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12:12 AM
Q: What are the objects that eat devil fruit?

NathanIn the Alabasta arc, Mr.4 has a dog that shoots out an exploding ball, but Miss Merry Christmas said that it was actually a gun that "eat" a devil fruit. Is there other inanimate object that "eat" a devil fruit? If there is, then what object it is and what devil fruit did they "eat"?

12:39 AM
@Memor-X I am now severely disappointed that Japanese artists have comitted grevious negligence by not portraying Miku as a Dominoes delivery girl. You'd think there'd be at least one image of her with a visor and a pizza box.
@Tonepoet but then it would look weird if Luca was just ordering Pizza and out of place for Miku to turn up with a delivery
@Memor-X Eeh, maybe but not to the degree where it couldn't be overlooked. The biggest continuity problem it would have with that particular comic is the sunday portion, but with a little reworking it could have Miku serving as the location's only employee and having her overhear the conversation while serving the pizza. That is not the point though. The point is that I am surprised that no such image seems to exist at all.
It just seems like her wearing a Domino's uniform would be something so natural to find, given her propensity towards alternative outfits and the popularity of the commercial, and she'd look adorable in something like this:
1:41 AM
I mean, I've seen weirder things:
2:11 AM
Q: Have Kakashi use genjutsu before he lost his sharingan after the world war?

kitWhen you have the Sharingan, you can perform a genjutsu on a person for example, every uchiha can use this ability. But how about Kakashi? He is not an Uchiha but can he perform the genjutsu? If yes, please list it down. *Not after the war, we know that after the war, Kakashi have no more sharin...

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3:30 AM
Q: What happened to Xíng Hài?

Memor-XAt the climax of Season 1 after the Tiān Xíng Jiàn is removed revealing that Yāo Tú Lí was sealed under it and Miè Tiān Hái leaves with the sword, we see Xíng Hài remain behind performing a ritual to fully awaken Yāo Tú Lí. when it does awaken the mountain that the shrine was on is destroyed leav...

4 hours later…
7:02 AM
yo, how's things
nothing special
Was kind of empty weekend, i did not do anything at all. yesterday i slept for 12 hours straight
hopefully you had more going on @Memor-X
7:52 AM
8:19 AM
4 hours later…
12:24 PM
@Proxy i did, Saturday i was building my PC only to have to stop because i'm 2 cables short, 2 SATA and a USB 2 or USB 3 Header which i have ordered. Sunday i finished the first season of Thunderbolt Fantasy and played more Tales of Xillia
i have this pessimistic side of my mind that's worrying if i've done something wrong with my PC build and when i turn it on it's going to blow all the components. i really hope this is irrational and when i do start it up it'll work perfectly
@JNat did Chat's theme change slightly? it feels as if the buttons are different
Yeah it did :)
D'you miss my updates here, @Mem?
@JNat ahhh yes, it seems i missed the update there. i didn't really went to check it after the new theme came about
7 hours later…
7:03 PM
Q: What is this anime ending song?

SandraI have been looking everywhere, i cant find it. Its an anime ending song, that I know. Its hard do describe.. I will try to explain what I can remember. It has a mysterious feel to it, kind of a creepy tune. And the girl (which is the main character) is falling into water, drowning.. It's a slow ...

8:02 PM
Q: Why didn't Bell level up?

Little HelperWhen Bell fought the monster on level 18, he was so much out of its league that I figured that would gain at least two levels. But no, he stayed level 2. To level up in Is It Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?, you have to be on an "adventure." An adventure was never properly defined but it w...


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