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@ahiijny all of those Girls und Panzer?
@Memor-X Symphogear
@ahiijny oh, the last one i thought it was Darjeeling in the center
(I haven't watched Girls und Panzer yet)
(is it good)
@ahiijny i hear it is. people particularly love the movies
i got it on DVD and all the manga, just haven't gotten to that in my backlog yet
still on Hana and Hina After School. just finished the chapter where Hana finds out why Hina quit work and says to Hina that she wanted them to keep working together because she wants to be with Hina forever. i take that has a confession of love (given both of them have been thinking they are in love with the other)
@Sakamoto i have no idea how to tag this because Let's Go!! Love Summer i keep finding as a Character Long
12:22 AM
Symphogear XV episode 7 today was pretty hype
spoiler-free version of my reaction is incomprehensible screaming sounds
(yuri goggles not even needed)
yeh i heard that Symphogear in general has enough subtext to question if it is just subtext or just a very slow buildup to being full yuri
it's on my list
12:46 AM
Q: Who animated which transformation sequence in Symphogear XV?

ahiijnySo I hear that in Symphogear XV, every transformation sequence was animated by different animator. Who animated which transformation?

2 hours later…
2:47 AM
@Forest Expect to see more My Little Pony crossover art in the foreseeable future, 'cause Touhou now has a pegasus cowgirl.
4 hours later…
6:34 AM
Ew, I hate MLP though.
4 hours later…
10:47 AM
@forest It's something to be aware of regardless, so you're not dumbstruck when you eventually do see the inevitable crossover art somewhere.
I already lost most of my brain cells when I saw the MLP-Bad Apple crossover.
11:04 AM
@forest Ooh, ouch. It sounds like you need to ice your headache:
user image
11:40 AM
Q: Where can I acquire a copy of this Doraemon manga?

IanCI am the curator of an exhibition on Easter Island in popular culture (https://www.moaiculture.com) and I am trying to track down a few missing items. If you can assist we will acknowledge you in the exhibition. The key question: is this a manga or an activity book?

12:39 PM
Q: Easter Island (or the moai/ statues of Easter Island) in manga and anime

IanCDoes anyone know of manga/ anime in which Easter Island or the moai (the statues of Easter Island) appear. We have already reviewed the following: Ogon Bat, GeGeGe No Kitaro, Miss Machiko, Gaiking, Cyborg 009 (anime and manga), Special Armoured Battalion Dorvack, Kinnikuman, Star Musketeer Bisma...

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2:58 PM
Q: Can the sisters fire projectiles like Railgun?

PabloThe sisters are clones of Railgun, but they are always seen using firearms, and they are known to be level 2 or level 3 instead of level 5 like the original. Can they fire projectiles like Railgun?

@Sakamoto thinking on it, i think this is more a real world list question and not a recommendation request. still off-topic either way
2 hours later…
4:46 PM
@Memor-X It's an anime listing question, but it's still a listing question, and that probably wouldn't be so bad in and of itself, but it's a list that can't cognizably be completed without having watched every single anime show, so it's just too broad.
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7:08 PM
Q: In the Fate anime series, why is "hougu" translated as "Noble Phantasm"?

dirktIn the fate anime series, the word 宝具 "hougu", literally "precious tool", the special ability of the Servants, is translated as "Noble Phantasm". What are the reasons for translating it that way? I don't mean to suggest that a literal translation is necessary, on the contrary, I am very much for...

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11:36 PM
11:49 PM
@Tonepoet well we already have it as off-topic about real world list questions but when i VTC my wires were crossed with Arqade where a list question would be considered as a Recommendation Request
Q: What are devil fruits that able to fly and there current users

NathanIn the Alabasta Arc, Pell said that there only 5 known devil fruits that able to fly What are these devil fruits and who are there current users? And it is still only 5 now or did they discovered other devil fruits that able to fly?


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