differences.
Sakamoto and Kiki's Delivery Service's are Feed Bots, they use RSS Feeds to post questions. Taisho and Hoihoi-san are User Bots are they were made as proper users with software running behind them
Planet Express was another Feed Bot but retired because the feed it uses would show id requests. Kiki's Delivery Service, while not as broad reaching as Planet Express blocks these out
11:48 PM
i think Iffy has a type
@Memor-X Hey, warn us before posting Iffy content next time! Some of us aren't ready!
@Tonepoet lol, oh her name can be so abused
Q: What happened at the end of Fate Zero, What was the wish

Eric RemingtonThe grail is supposed to grant a wish, even in it's incomplete form of not enough sacrifices. Kiritsugu Emiya decided to save the world instead of resurrecting his wife and daughter, so why didn't it happen? why did the grail destroy part o the city? why was Kirei Kotomine, Gilgamesh, Kariya Mato...

@Tonepoet havn't played Re;Birth 3 - V Generation so no idea if IF and Compa sound as cute as they look
11:56 PM
@Memor-X I suppose the matter is a little Iffy. >_>

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