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2:17 AM
Y'know, everybody says Cory in The House was the best anime of all time, but what about Lizzy McGuire?
1 hour later…
3:21 AM
@Tonepoet you trolling with that or is there another Cory in the House that was animated (even then i would suspect it's american)
@Memor-X I stated that they said it. I never claimed their claim was accurate. ;-)
@Tonepoet yeh first i ever heard anyone call it an anime
@Memor-X The Lizzie McGuire stuff is real though:
It is suddenly no wonder why Tokyopop went out of business (return of the branding notwithstanding). v_v
They also made this, which I just recently acquired:
Yeah, it's just about as bad as it looks. The last chapter, loyalty was okay though.
3 hours later…
7:02 AM
Q: Looking for the name of an anime

HasakiSenpaiThe only thing I can remeber and I cant find it online was in the beginning the girl mc was driving around with others and is attacked by these monsters. Alittle bit into the fight a kid who is half human and half monster (same as the ones who attacked the mc) saves the girl by killing the monste...

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7:24 PM
Q: Why Gendo Ikari is called Shinji by Kaworu in the End of Evangelion?

Scrooge McDuckIt has been said in the recent Italian re-dub and missing in the english version, just before Gendo is seen eaten by the EVA-01.

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10:50 PM

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