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12:21 AM
@Tonepoet yes and yeh but to be honest any sorta padding like that i feel shows that the user didn't even think our the question
@Tonepoet there was. i know there is the video games and i seem to recall them trying to do a Sailor V Movie that Usagi wanted the staring role
have to wonder though, given the popularity of Sailor V, just what was happening in Minako's life to make her so public. Artemis was sending info to Luna about the Dark Kingdom's movements and it's lieutenants were focusing their attacks on Tokyo
and those attacks seemed to be around where Usagi was and we never seen Minato show up until that one episode with those signature glasses
12:48 AM
@Memor-X Shouldn't that be explained in Codename: Sailor V?
@Tonepoet have not seen that one
> Sailor V fights the evil agents of the Dark Agency as she strives to protect the earth.
ahhh, would explain it. she was fighting someone else
i wonder if they too are tied to Chaos aswell
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3:21 AM
Q: Manga About Knights

JoeA few months ago I read a manga where a boy from a small village who is incredibly strong physically wants to become a knight. I can't remember the title and I've searched and cannot find it. I remember he goes to the main city to take the test and in the final part fights giant dog/wolf monsters...

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@forest where is she from?
makes me think of squid girl
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1:28 PM
@Memor-X Ask at main. Be sure to bang on your keyboard before pressing post to make sure it gets closed extra fast. =P
1:45 PM
@Tonepoet that would work if i was a mod
the keyboard banging would be me hitting the vote to close
1:57 PM
@Memor-X I thought you needed a mouse to do that. =P
@Tonepoet i'm assuming that the tab order will get me there
bash the sides to alternate between hitting tab and hitting eneter
@Memor-X Ah, strategic bashing I see.
The Sega Genesis mini is going to be great. It's going to have Monster Boy IV, Castlevania Bloodlines and Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Alissa Dragoon and most importantly atgames is uninvolved, and Sega is working with the same company responsible for the home console ports so this is probably going to be competent emulation for a change.
That is basically a wish-list of everything I might have wanted from the box in consideration of the past compilations, and superior home ports of certain games that have come along since then.
I mean I dare anybody here to look at this and tell me that this didn't need a western release:
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5:02 PM
Q: Can they combine 4 person into 1 powerful saiyan?

Eregion KisukeCan (A fusions B) = AB and (C fusions D) = CD and (AB&CD) will again combines by Potara to become ABCD Can that be done?

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6:22 PM
Q: Why can't Haki be used with seastone cuffs?

Rajamani AnanthThroughout One Piece, a recurring bane of devil fruits is Seastone. While it does completely seal off their devil fruit powers, why can't they just use Haki to break it apart? Haki doesn't require anything other than willpower to be used, and is extremely strength-imbuing, which should make it pr...

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7:42 PM
Q: Why Naruto's hand was not injured using rasenhurikan

Nithin P.HIt was told earlier in naruto Shippuden that if Naruto uses rasenhurikan often it can lead to damaging chakra in his hand but towards the end he uses it often and his hands are not injured. Why?

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11:03 PM
@Tonepoet not sure about that game itself but Megaman and Castlevania is a yes from me
11:21 PM
Q: Which S class heroes are left in the Hero Association?

PabloIn the last chapters of the webcomic is shown some Heroes retired and others moved to the Neo Heroes. Which S class heroes are left in the Hero Association?

11:55 PM

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